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Both and Davis
Both were appointed to the United States Military Academy, Davis two years behind Johnston.
Both of Davis ' paternal grandparents had immigrated to North America from the region of Snowdonia in the North of Wales ; the rest of his ancestry can be traced to England.
Both Davis and Evans were personally acquainted with the ideas of pianist George Russell regarding modal jazz, Davis from discussions with Russell and others before the Birth of the Cool sessions, and Evans from study with Russell in 1956.
Both Davis and Crawford were backstage when the absent Anne Bancroft was announced as the winner, and Crawford accepted the award on her behalf.
Both Davis and governor-elect Schwarzenegger worked to help with disaster relief.
Both Sarandon and Davis were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress, but lost to Jodie Foster for her role in The Silence of the Lambs.
Both the film and Thomas Hauser's book The Execution of Charles Horman were removed from the United States market following a lawsuit filed against Costa-Gavras and Universal Pictures's parent company MCA by former Ambassador Nathaniel Davis and two others for defamation of character.
Both moved with Dickie Peterson from Davis, California, to San Francisco.
Both Sinatra and Martin had made their last film appearances together, in 1984's Cannonball Run II, a film which also starred Davis.
Both musicians found that they shared musical heroes: Miles Davis, John McLaughlin, Keith Jarrett and Jan Hammer.
" Both Davis and Rubin told the Judge " this court is bullshit.
Both models suggest that the public is vulnerable to the messages shot at them because of the limited communication tools and the studies of the media's effects on the masses at the time ( Davis, Baron 1981 ).
" Both Davis and Rubin told the Judge " this court is bullshit.
Both Davis and his military advisor, Robert E. Lee, rejected these plans as being impractical.
Both Davis Cup and Soccer were designed by Tomohiro Nishikado of Space Invaders fame.
Both of his parents, Bob and Evelyn Davis, were alcoholics.
The Men's first team play in North Division 1 of The Davis Wood Hockey League ( 2011 / 12 ) Both Ladies teams compete in the South Wales Premier 1 division ( 2011 / 12 ).
Both Davis and Bennett and Roberts thus estimate the total number of allied cavalry at 15, 000.
Both Miner and Davis knew a great deal about jazz.
Both volunteered for the " labor of love " that was the festival, and were not compensated. After Wein established the Festival, Miner and Davis oversaw the day-to-day operations of Festival Productions Inc .- New Orleans for many years, under the supervision of Wein and the Foundation Board.
Both of the newlyweds contracted malaria on a summer visit to Davis ' sister in St. Francisville, Louisiana.
Both there and likely at the girls ' school Emakwha Academy, Brown Davis likely taught children of freedmen along with the Seminole, for the missionaries integrated the schools in 1874.
Both made the Top 10 on the country charts and cracked the Billboard Top 50 pop charts, though the success of " Gonna Get " was likely hampered by another remake of the song by vocalist Tracey Dey simultaneously climbing the charts to peak slightly lower than Davis ' version.

Both and Hanson
Both are located in the former John Hanson Junior High School building, which is next door to the main Oxon Hill post office.
Both the work of Kuhn and Hanson were in criticism of empiricism.

Both and point
Both Tacitus and Suetonius speak of escalating persecutions toward the end of Domitian's reign, identifying a point of sharp increase around 93, or sometime after the failed revolt of Saturninus in 89.
Both natural harmonics and artificial harmonics, where the thumb stops the note and the octave or other harmonic is activated by lightly touching the string at the relative node point, extend the instrument's range considerably.
Both the victory point and the trade privilege are lost if another player takes control of the merchant.
Both providers run an interconnected financial network that allows the processing of not only of debit cards at point of sale terminals but also credit cards and charge cards.
Both Australia and New Zealand still celebrate Anzac Day and the Turks consider it a point of national pride.
Both Pythons later felt that there had been a strange role reversal in the manner of the debate, with two young upstart comedians attempting to make serious, well-researched points, while the establishment figures engaged in cheap jibes and point scoring.
Both Matilda's mother and husband died in 1076, leaving her in sole control of her great Italian patrimony as well as lands in Lorraine, while at the same time matters in the conflict between Pope Gregory VII and the German king Henry IV were at a crisis point.
Both believe that Christianity as originally established by Jesus Christ was a true religion, but that it subsequently became deformed to the point that it was beyond simple reformation.
Both right ascension and longitude measure an angle from a primary direction ( a zero point ) on an equator.
" Both dream sequences involve star patterns and are about lines radiating to a point.
Both curves are extended with straight lines of slope 1 and n ( 3 for a third-order intercept point ).
Both sides had practical reasons for signing the treaty at that point: the Order needed time to fortify its newly acquired lands, the Poles and Lithuanians to deal with territorial challenges in the east and in Silesia.
Both of these scientists ' early criticisms point to the fact that different techniques are needed to confirm or contradict the results, as Webb, et al., also concluded in their study.
Both men were organizing underground Communist cells in cooperation with Grigori Voitinsky, a Comintern agent, but Zhou apparently did not meet Voitinsky at this point.
Both in Didot ’ s and Fournier ’ s systems, some point sizes have traditional names such as Cicero ( before introduction of point systems, type sizes were called by names such as Cicero, Pica, Ruby, Long Primer, etc.
Both AltiVec and SSE feature 128-bit vector registers that can represent sixteen 8-bit signed or unsigned chars, eight 16-bit signed or unsigned shorts, four 32-bit ints or four 32-bit floating point variables.
Both the passion Little Women has engendered in diverse readers and its ability to survive its era and transcend its genre point to a text of unusual permeability .”
Both locations are close to the Pacific pole of inaccessibility (), a point in the ocean farthest from any land mass.
Both David Sweetman and John Richardson point to the Gauguin sculpture called Oviri ( literally meaning ' savage '), the gruesome phallic figure of the Tahitian goddess of life and death that was intended for Gauguin's grave, exhibited in the 1906 retrospective exhibition that even more directly led to Les Demoiselles.
Both he and his party publicly encouraged people to vote for James Soong to the point of stating during the presidential debates that he was not planning to vote for himself and that people should vote for Soong.
Both Christine de Pizan and Geoffrey de la Tour Landry point to Catherine as a paragon for young women, emphasizing her model of virginity and " wifely chastity.
Both feature a masculine man singing about seemingly masculine items, but gradually degrading, and both ending in the singer expressing a wish to wear " suspenders and a bra ", and both choruses being disgusted at this point.
Both will require more time before returning to the point in question.

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