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Both and narrowly
Both electorates saw strong Green votes in the 2001 election, and it was expected the Green candidates, rather than the Liberal Party, would provide the main opposition to the ALP in the 2004 election, although the Liberals ultimately did narrowly retain their lead over the Greens in these electorates.
Both Darwin and Huxley declined to support his application, on the grounds that his interests and publications were too narrowly focussed on ornithology.
Both Smith and Briscoe lost in the primary to former Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice John Hill, who in turn was narrowly defeated in the general election by Republican Bill Clements
Both of these Dála existed under the law of the Irish Republic and it was the Second Dáil which narrowly ratified the Anglo-Irish Treaty.
Both drivers pitted for wets and returned to the track with Schumacher narrowly ahead of Hill.

Both and escaped
Both these charges were later found to be considerably lacking in evidence ; nevertheless Pike, facing arrest, escaped into the hills of Arkansas, sending his resignation from the Confederate Army on July 12.
Both Joseph Warton and Dr Parr accused Middleton of deliberate plagiarism, which was the more likely to have escaped detection owing to the small number of existing copies of Bellenden's work.
Both seconds, MacCartney and Hamilton's, Colonel John Hamilton, escaped to the continent and were tried in absentia for murder, but were both later pardoned.
Both she and her husband Denis escaped injury.
Both Shah and mastermind Ramzi Yousef, who escaped the Philippines but was arrested in Lahore, Pakistan, were extradited to the United States.
Both escaped the disastrous defeat and fled to Tyre.
Both escaped through the window but Barras died at the scene.
Both of them had escaped pogroms in Eastern Europe.
Both are nowadays believed to have escaped from captivity ( AOU, 2000 ).
Both paintings were painted over for ideological reasons after Richter escaped from East to West Germany ( two months before the building of the Berlin Wall ); after German reunification two " windows " of the wall painting Joy of life ( 1956 ) were uncovered in the stairway of the German Hygiene Museum, but these were later covered over when it was decided to restore the Museum to its original 1930 state.
Both Alpha Ray and Stardust were also sucked into the void, but Stardust soon escaped and returned to Galactus ’ side.
Both cars left the road at high speed and were totally wrecked ; Bill Moss escaped with minor injuries but Ryan was taken to hospital seriously hurt.
Both crew escaped.
Both participated in the Battle of Badr, and although Umayr escaped, his son was taken prisoner by the Muslims.
Both times he was sentenced to death, but he escaped from the first punishment and was released from the second.
Both families escaped to Earth-247 and the Twins died soon after in unknown circumstances.

Both and assassination
Both Octavian and Mark Antony had fought against their common enemies in the civil war that followed the assassination of Julius Caesar.
Both Jing Ke and Qin Wuyang were later killed for attempting assassination.
Both before and after the assassination the prince was reported to be calm.
Both airports had scheduled airline service, with both fields being famous for their places in the events of November 22, 1963 before the assassination of President Kennedy.
Both Valenzuela and Viaux were arrested and convicted of conspiracy after Schneider's assassination.
Both Sondhi's son and Thaksin claimed that factions within the Democrat government were behind the assassination ; however, Abhisit's foreign Minister claimed that Thaksin was behind it.
Both Harrelson and Joe Chagra were implicated in the assassination, and Chagra received a ten-year sentence.
Both readers who have followed the JFK assassination for years and those new to one of the great debates of the 20th century will find much to contemplate here.
Both Papen and Bond survived their assassination attempts, carried out by Bulgarians, due to a tree that protected them from a bomb blast.

Both and at
Both knew that when trains stopped at Texan crossroads bored soldiers would sometimes enter to ask the passengers if they had any reading material to spare, even a newspaper.
Both grinned at the detective.
Both types of tube withstood the pressure of approximately 20 atmospheres exerted by the carbon tetrachloride at 220-degrees.
Both parties and the Ministry of the Interior were busily at work after the elections trying to unearth the political affiliations of the successful candidates and, thereby, give the elections a confidential but known degree of national political significance.
Both of them were overcome by the horror of the world in which they found themselves, because at last they could no longer overcome that world with the weapon of a purely lyrical art.
Both shudder at the thought of proceeding too far beyond the sewage system and the electric light lines.
Both of those have had dynamic run-ups in price on the market in recent months, both were selling at higher price-earnings and yield bases than Morton was coming to market at, and everyone who knew anything about it expected the Morton stock to have a fast run-up.
Both these types, and those in between, are in existence by reason of a legislative interest in libraries that began at Albany as early as 1950, with the creation by the legislature of county library systems financed by county governments with matching funds from the state.
Both the BIH scale and A. 1 was defined by an epoch at the beginning of 1958: it was set to read Julian Date 2436204. 5 ( 1 January 1958 00: 00: 00 ) at the corresponding UT2 instant.
Both orders have therefore been stable for at least 3000 years.
Both Finnish and Soviet troops at the Finnish front dug to defensive positions, and the front remains stable until the end of the war.
Both New South Wales and Tasmania scored surprise victories at home against Victoria in 1990.
Both were the mere puppets of factions, who deserted them at once.
Both sought refuge in Persia, whence Abdur Rahman placed himself under Russian protection at Samarkand.
In Rome, Both had developed a new style of composition due, at least in part, to his interaction with Claude Lorrain.
Instead of the light being placed at right angles in relation to the line of vision, Both started moving it to a diagonal position from the back of the picture.
Both are mounted at the same height.
Both trios were composed during Beethoven's stay at Countess Marie von Erdödy's estate, and both are dedicated to her for her hospitality.
Both of the two German electro-mechanical rotor machines whose signals were decrypted at Bletchley Park, Enigma and the Lorenz Cipher ', were virtually unbreakable if properly used.
Both scales are open-ended at the top, and thus the upper grade of these systems is always increasing as boulderers ascend more difficult problems.
Both John Madden and Walsh played and coached at the College of San Mateo early in their careers.
Both males are females will incubate, with the male often incubating at night and, during the day, defending the nest territory during the day while the female incubates.

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