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Both and RFC
Both behaviors are valid, since the RFC is not specific.
Both Newport RFC and Newport Gwent Dragons play at Rodney Parade near Newport city centre.

Both and discuss
Both works also discuss technology development pathways that begin with scanning probe and biomolecular technologies.
Both townships, South Brunswick and Franklin, appoint members to the committee, which holds an annual meeting to discuss issues pertinent to the Kingston area.
Both joined the Cambridge Apostles, a secret debating society which met every Saturday night during term to discuss, over coffee and anchovy sandwiches, serious questions of religion, literature and society.
Both hosts are avid fans of tennis, golf, and boxing and discuss events in those sports frequently.
Both men sat side by side to discuss the Montreal Screwjob in detail on the WWE Home Video release, Greatest Rivalries: Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart ( 2011 ).
Both hosts would fill out the show's half-hour time slot through introductions and longer extros which would analyse and discuss the episode critically for several minutes often explaining how a story was at variance with scientific concepts, how it related to science fiction genres, or putting the episodes in a socio-political context.
Both " All the Things She Gave Me " and " The Thrill is Gone " discuss the end of a romantic relationship.
Both groups met to discuss community development and discussed methods of self-governance.
The report of the Washington Metropolitan Police Department stated, " Both parties have left out significant information or are not willing to discuss in detail what actually happened.
Both parties agreed not to discuss the terms of the settlement, which ended the leaseback arrangement.
Both authors describe the sources of the minerals they discuss in the various mines exploited in their time, so their works should be regarded not just as early scientific texts, but also important for the history of engineering and the history of technology.
Both chambers of the National Assembly must discuss the proposed amendments for a minimum of three months.
# Both linked articles discuss what the image depicts: the show itself in the Green Green Grass article ; and spin-offs of Only Fools and Horses in the Only Fools and Horses article.

Both and problems
Both first-generation ( such as amitriptyline ) and newer anti-depressants ( such as duloxetine ) are used alongside NSAIDs and opioids for pain involving nerve damage and similar problems.
Both scales are open-ended at the top, and thus the upper grade of these systems is always increasing as boulderers ascend more difficult problems.
Both the problems of baryogenesis and cosmic inflation are very closely related to particle physics, and their resolution might come from high energy theory and experiment, rather than through observations of the universe.
Both of these systems included behavioral elements and interventions and primarily concentrated on problems in the present.
Both primality testing and factorization have long been known to be NP and co-NP problems.
Both problems may raise insurance costs and reduce efficiency in driving otherwise willing transactors from the market (" incomplete markets ").
Both types create problems for preservationists.
Both of these problems are NP problems suspected to be outside BPP, and hence outside P. Both are suspected to not be NP-complete.
Both brought historical concerns directly to bear on problems long associated with the philosophy of science.
Both men had electoral problems: Bland at age 61 was seen by some as a man whose time had passed ; Boies was a former Republican who had once decried bimetallism.
Both the US and Russia have suffered economic problems as a result of the recent economic crisis and both are seeking to retrench policies that are viewed as potentially costly or reckless between the two.
Both excessive and inadequate water intake are associated with health problems.
Both picks flopped, as the Heat tried to turn Burton, a college small forward, into a shooting guard without much success and Kessler was bogged by injury problems and was not physical enough to be a quality NBA power forward.
Both would later come out of retirement, both men being driven by financial problems and cocaine addictions.
Both of these problems imply that developing countries should have greater protections against international markets than developed ones and greater barriers to trade.
Both were inveterate gamblers and had serious health problems.
Both train and truck avoided the problems that affected western firms trying to establish a presence in the East.
Both agreed to participate in what would seem to be a great money maker of a tour ; Mitchell and Redding could use the cash, and the tour would also get Hendrix out of the financial problems he was in at the time partly due to the building of Electric Lady Studios.
Both problems are NP-complete.
Both sides did without food-the Russians because of their habitual disorganization, the French because of problems with the roads, the weather, and the crush of troops hurrying towards the battle.
Both firms encountered mounting problems when the Second World War broke out in 1939 making labour and raw materials scarce.
Both problems proved difficult, but they never lost interest.

Both and with
Both magazines were `` rigid with reactionary what-will-T. S. Eliot-or-Martin Buber-think??
Both won a pretty fair-sized war with a modest assist from British strategy.
Both watched Scotty constantly, Rachel without seeming to, Virginia openly, her eyes filled with concern.
Both home and auto radios were in excellent demand, with retail sales of home sets ahead of 1959 in every month of the first eleven ; ;
Both monks respond to the guard's challenge with a few phrases of their begging song ; ;
Both of them were overcome by the horror of the world in which they found themselves, because at last they could no longer overcome that world with the weapon of a purely lyrical art.
Both are primarily concerned with the uses that can be made of the material that the collector has found.
Both these types, and those in between, are in existence by reason of a legislative interest in libraries that began at Albany as early as 1950, with the creation by the legislature of county library systems financed by county governments with matching funds from the state.
Both ethical altruism and ethical egoism contrast with utilitarianism, which is the view that every individual's well-being ( including one's own ) is of equal moral importance.
Both marine and freshwater forms include those with staminate flowers that detach from the parent plant and float to the surface where they become pollinated.
Both are connected with the Proto-Indo-European root * ank -, meaning " to bend " or " bow ".
Both sides ( with the exception of hyper-Calvinists ) believe the invitation of the gospel is universal and " must be presented to everyone can reach without any distinction.
Both sides of the Atlantic filled with economic and political refugees from the other side.
Both Stephanus and Eustathius write of these Amazons in connection with the placename Thibais, which they report to have been derived from Thiba's name.
Both printed and written Arabic are cursive, with most of the letters within a word directly connected to the adjacent letters.
Both the number of families in this later suborder is debated with the number of families being between one and twenty depending on the authority and the number of genera being between nineteen and twenty five.
Both al-Fihri and al-Sumayl managed to escape the field ( probably ) with parts of the army too.
Both were Hebrew Christians with sufficient intellectual authority.
Both the aberration of axis points, and the deviation from the sine condition, rapidly increase in most ( uncorrected ) systems with the aperture.
In Rome, Both had developed a new style of composition due, at least in part, to his interaction with Claude Lorrain.
Both were not explicitly condemned, but peaceful ways of conflict resolution and punishment with the least amount of injury were encouraged.
Both Sudan and Ackermann are credited with discovering total computable functions ( termed simply " recursive " in some references ) that are not primitive recursive.
Both the highest and lowest temperature records for the state were set in the Interior, with 100 ° F ( 38 ° C ) in Fort Yukon and − 80 ° F (− 64 ° C ) in Prospect Creek.
Both BASICs differed from other dialects on different platforms, in that they allowed the easy creation of fairly demanding multimedia software, with full structured code and many high-level functions to load images, animations, sounds and display them in various ways.

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