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Both and Australia
Both before and after World War II, numerous satirical cartoons and comedy skits were written, mostly in Australia, based on events of the bodyline tour.
Both shows get higher total ratings in the UK than in Australia ( the UK has three times Australia's population ) and the UK networks make a major contribution to the production costs.
Both The Restless Years and Sons and Daughters were created and produced in Australia by the Reg Grundy Organisation.
* November 19 – WWII: Both commerce raiding hilfskreuzer Kormoran and Australian cruiser HMAS Sydney sink following a battle off the coast of Western Australia.
Both FC Girondins de Bordeaux in France and Melbourne Victory FC from Australia have a mostly navy blue kit with a white inverted chevron across the chest of their respective kits.
Both have toured extensively across Europe, America, and in the case of Decapitated, have recently toured Australia and New Zealand.
Both trees are found in the south west of Australia, the two timbers are frequently confused.
Both the 42 ft and 7 m telescopes were originally used at the Woomera Rocket Testing Range in Australia.
Both singles were Top 10 in Australia with " All Out of Love " reaching No. 17 in Netherlands.
: Both of Kendell & Hazelton were merged each other and became Regional Express after collapse of Ansett Australia.
Both Darwin, Northern Territory, and Broome, Western Australia, were too exposed to air attack, so a 500-ton unmotorized lighter was placed as refueling barge near the mouth of Exmouth Gulf, where the Allies were already maintaining a seaplane tender.
Both are endemic to Australia.
Both the Australian mudnesters are found in open habitat in eastern Australia, mostly open eucalypt woodlands and some forest that lacks a closed canopy.
Both are native to Australia.
Both Segestria and Ariadna are known from North America, South America, Eurasia, Africa and New Zealand, while Ariadna is also known from Australia.
Both species are native to Australia, with subspecies columnaris of macrophylla having colonised Lord Howe Island.
Both proponents left England ; Swainson emigrated to New Zealand and MacLeay to Australia.
Both Victorian Railways and New South Wales Government Railways, which pioneered electric traction in Australia in the early 20th century and continue to operate 1, 500 V DC Electric Multiple Unit services, have withdrawn their fleets of main line electric locomotives.
Both the Western Australian Museum and the State Library of Western Australia emerged from the Institute, Roe's large scientific collection forming the basis for the museum's collection.
Both The Advertiser and the Sunday Mail are available for purchase throughout South Australia and some towns and regions in New South Wales, Victoria and the Northern Territory located near or adjacent to the South Australia state border such as Broken Hill, Mildura, Nhill and Alice Springs.
Both Priscilla and Muriel's Wedding ( which had also featured a soundtrack containing ABBA songs ) in particular became cult classics not only in their native Australia, but also in the United Kingdom, where a wave of Australian influences — such as the soap operas Neighbours and Home and Away — had made their mark in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Both Tiger Airways Singapore and Tiger Airways Australia are also major competitors to Jetstar in the low-cost market.
Both men eventually surrendered and were transported to Australia.

Both and New
Both Miss Garson and her oilman-rancher husband are active supporters of Boys Clubs of America and patrons of the vivid art and opera colony that flourishes in New Mexico.
Both New South Wales and Tasmania scored surprise victories at home against Victoria in 1990.
Both the terms coast and coastal are often used to describe a geographic location or region ; for example, New Zealand's West Coast, or the East and West Coasts of the United States.
Both the Connecticut and New Haven Colonies established documents of Fundamental Orders, considered the first constitutions in North America.
Both the Australian and New Zealand armies follow the British practice of maintaining traditional titles ( Light Horse or Mounted Rifles ) for modern mechanised units.
Both the Jewish Bible and the New Testament also contain passages some have interpreted as describing same-sex relationships, for example David and Jonathan or the centurion and his servant ; these are likewise the subject of scholarly debate, with most arguing that the relationships depicted are platonic.
Both the colonies of Nova Scotia ( present-day Nova Scotia and New Brunswick ) and St. John's Island ( Prince Edward Island ) were affected by the American Revolutionary War, largely by privateering against American shipping, but several coastal communities were also the targets of American raiders.
Both the mayoral and gubernatorial appointments to the CUNY Board are required to include at least one resident of each of New York City's five boroughs.
Both institutions have since been handsomely and suitably housed and equipped, the New hospital for Women ( in the Euston Road ) for many years being worked entirely by medical women, and the schools ( in Hunter Street, WC1 ) having over 200 students, most of them preparing for the medical degree of London University ( the present-day University College London ), which was opened to women in 1877.
Both candidates believed that the states of New York, New Jersey, Indiana, and Connecticut would determine the election.
Both stories, Milan and Crispus Attucks, are memorialized for their accomplishments and tradition at the Indiana State Museum as well as at the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame in New Castle, Indiana.
Both cultural and educational policy in Marxist-Leninist states have emphasized the development of a " New Man " – a class conscious, knowledgeable, heroic proletarian person devoted to work and social cohesion as opposed to the antithetic " bourgeois individualist " associated with cultural backwardness and social atomisation.
Both Maori and the New Zealand European settlers arrived from overseas, and during the early European settler years, coastal shipping was one of the main methods of transportation, while it was hard to move goods to or from the hinterlands, thus limiting the locations of early settlement.
Both implicit and explicit citations, as well as countless allusions, appear throughout the books of the New Testament, from the Gospels and Acts, to the Epistles, to the Apocalypse.
Both her parents emigrated from Nevis to Harlem, New York.
Both Confederate and Union governments claimed ownership and territorial rights over New Mexico Territory.
Both New Order and Joy Division were portrayed in the Michael Winterbottom film 24 Hour Party People, depicting the rise and fall of Factory Records as seen through the eyes of label founder Tony Wilson.
Both New Order and Joy Division were among the most successful artists on the Factory Records label, run by Granada television personality Tony Wilson, and partnered with Factory in the financing of the Manchester club The Haçienda.
Recent examples include Vice President Dick Cheney's whirlwind two-hour visit to collect $ 300, 000 in 2006 and Senator Barack Obama's somewhat longer three-hour trip in November, 2007 to collect $ 200, 000 Both refused to meet with the news media, press the flesh or meet with local politicians, inconceivable in Iowa or New Hampshire.
Both the Puerto Rican Independence Party and the New Progressive Party outright reject the status quo that permits disfranchisement.
Both Bearden and Alston were members of the 372nd Infantry Regiment stationed in New York City.
Both orthographical variants, with and without the hyphen, are correct, but the hyphenated one has, in addition, a second meaning, not related to animation or cinema: " a device for automatically stopping a machine or engine when something has gone wrong " ( The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, 1993 edition ).
Both the men's and women's rugby clubs have enjoyed success, with the men's rugby club earning a New York State Championship in 1999, and both teams having won numerous tournament titles.

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