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Both and Anna
Both Anna and Rudolf Forman were Protestants.
Both songs are taken from the TV musical comedy Anna ( 1967 ), by the film director Pierre Koralnik, in which she sings seven songs alongside Gainsbourg and Jean-Claude Brialy.
( Both Charlotte and Felix were grandchildren of King Miguel of Portugal through his daughters Maria Anna and Maria Antonia, respectively ).
Both Barbara and her cousin and adopted sister Anna married ruling kings whose recently deceased wives were sisters and relatives of the Celje family.
* Dr. Jesse Lawson and Dr. Anna J. Cooper – Both prominent educators who founded Frelinghuysen University to educate Blacks working-class adults.
# Both copies of the document to be kept folded and sealed until conclusion of the negotiations, when they should both be given to Santa Anna ; no use to be made of it before that, unless either party failed to abide by its terms.
Both ensembles were by Antonia Robinson and Anna Valentine, London designers who work under the name Robinson Valentine ; both hats were made by the Irish milliner Philip Treacy.
Both Sigmund and Anna Freud loved the garden, which is still meticulously maintained, and contains many of the same plants of which Freud was so fond.
Both Bartlett and designer Anna Sui featured the shoes in their 1995 collections.
Both composer Paderewski and Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova were among her visitors.
Both Beverly and Anna Jefferson married into the white community, and their descendants have identified as white.
Both Anna and Beverley Jefferson married white spouses, and their descendants have identified as white.

Both and Maria
Both Rehana and Maria Qibtia were granted equivalent status and protocol in form of prestigious Muslim household as were arranged for all other wives ( Ummahat-ul-Momineen ).
Both fatalities affected Rasputin and he subsequently named two of his children Maria and Dmitri.
Both Isabella and Amalric died in 1205 and again an underage girl, Isabella and Conrad's daughter Maria of Montferrat, became queen of Jerusalem.
* Both stories feature Maria / Juliet's false death and Tony / Romeo's suicidal response to his mistaken belief that his love is dead.
Both the sisters had fragile health ; Maria died in 1798, on her deathbed extracting a promise from her sister never to marry Lawrence.
Both fleets were damaged, but as darkness fell the Dutch fleet withdrew in a defensive line to protect the convoy, and the English captured two Dutch stragglers: Sint Laurens, which was taken back by them but not used, and Sint Maria, which was abandoned in a sinking condition and later made its way to the Netherlands.
Both performances are from " The Bell Telephone Hour " broadcasts and both also can be seen on the DVD " The Art of Maria Tallchief.
Intent on maintaining his power, Menshikov took the young boy under his wing, banishing his competitors including both Petar Zaitsev and Emil Vasilcin whom where related to Peter I to Siberia and, ultimately, betrothing Peter II to his daughter Maria Menshikova However, when Menshikov fell ill and had to leave court, Andrei Osterman and Alexis Dolgoruky ingratiated themselves into the young emperor ’ s graces, replacing Menshikov as Peter II ’ s premier advisers Both were nobles and members of the Supreme Privy Council and eventually had Menshikov tried and banished to Siberia on “ a charge of ‘ tyranny ’” Peter became, once again, engaged to a daughter of one of the Supreme Privy Council ’ s members ( this time it was Dolgoruky ’ s daughter, Catherine ) However, before the wedding took place, Peter died of smallpox before naming a successor, throwing the empire into another succession struggle.
Both as the special correspondent for daily entertainment newsmagazine " Access Hollywood ," and on Hollywood Green, Maria provides TV viewers with comprehensive coverage of entertainment and news personalities.
Both Theophilus and Susannah Maria were members of the Drury Lane theatre company managed by Cibber.
Both Lear and Stewart won Fulbright scholarships to study at Hochschule für Musik in Berlin where she studied with Maria Ivogün.
Both Grimaldi's wife Maria and his unborn child died during childbirth on 18 October 1800.
Both peninsulas are connected by La Restinga, an isthmus of low altitude with a lagoon called La Restinga, where there are two breast shaped hills known as Tetas de Maria Guevara.
Both were renowned for their beauty, but according to John Kinnamos Maria was the more beautiful of the two ; the tall, blonde-haired princess clearly showed her Norman ancestry.
Both San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria, however, were not included in the cable coverage, as those communities are now served by San Francisco PBS member KQED via cable.
Both the game and manga introduce three new female Nerv technicians: ( voiced by Ai Shimizu ), ( voiced by Maria Yamamoto ), and ( voiced by Yui Horie ).

Both and Europa
Both chough species breed in the Picos de Europa
Both packages got more channels with the launch of MUX E in September 2007: SVT Europa and MTV3 Fakta was added to PlusTV and KinoTV was added to Canal Digital, while Discovery Channel, Eurosport, MTV Finland and Nickelodeon were added to both packages.

Both and gave
Both parliaments gave unanimous votes of thanks, each captain who served in the battle was presented with a specially minted gold medal and the first lieutenant of every ship engaged in the battle was promoted to commander.
Both Eric and Brian tended to play technical solos at fast speeds and with overlapping riffs, which gave Deicide the definitive heavy sound and complex song structures.
Both the Synoptic Gospels and the Gospel of John report that people gave Jesus this form of honour.
Both Gardens were prominent cycling venues, which gave rise to the track cycle racing that ultimately carried their name — and thereby became an indirect tribute to James Madison.
Both later amended their conflict when Susanoo gave her the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi sword as a reconciliation gift.
Both Governor General of Canada Lord Tweedsmuir and Mackenzie King hoped that the King's presence in Canada would demonstrate the principles of the Statute of Westminster 1931, which gave full self-government to the British Dominions and recognised each Dominion as having a separate crown.
Both Hopper and his wife posed for the figures, and Jo Hopper gave the painting its title.
Both The New York Times and Washington Post gave it average reviews, noting that it was a fairly standard Seagal action film.
Both the white and black Williams met, and the white William gave the black William his last name so he could serve in the 54th.
Both Zeus and Apollo favored him, and Zeus gave him his oracular talent.
Both the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church contend that they are still in harmony with the teachings and practices Jesus gave the Apostles, and that Jesus ' promise has been fulfilled: " On this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.
Both daughters married white men, whereupon Johnson gave them large tracts of land from his own holdings.
Both in England and France, Morphy gave numerous simultaneous exhibitions, including displays of blindfold chess in which he regularly played and defeated eight opponents at a time.
Both Bashō and Yoshitada gave themselves, or haikai pen names ; Bashō's was, which was simply the on ' yomi reading of his adult name of.
Both gave birth to " 60 Daughters ".
Both shorts were nominated for Academy Awards and Columbia gave the studio permission to create its own new characters.
Both countries gave different accounts of the incident, each accusing the other of initiating the hostilities.
Both Huxley and his grandfather gave Romanes Lectures on the possible connection between evolution and ethics.
Both Allmusic and Rolling Stone gave the album four stars out of five.
Both bartered with their gods for the upper hand, until the Gree gave too much away, and became a food source for the Ferengi.
Both prophets have some similar teachings e. g. Muhammad and Jesus Christ gave the lesson of monotheism which is mentioned in the book of Deuteronomy 6: 4, in Mark 12: 29 and in the Al-Quran 112: 1-4 and both are against division of God's oneness ( shirk ) which is written in the Exodus20: 2-5 and is also in the Quran.
Both the Scharnhorst and the Gneisenau were armed with eight 8-inch guns each, which gave them an overwhelming advantage in range and firepower.
Both games were highly received in most magazines ; for example, Amstrad Action gave Rick Dangerous 2 a 97 % rating.
Both survived when Paddy, having crawled through the ducting system, found them and gave Ferguson the keys – on the condition she carry the unconscious Bea to safety.

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