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Board and Secondary
The Board of Secondary Education for Rajasthan is located in Ajmer.
* Board of Secondary Education, Assam
* Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh
* Board of Secondary Education, Orissa
* Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan
* West Bengal Board of Secondary Education
* Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary Education
There are various boards of schools in India, namely Central Board for Secondary Education ( CBSE ), Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations ( CISCE ), Madrasa Boards of various states, Matriculation Boards of various states, State Boards of various boards, Anglo Indian Board, and so on.
These schools may be affiliated to national boards / Councils like Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE ), Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination ( CISCE ) or National Institute of Open Schooling ( NIOS ) or various state boards.
The Noel School Board sent a letter to the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education calling for a vote of the people of McDonald County on the site but this didn ’ t happen.
Enoch T. Nix, a banker in Bossier City and a 30-year member of the Louisiana State Board of Education and its replacement body, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, was born in Jamestown in 1920.
* Tammie McDaniel, one of three appointees of Governor Bobby Jindal to the Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education in 2008.
* Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education Lahore
St. Joseph's Secondary School is a part of the Catholic District Board and offers French immersion education.
The Keewatin-Patricia District School Board operates one high school ( Beaver Brae Secondary School ) and 5 elementary schools ( Lakewood School, Keewatin Public School, Evergreen School, King George IV School, and Valleyview School ).
* Indian School Muscat, a Central Board of Secondary Education-affiliated school in Oman
Educational Bodies in India like Central Board of Secondary Education and Punjab School Education Board are in those which conduct examination on Physical Education in affiliated schools and collages.
CBSE ( Central Board of Secondary Education ) classifies Middle School as a combination of Lower ( Class 1-5 ) and Upper Primary ( Class 5-8 ).
* The Mother's International School, a private school in New Delhi, India, affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education and offering education from kindergarten to grade 12.
The District School Board of Niagara operates ten elementary schools within the city and two secondary schools: Welland Centennial servicing the western side of the city and Eastdale Secondary servicing the eastern side.
Upper Canada College is a member of the Conference of Independent Schools of Ontario ( CIS ), the Canadian Association of Independent Schools ( CAIS ), the Secondary School Admission Test ( SSAT ) Board, the Association of Boarding Schools ( TABS ) and an associate member of the National Association of Independent Schools ( NAIS ), the International Boys ' School Coalition ( IBSC ), the Toronto Boys ' School Coalition ( TBSC ), and the college principal is a member of the Headmasters ' and Headmistresses ' Conference ( HMC ) in the UK.
Penetanguishene has four different school boards within its limits — the publicly founded English board ( Simcoe County District School Board ), which runs the Penetanguishene Secondary School and James Keating Elementary School ; the Public French School Board, the CSDCSO and the English Catholic School Board.

Board and Education
In Maryland the Harford County Board of Education had prepared a desegregation plan which the Court approved but which a plaintiff had challenged ; ;
As a result of the State Board of Education plan, Negro children entered heretofore white elementary schools in five districts.
It says that `` in the event Congress does provide this increase in federal funds '', the State Board of Education should be directed to `` give priority '' to teacher pay raises.
-- The Anne Arundel county school superintendent has asked that the Board of Education return to the practice of recording its proceedings mechanically so that there will be no more question about who said what.
Two members of the Democratic-endorsed majority on the school board said they probably would vote to appeal a ruling by the state Board of Education, which said yesterday that the school committee acted improperly in its appointment of the coordinator, Francis P. Nolan 3rd, the Democratic-endorsed committee chairman, could not be reached for comment.
In its ruling, the state Board of Education upheld Dr. Michael F. Walsh, state commissioner of education, who had ruled previously that the Warwick board erred when it named Maurice F. Tougas as coordinator of audio-visual education without first finding that the school superintendent's candidate was not suitable.
# Education Board
The Belfast Education and Library Board was established in 1973 as the local authority responsible for education, youth and library services within the city.
Stafford Cripps became President of the Board of Trade, Herbert Morrison was given the post of Deputy Prime Minister and given overall control of Labour's nationalisation programme, Aneurin Bevan became Minister of Health, and Ellen Wilkinson, the only woman to serve in Attlee's government, became Minister of Education.
In 1926, in response to the growth in population of the city, the New York State legislature created the Board of Higher Education of the City of New York to integrate, coordinate and expand the institutions of higher education in the city.
In 1961, Governor Nelson Rockefeller signed the bill that formally created the City University of New York to integrate these institutions, and a new graduate school, together into a coordinate system of higher education for the city, and by 1979, the Board of Higher Education had become the Board of Trustees of the CUNY.
The forerunner of today's City University of New York was governed by the Board of Education of New York City.
Members of the Board of Education, chaired by the President of the board, served as ex-officio trustees.
In 1926, the Legislature established the Board of Higher Education of the City of New York, which assumed supervision of both municipal colleges.
In 1979, the CUNY Financing and Governance Act was adopted by the State and the Board of Higher Education officially became The City University of New York Board of Trustees.
As of May 2010, pending official confirmation of the New York State Board of Education, Macaulay Honors College will cease to be a ' program ' and enter the CUNY system as joint-degree granting four-year college.

Board and Assam
* Sarkar, J. N. ( 1992 ) Chapter I: The Sources in The Comprehensive History of Assam, ( ed H K Barpujari ) Publication Board, Assam.
Other posts held by him during his long career are the Chairman, Assam Madrassa Board ; Chairman, State Haj Committee and the Pro tem Speaker of the Assam Legislative Assembly ( in 1967 ).
As Chairman of Madrassah Board, he initiated modernization of these theological schools and is also credited for the introduction of English and science in the curriculum of madrassas of Assam.
Assam State Electricity Board ( A. S. E. B ), Maibella is located to the east of Sivasagar Town.

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