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Both and Miss
Both treat their own lives like those of heroines in fantastical works of fiction, with Miss Morland likening herself to a character in a Gothic novel and young Briony Tallis writing her own melodramatic stories and plays with central characters such as " spontaneous Arabella " based on herself.
Both films were made by the same writer-director team behind the popular Margaret Rutherford Miss Marple film, Murder She Said.
Both women are now included on the canonical list of Miss America laureates ; Williams is officially designated Miss America 1984 and Charles is officially designated Miss America 1984b.
Both songs come from the musical Miss Saigon.
Both had competed at Miss Universe until this time.
Both Cole and Smith won Miss Photogenic awards at Miss Teen USA, each five years prior to their Miss USA win.
Both movies feature Tedde Moore as Ralphie's teacher, Miss Shields, and Jean Shepherd as the narrator, the voice of the adult Ralphie.
Both of his sons had the opportunity to play for their father at Ole Miss.
Both support and encourage each other to achieve their dreams: Vimmi tries to enter herself in the Miss India contest but gets thrown out after an argument, and Rakesh tries to sell his ideas for an investment scheme, but a businessman turns him away.
Both Miss Tripps, two sisters who believe in seances, say that when Emily spoke, a luminous figure came from her mouth.
Both exceptional singers, they often appeared on the stage together, in such musical productions as a 1964 production of The Bells Are Ringing, and Guys and Dolls, playing the role of Miss Adelaide, a role that she took to Broadway in the 1965 revival.
Both Henderson and Miss Lingard were back in harness.

Both and her
Both watched Scotty constantly, Rachel without seeming to, Virginia openly, her eyes filled with concern.
Both of them had known the feeling of the small life in her waiting, ready, for the two of them to run up her sails.
Both trios were composed during Beethoven's stay at Countess Marie von Erdödy's estate, and both are dedicated to her for her hospitality.
Both Berthe and her sister, Edma Morisot, chose to become painters.
Both ships were transporting heavy loads of metallic ore similar to that which was loaded on Cyclops during her fatal voyage.
Both columnist Liz Smith and film critic Rex Reed have mounted vigorous campaigns to gather support for an honorary Academy Award for Day to herald her film career and her status as the top female box-office star of all time.
Both Kaye and his wife raised their daughter without any parental hopes or aspirations for her future.
Both the Duchess and her husband Richard Bertie first opposed the marriage, and the Queen initially withheld her consent.
Both Polonius and Laertes warn Ophelia that Hamlet is surely not serious about her.
Both her eyes were replaced in adulthood with glass replicas for " medical and cosmetic reasons ".
In 1965 she moved to the United States and, touring constantly, began to be recognized when her original songs (" Urge for Going ," " Chelsea Morning ," " Both Sides, Now ," " The Circle Game ") were covered by notable folk singers, allowing her to sign with Reprise Records and record her own debut album in 1968.
Both films earned her nominations for the Filmfare Best Actress Award.
Both Matilda's mother and husband died in 1076, leaving her in sole control of her great Italian patrimony as well as lands in Lorraine, while at the same time matters in the conflict between Pope Gregory VII and the German king Henry IV were at a crisis point.
Both her parents emigrated from Nevis to Harlem, New York.
Both her mother and father emigrated from Nevis.
Both the Empress Galla Placidia and her husband Constantius III favored Eulalius, who had been elected first.
" Both were motherless, and reinforced via opposite means the civic ideologies of patriarchy and the " highly gendered social and political realities of fifth-century Athens "-Athena by rising above her sex to defend it, and Pandora by embodying the need for it.

Both and husband
She had earlier appeared on the October 26, 1931 cover along-side her husband and on the January 3, 1937 cover with her husband as " Man and Wife of the Year )" Both husband and wife were on good terms with Time Magazine senior editor and co-founder Henry Luce, who frequently tried to rally money and support from the American public for the Republic of China.
Both she and her husband were staunch supporters of Berlioz's music, and she was present at Berlioz's deathbed.
Both Jane and her husband Sir Edward Stradling, were named in Cardinal Beaufort's will.
Ino, pursued by her husband, who had been driven mad by Hera because Ino had brought up the infant Dionysus, threw herself and Melicertes into the sea from a high rock between Megara and Corinth, Both were changed into marine deities: Ino as Leucothea, noted by Homer, Melicertes as Palaemon.
Both Dunne and her husband were members of the Knights of Malta.
Both Lee and her husband, actor Jack Gilford, were blacklisted after it was revealed that Lee had given a party in her house to raise funds for a group later labeled as a Communist front.
Both husband and wife were known for their good senses of humor, he particularly for his love of subtle jokes and language puns: they published a family history entitled, Life with Chaos: the autobiography of a Chinese family.
Both Emerson and Helen Hayes ' husband Charles MacArthur died with a few weeks of each other, and the women threw themselves into their work together, with Anita working on an adaptation for Hayes filming Anastasia in London.
Both she and her husband Denis escaped injury.
Both his grandfather Charles and his mother, who ruled over Navarre from 1425 to 1441, had bequeathed this kingdom to Charles, whose right had also been recognized by the Cortes ; but when Blanche died in 1441 her husband John seized the kingdom to the exclusion of his son.
Both she and her husband, Rhodri Morgan, are Distinguished Supporters of the British Humanist Association.
Both she and her husband were succeeded by their son, the third Baron and third Baronet.
Both she and her husband collected many books.
Both husband and wife abandoned the Liberal Party for the Conservative Party.
Both husband and wife were active in politics, she in the international suffrage movement, and he as a state ( New South Wales ) and federal politician from 1917 to 1928.
Both men befriend a young pretty lieutenant's wife, Mrs Fielding, whose husband is a prisoner-of-war in France.
She and Krolik were divorced in 1966 and she later alleged in her book, Both of Me, that Krolik was a frequently verbally abusive husband.
Both husband and wife were patrons of the Arts ; because of this Insull was instrumental in the building of Chicago's Civic Opera House, which opened November 4, 1929 with Aida ; the opera and its cast were chosen by Insull himself.
Both she and her husband Josiah were buried in the Winslow Cemetery in Marshfield.

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