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Both and Edward's
Both depict the Royal Cypher of William and Mary and the mace of the House of Commons, one also shows a representation of the St Edward's Crown and another the Crown of Scotland.
Both were acting as Regents during Edward's minority following their murder of his father Edward II at Berkeley Castle.
Both Edward's father, John Chester, and Emma's uncle, the Catholic Geoffrey Haredale, sworn enemies, oppose the union after Sir John untruthfully convinces Geoffrey that Edward's intentions are dishonorable.
Both she and her husband are buried in the churchyard of St Edward's Catholic church in Sutton Green, Surrey.

Both and father
Litters tend to average 5 – 8 kits but may be as many as 25 ( the largest in the order Carnivora ) Both the mother and the father help to raise their young.
In general it may be said that Cuyp learned tone from the exceptionally prolific van Goyen, light from Both and form from his father.
His highly influenced style which incorporated Italianate lighting from Jan Both, broken brush technique and atonality from Jan van Goyen, and his ever-developing style from his father Jacob Gerritsz Cuyp was studied acutely by his most prominent follower, Abraham van Calraet.
Both Sagan and his sister agree that their father was not especially religious, but that their mother " definitely believed in God, and was active in the temple ... and served only Kosher meat ".
Both McLean's grandfather and father were also named Donald McLean.
Both his parents were born in Berlin but came to Great Britain in the 1930s as refugees from the Nazis because his father was Jewish.
Both her mother and father emigrated from Nevis.
Both of Keynes's parents outlived him: father John Neville Keynes ( 1852 – 1949 ) by three years, and mother Florence Ada Keynes ( 1861 – 1958 ) by 12 years.
Both plays concern themselves with a princess who, after disobeying her father in order to marry a lowly lover, is wrongly accused of infidelity and thus ordered to be murdered, before escaping and having her faithfulness proven.
Both his parents were teachers ; his father also a Methodist minister.
Both siblings developed a keen interest in music, and this was encouraged by their father.
Both his wife Cheryl Howard and father Rance Howard appeared in Angels & Demons, as a CERN scientist and as Cardinal Beck, respectively.
Both parents die when he is still a child ; the father falls from a tree, the mother dies of a milk fever, and his older sister Jeanne raises him.
Both Bevan's parents were Nonconformists ; his father was a Baptist and his mother a Methodist.
Both of Sheen's parents were immigrants, his father from Parderrubias, Galicia, Spain ; and his mother from Borrisokane, County Tipperary, Ireland.
Both Brian's father, Cennétig mac Lorcáin and his older brother Mathgamain conducted river-borne raids, in which the young Brian would undoubtedly have participated.
Both Inoue's father and his main teacher, Horikawa, were direct students of Takeda Sokaku.
Both father and son did a great deal of remodelling and rebuilding on the church of St Laurence.
Both sons are multi-instrumentalists, like their father, and often perform alongside him on tour and in the recording studio.
Both the aforementioned adaptations also had Peter lash out at Ben just after he says it, and both also mention his father.
Both her father and grandfather had practised law in the Norfolk area, and her sister Audrey was married to Thomas Gawdy, a lawyer and Justice of the Court of King's Bench with links to the Earl of Arundel, something that later served Edward well.
Both of his parents were immigrants from Italy: his father was from Ripa Teatina, Abruzzo, while his mother was from San Bartolomeo in Galdo, Campania.
Both sons have heard from an oracle that the outcome of the conflict will depend on where their father is buried.
Both her father and her stepmother Antoinette Taillard ( whom Pierre Charly married following Etiennette Roybet's death in 1523 ) were illiterate, but Labé received an education in Latin, Italian and music, perhaps in a convent school.

Both and brother
Both David and his elder brother Charles were short, about with small hands and feet.
Both Tarquin and his brother Aruns married daughters of Servius Tullius, the sixth king ; both daughters were named Tullia, by Roman custom.
Both Stephen's wife, Queen Matilda, and his older brother Theobald died in 1152.
Both John-Henry and Williams ' brother Danny died of leukemia.
Both Catherine's brother, William Parr and uncle, William Parr, 1st Baron Parr of Horton fought with the Duke of Norfolk and the Duke of Suffolk against the rebellion.
Both he and his brother Si hold marriage in high disdain.
Both of them and Sigebert's younger brother Corbo were executed by Chlothar's orders.
Both Neil and his brother Tim were invested as Officers of the Order of the British Empire ( OBE ) for services to New Zealand music in the 1993 Queen's Birthday Honours List.
Both his brother William and John were important early authors on bee keeping science.
Both reverted to paganism, and both were killed by Cadwallon ; eventually Eanfrith's brother Oswald defeated and killed Cadwallon and united Northumbria once more.
Both his girlfriend Elaine and his brother Harry committed suicide, and he was a long time heroin user, and later cocaine.
Both Angrod and Aegnor, together with Bregolas, Lord of Ladros and brother of Barahir, died in battle, with Barahir holding onto western Dorthonion.
Both the third Viscount and his younger brother, the fourth Viscount, died childless.
Both his parents died while he was still a child, and he was left to the guardianship of his elder brother, René du Bellay, who neglected his education, leaving him to run wild at La Turmelière.
Both Cannonball and brother Nat played with Ray Charles when Charles lived in Tallahassee during the early 1940s.
Both Otto and his brother Ludwig II were reported to be depressed or mentally ill. At the time, psychiatry was still in its infancy and this diagnosis was based on statements made by third parties from which the first psychiatrists formed vague clinical pictures.
Both brother Liam and Blur's Damon Albarn declined their invitations, with Albarn commenting " Enjoy the schmooze, comrade.
Both Zane and his brother Romer were active, athletic boys who were enthusiastic baseball players and fishermen.
Both he and his brother, Mahmud II, were the last remaining male members of the house of Osman I after their cousin, the reformist Sultan Selim III ( 1789 – 1807 ).
Both he and his wife befriended English Protestants like Francis Walsingham, Mary Sidney, and her brother Philip Sydney.
Both Bill Dana and Jonathan Harris, who Adams appeared with on The Bill Dana Show, also appeared, as did Adams's father, William Yarmy, brother, Dick Yarmy, and daughter, Caroline Adams.
Both he and his brother Günther Messner reached the summit, but Günther died two days later on the descent of the Diamir face.

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