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Blessed and Saint
Histories of the Holy Rosary often attribute its origin to Saint Dominic himself through the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Saint Thomas Aquinas, the greatest of the medieval scholastics, refused to admit the Immaculate Conception, on the ground that, unless the Blessed Virgin had at one time or other been one of the sinful, she could not justly be said to have been redeemed by Christ.
* 1621 – Anne de Xainctonge, French saint, founder of the Society of the Sisters of Saint Ursula of the Blessed Virgin ( b. 1567 )
* Saint Pedro Nolasco founds the Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy in Barcelona, Spain.
The date is designated the ' commemoration of blessed Onesimus ', indicating that it is not regarded as his date of death, and suggesting that his rank in the Catholic Church may be Blessed rather than Saint.
* Philippines – Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Saint Lorenzo Ruiz, Blessed Pedro Calungsod
The Song of Bernadette is a 1943 drama film which tells the story of Saint Bernadette Soubirous, who from February to July 1858 in Lourdes, France, reported eighteen visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
These include Assumption School which served the former Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish, Saint Patrick's School which served the former Saint Patrick's parish ( closure of this parish is currently in dispute ), Mount Carmel School which served the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary parish, and Saint George School which served Saint George's parish that merged with Saint Rose de Lima / Saint Joan of Arc School.
Additionally, the Saint Bonaventure mission operates a parochial school, the Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Academy.
The Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha mission is under direction of the Saint Helen Parish in Roosevelt, UT
* The Hieronymites, the Sisters of St Rita, the Ursulines, the Canonesses of St. Augustine of the Mercy of Jesus, an independent society of secular priests, Servants of the Holy Cross, Augustinians of the Assumption ( which includes a Byzantine Rite province, the Alexian Brothers ( located in the USA, Europe, England, Ireland the Philippines and India ), the Brothers of the Assumption ( in the Congo ), the Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation ( Philippines ), the Congregation of Our Lady of the Missions, the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Wordc. f .< cite > The Rule of Saint Augustine and the Constitutions of the Order of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament </ cite > New York: Schwartz, Kirwin, and Fauss, 1893, pp. 33 – 35 .</ ref > ( who established the University of the Incarnate Word in Texas ), and the Sisters of St. Joan of Arc ( in Quebec, United States, and Rome ) are just some of the Augustinian family of orders.
English edition, The Rule of Saint Augustine and the Constitutions of the Order of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament ( New York: Schwartz, Kirwin, and Fauss, 1893 ), pp. 33 – 35.
For Rodríguez to pass from Blessed to Saint, one more miracle ( confirmed by the Vatican ) is necessary.

Blessed and Nicholas
North Walsham's church of St. Nicholas was originally dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and is one of the UK's largest parish churches.
A studious, kind and gentle youth, at the age of 18 Nicholas became an Augustinian Friar and was a student of the Blessed Angelus de Scarpetti.
Other examples of Chandler bells still in use are at St. Nicholas, Ickford and across the Oxfordshire county boundary at The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Beckley, SS Peter and Paul, Steeple Aston and the Sanctus bell at St. Mary, Chesterton.
He also printed The Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus Christ by Pseudo-Bonaventure, translated by Nicholas Love, OCart.
* Blessed Nicholas Garlick, Catholic priest and martyr, was a schoolmaster here in the 16th century
Solemn Mass with Gregorian chant, Solemn Te Deum, Solemn Novena with Hymns to St. Nicholas, and Solemn Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, are all part of the week-long celebration.
History even records an instance in 1375 when an English Carmelite named Nicholas Hornby engaged in a public debate with a Dominican friar in which Hornby ridiculed Dominican claims to have received their habit from the Blessed Virgin — this was a claim common to several different orders in the Middle Ages.
* Blessed Nicholas Charnetsky ( 1884 – 1959 ) Bishop and Martyr
As Kapellmeister to the Prince Nikolaus II Esterházy, Haydn ’ s principal duty in the last period of his life, beginning in 1796, was the composition of an annual mass to honour the name day of Prince Nicholas ’ wife, Princess Maria Hermenegild, 8 September, the birth of the Blessed Virgin.
Our Lady of Sorrows and St Francis, Armthorpe • Blessed English Martyrs, Askern • Sacred Heart, Balby • St Helen, Burghwallis • St George and the English Martyrs, Carcroft • Our Lady of Mount Carmel & St Mary Magdalen, Intake • Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Bentley • St Paul, Cantley • St Peter in Chains, Doncaster • Maridon Pastoral Centre, Doncaster • Polish Chaplaincy, Doncaster • St Mary, Edlington • Holy Family, Finningley • St Thomas of Canterbury, Kirk Sandall • St Joseph and St Nicholas, Moorends • Christ the King, Rossington • Our Lady of the Assumption, Stainforth • St Joseph and St Teresa, Woodlands • St Alban, Denaby • English Martyrs, Mexborough
* Blessed Nicholas Kochanov, Fool-for-Christ at Novgorod ( 1392 )
The 14th-century parish church is dedicated to The Assumption of Blessed Mary and St Nicholas.
The prior of the Grande Chartreuse allowed him to nominate Robert Tredwye as the first rector ( although the charter refers to him as the first prior ) and to dedicate the priory to " the Blessed Virgin and Saint Nicholas ".
Nicholas Love, prior of Mount Grace, succeeded in creating a link between the priory and the Lancastrian administration, in part by submitting his " Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus Christ " to Thomas Arundel, archbishop of Canterbury, Henry IV's chancellor, in support of the archbishop's campaign against Wycliffism, and by granting Arundel confraternity in the spiritual benefits of Mount Grace in exchange for his provision of material benefits.

Blessed and I
Pope Blessed Calixtus II ( or Calistus II ) ( died 13 December 1124 ), born Guy de Burgundy, the fourth son of William I, Count of Burgundy, was elected Pope on 1 February 1119 after the death of Pope Gelasius II.
< p > Blessed be God, at the end of the last year I was in very good health, without any sense of my old pain but upon taking of cold.
And I heard a voice from heaven saying, ‘ Write this: Blessed are the dead who from now on die in the Lord .’ ‘ Yes ,’ says the Spirit, ‘ they will rest from their labours, for their deeds follow them .’ "
* Charles I, Count of Flanders, Blessed Charles the Good, ( 1080 / 86 Denmark – 1127 Bruges ), count of Flanders
The portico was completely rebuilt in 1897, and above it are statues of two Kings: Edward II on the left, and probably either Charles I or James I, although this is disputed ; above those is a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary after whom the College is officially named.
During World War I, Benedict placed the world under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary and added the invocation Mary Queen of Peace to the Litany of Loreto.
The Blessed Lord states: " Because you trust me, Arjuna, I will tell you what wisdom is, the secret of life: Know it and be free of suffering forever.
* Then the participants sing the Magnificat — the canticle of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the Gospel of Luke I: 46-55.
Nikaya At one time in Savatthi, the venerable Radha seated himself and asked of the Blessed Lord Buddha: “ Anatta, anatta I hear said, Venerable.
My God, my God, I love you in the Most Blessed Sacrament.
The charter of Ecgwine ( written 714 ) records that on the feast of All Saints “ Bishop Wilfrid and I consecrated the church which I had built to God, the Blessed Mary, and to all Christ ’ s elect ”.
To that he answered me in Arabic, Allah Yarhamu, which I understood as equivalent to the Hebrew phrase, ' Blessed be the true judge ' on receiving news of a person's death '.
* Blessed Virgin Mary Church ( original German name: Marienkirche )-basilica built in gothic style in 1321, with sarcophagues of Dukes of Pomerania: Erik I, Elisabeth ( wife of last Duke of Pomerania Bogislaw XIV, died in 1653 ).
One inscription sums up many of these perfectly: " I came here for the peace and the comfort one finds at the feet of the Blessed Virgin, also for the feast for the eyes offered by the basilica, for the panorama, the pure air, the space, and the feeling of liberation .” Square and accesses of the basilica one discovers a splendid panorama of the city of Marseilles.
For example, Elizabeth I & Queen Anne's often displayed Semper Eadem ; Latin for " Always the same ", and James I's depicted Beati Pacifici, Latin for " Blessed are the peacemakers ".
Venerable Mary Ward ( nun ) | Mary Ward, Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary | I. B. V. M.
He enjoyed a close relationship with Popes Blessed John XXIII, Servants of God Popes Paul VI and John Paul I, and most especially with Blessed Pope John Paul II and his fellow Curial Cardinal and future Pope, Ratzinger.
# " I Will be Blessed "
** Khosrau I 531-579 (" the Blessed ", Anushirvan )
Another great success for the group, it produced four hit singles, including " Power of a Woman ", " I Am Blessed ", and a remixed version of " Good Thing ", continuing Eternal's string of Top 20 Hits.

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