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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 294
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Both and I
Both Red McIver and Handley Walker lived nearby, almost as near as I do.
Both Algorithm I and Algorithm II compute these values correctly.
Both World War I and World War II had a devastating effect on the sport of Australian football and on Australian sport in general.
Both Belloc and Chesterton opposed British imperialism in general, as well as specifically opposing the Second Boer War, but supported British involvement in World War I.
Both were conquered under the reign of King Charles I of Spain who was simultaneously emperor-elect of the Holy Roman Empire during the fall of the Aztecs and fully emperor during the fall of the Incas.
Both were Protestants and grandchildren of Charles I of England.
Both services were interested in the combat performance of the new Messerschmitt Bf109s and Panzer I and IIs deployed with Nationalist forces in Spain.
Both the Tudurs were pardoned after their capture of Edward I ’ s great castle at Conwy.
Both Edward VI of England and Elizabeth I promulgated statutes against simony.
Both Space Quests I and II were developed in Adventure Game Interpreter, Sierra's own programming language.
" Both times I didn't get my hips all the way through the kicks.
Both the French and the Allies sent envoys to Charles's camp, and the French hoped to encourage him to turn his troops against the Emperor Joseph I, who Charles felt had slighted him by his support for Augustus.
* June 28 – Battle of Kosovo between Serbs and their Christian allies against Ottoman Turks: Both Emperor Murad I and the Serbian Prince Lazar are killed in battle.
Both Willow ( in the season one episode " Witch ") and Spike ( in the season four episodes " The I in Team " and " The Yoko Factor ") have used the term in the show on different occasions.
Both Edward I and Edward II had been limited in their policy towards the nobility, allowing the creation of few new peerages during the sixty years preceding Edward III's reign.
) Both Podkayne of Mars and I Will Fear No Evil have female-point-of-view characters who are portrayed as ideal, almost saintlike types, and both end with the death of the protagonist ( using Heinlein's original ending of Podkayne ).
Both acetoacetic acid and beta-hydroxybutyric acid are acidic, and, if levels of these ketone bodies are too high, the pH of the blood drops, resulting in ketoacidosis, a complication of untreated Type I diabetes, and sometimes in Type II ( see diabetic ketoacidosis ).
* Both Alexander I of Scotland 1124, and his queen Sybilla de Normandy 1122, were buried here
Both the Gretna and the Holton Heath cordite factories closed at the end of World War I ; and the Gretna factory was demolished.
Both the four stage Juno I and three stage Jupiter-C launch vehicles were the same height ( 21. 2 meters ), with the added fourth stage booster of the Juno I being enclosed inside the nose cone of the third stage.
Both were available with add-on disk drives, printers, and both paper-tape and punched-card I / O.
Both the spectre of the Russian Revolution and the tragedies of World War I played large roles in these political decisions.

Both and my
`` Both children are musical and my wife is a music lover of unfailing instinct and judgement ''.
Both of them were my friends.
Both prefaces were addressed to Theophilus, and the preface of Acts explicitly references " my former book " about the life of Jesus.
Both the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church contend that they are still in harmony with the teachings and practices Jesus gave the Apostles, and that Jesus ' promise has been fulfilled: " On this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.
), for 1872 ; Both Olga de Hartmann — the woman Gurdjieff called " the first friend of my inner life "— and Louise Goepfert March, Gurdjieff's secretary in the early thirties, believed that Gurdjieff was born in 1872.
*" Both how I'm living and my nose is large.
Both types were common even before my time ....
Should I not barter for a single embrace the reward of my sufferings for thirty years ?” Both passages explicitly show the conflicting forces, that is, the moral choices that rage within Ambrosio.
Both quatrains are based on a poetic form that was popular in England and the United States during the 18th-to-mid-20th centuries, in which a person stated their name, country, city or town, and a religious homily ( often, " Heaven's my destination ") within the rhyming four-line structure ( see book rhyme ).
: Both waking and sleeping, thy presence my light.
Both Runyon and Zaladonis believe, but are not completely certain, that the skimmer received return hostile fire ; Runyon commented, " It was the scariest night of my life.
Both my wife and I have said we can't remember, but we know what was in there.
Both my hearing and my sight are considerably weakened, and, should I live a few years longer, I look forward to a state which, with all our love for life, is certainly not to be envied .... My pen is my chief amusement.
Both of the Connallys stated they heard Mrs. Kennedy say, " I have his brains in my hand!
Both types were common even before my time ....
Sturgis has since been quoted as saying " Both projects are pretty equal in my eyes and neither one takes precedence over the other right now.
" Both my husband and I have full-time jobs so we ’ re keeping them on the side as an interest.
Both of my parents understood how dedicated I was to making it come true and I was very lucky to have their encouragement through all of the craziness and uncertainty of those times.
# Strawson's approach: Both " my wife is pregnant " and " my wife is not pregnant " use a wrong presupposition ( i. e. that there exists a referent which can be described with the noun phrase my wife ) and therefore can not be assigned truth values.

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