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Blue and Lines
Massive Attack's first album Blue Lines was released in 1991 to huge success in the UK.
Nevertheless, Portishead shared the scratchy, jazz-sample-based aesthetic of early Massive Attack ( who Barrow had briefly worked with during the recording of Blue Lines ), and the sullen, fragile vocals of Gibbons also brought them wide acclaim.
He also rapped on Massive Attack's acclaimed debut album Blue Lines ( 1991 ).
In 1991, before the release of Massive Attack's album Blue Lines, he met Martina Topley-Bird.
Six major airlines operate connection service at Blue Grass, including Airtran Airways, Allegiant Air, American Eagle Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Express, and US Airways Express.
Their début album, Blue Lines was released in 1991, with the single " Unfinished Sympathy " reaching the charts and later being voted the 10th greatest song of all time in a poll by The Guardian.
Blue Lines and Mezzanine were included in Rolling Stone magazine's " The 500 greatest albums of all time ".
Blue Lines ( 1991 ), was co-produced by Jonny Dollar and Cameron McVey, who also became their first manager.
Cameron McVey and Neneh Cherry helped them to record their first LP Blue Lines, partly in their house, and the album was released in 1991 on Virgin Records.
Dollar was the programmer and hands-on producer behind Blue Lines, writing some of the melodies that were the basis for the string arrangements " Unfinished Sympathy ".
* Blue Lines ( 1991 )
Legend: Green Lines = present highways, Purple circles = springs, at least in wet years, Blue = creeks, major ravines, & river basins, Gold dot triangles = Indian camps, burial sites, Red 1 = Military Redoubt, Red 2 = " Old " Ulysses.
Today the Lodi area is home to several large manufacturing, general services, and agricultural companies, including Archer Daniels Midland, Blue Shield of California, Dart Container ( www. dartcontainer. com /), General Mills, Holz Rubber Company, Kubota Tractors, Lodi Iron Works, Miller Packing Company, Pacific Coast Producers, Tiger Lines, Valley Industries, and Woodbridge-Robert Mondavi.
The system is not centered on any single station, but Metro Center is at the intersection of the Red, Orange and Blue Lines, the three busiest lines.
Metro has designated five other " core stations " that have high passenger volume, including: Gallery Place, transfer station for the Red, Green and Yellow Lines ; L ' Enfant Plaza, transfer station for the Orange, Blue, Green and Yellow Lines ; Union Station, the busiest station by passenger boardings ; Farragut North ; and Farragut West.
For example, a passage between Metro Center and Gallery Place stations would allow passengers to transfer between the Orange / Blue and Yellow / Green Lines without going one stop on the Red Line.
* Cleveland, Ohio: The Tower City Center, on the public square at the center of downtown Cleveland, houses a shopping mall with a food court, two hotels, and the Tower City Rapid Transit Station, the central station on RTA's Red, Green, and Blue Lines.
Later Hawker Siddeley would sell the same general design to the MBTA in Boston for their Blue and Orange Lines.
DART is planning extensions of both the Red and Blue Lines as part of the 2030 Plan, the latter of which will serve the new University of North Texas at Dallas campus.
The line transports over 33, 000 people daily, and operates 24 hours a day, one of only four U. S. rapid transit systems ( the others being the New York City Subway, the Red and Blue Lines of the Chicago ' L ', and the PATH lines ) to do so.
It was followed by such novels as The Blue Knight, 1971, The Choirboys, 1975, Hollywood Station, 2006, and acclaimed non-fiction books like The Onion Field, 1973, Lines and Shadows, 1984, and Fire Lover, 2002.
A downtown superstation has been proposed to provide express service from the Loop to O ' Hare and Midway, via the Orange and Blue Lines.
In the past, an underground pedestrian passage had been proposed, paralleling the Green Line tracks and connecting the two stations, but this idea was dropped in favor of a direct transfer connection between the Blue and Red Lines.

Blue and was
Blue Throat was slumped with his back against the bar, elbows supporting his massive frame.
He didn't stop till he was within three feet of Blue Throat and by that time the gang leader's right hand was on the butt of his revolver.
In two minutes the body of Tilghman's former comrade, who had been killed by Blue Throat in a gambling brawl the previous night, was carried into the town's funeral parlor to be prepared for decent burial.
It was the abrupt end of Blue Throat's dictatorship in Petrie.
After a year in a studio on Sheridan Square, having married an American girl who was a native of Virginia, Helion moved to a village in the Blue Ridge mountains, where he produced some of the most imposing of his abstract canvases.
It was her job to stand at the foot of the stairs, and, just as the First Lady stepped off the last tread, Mama would straighten out her long train before she marched to the Blue Room to greet her guests with the President.
In addition, Blue Cross coverage for all employees and their dependents was extended to provide the full cost of semi-private hospital accommodations.
The effluent was collected through two pipes and discharged to the Blue River through a surface drainage ditch.
In the Blue Ridge meeting, the audience was warned that entering a candidate for governor would force it to take petitions out into voting precincts to obtain the signatures of registered voters.
Blue ribbon for one dozen white eggs was taken by Nyberg.
Eckstein was traded from the Toronto Blue Jays for Minor League pitcher Chad Beck.
Callinectes sapidus | Blue crab was used on the eastern and southern coast of what is now the U. S. mainland.
The U. S. military began targeting food crops in October 1962, primarily using Agent Blue ; the American public was not made aware of the crop destruction programs until 1965 ( and it was then believed that crop spraying had begun that spring ).
But time and the investigations of subsequent explorers have shown that Abbadie was quite trustworthy as to his facts, though wrong in his contention — hotly contested by Beke — that the Blue Nile was the main stream.
Blue Lightning, a game with After Burner-like graphics, was especially notable and featured in TV advertising for the console.
The first party to successfully cross the Blue Mountains just outside Sydney was led by Gregory Blaxland in 1813, 25 years after the colony was established.
The breed's characteristic gene mutation was maintained through linebreeding to the point where the condition was a fixed property in the Belgian Blue breed.
The downtown area through which the tunnels were to be dug was largely landfill, and included existing Red Line and Blue Line subway tunnels as well as innumerable pipes and utility lines that would have to be replaced or moved.
The Avro Blue Steel was a British air-launched, rocket-propelled nuclear stand-off missile, built to arm the V bomber force.
Blue Steel was the result of a Ministry of Supply memorandum from 5 November 1954 that predicted that by 1960 Soviet air defences would make it prohibitively dangerous for V bombers to attack with nuclear gravity bombs.

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