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Both and Shang
Both Korean and Chinese legends state that a disgruntled Shang prince named Jizi, who had refused to cede power to the Zhou, left China with a small army.
Both the Shang and Zhou peoples pictographically represented da 大 as " a large or great man ".

Both and Yang
Both Emperors Wen and Yang sent military expeditions into Vietnam as Annam in northern Vietnam had been incorporated into the Chinese empire over 600 years earlier during the Han Dynasty ( 202 BC-220 CE ).
Both Wei Yan and Yang Yi sent memorials, each accusing each other of treason.
Both of them supported Yang Yi and were suspicious of Wei Yan.
Both Lin Chong and Yang Zhi come to believe their fates were predestined long before Gao Qiu's defeat.
Both Emperor Wu's brother Yuwen Xian the Prince of Qi and the general Wang Gui ( 王軌 ) were said to have suggested that Emperor Wu execute Yang Jian, but Emperor Wu resisted.
Both Song Seung-heon and Leon Lai ( who was given the role of Yang Yuncong due to his performance in The Sword of Many Lovers and Tsui Hark said that he was " hoping to see another side of him ( Leon Lai ).
Both Yang Shao-hou and Wu Chien-ch ' uan were famous for their " small circle " martial expertise.
Both Yang Shao-hou and Wu Chien-ch ' üan were famous for their " small circle " martial expertise.
Both he and his colleague Chang Gun were known for the beautiful language they used in writing edicts — with Chang being known for his ability to cite ancient precedents, and Yang known for the ability to use appropriate praises.
Both Yang and Qian went to academics and made important contribuions to the development of Chinese culture.

Both and Han
Both life experience and education contributed to shaping Han Fei's philosophical point of view of an amoral and interest-driven human nature, upon which he founded his legalist theories.
Both bu and qu were regular units of military organization during the Han but by late Han and Three Kingdoms, the combination of the terms came to refer to the private retainer corps of armed men serving individual warlords in the capacity of personal dependents.
Both Gao Shan Liu Shui ( High mountains flowing water ) and Han Gong Qiu Yue ( Han palace autumn moon ) are from the Shandong school, while Han ya xi shui ( Winter Crows Playing in the Water ) and
* Both success and failure are due to Xiao He, life and death are due to two women ( 成敗一蕭何, 生死兩婦人 ): Xiao He helped Han Xin become a general, which enabled Han to put his talent to good use.

Both and Fei
Both Fānziquán and Chuōjiǎo are associated with the 12th century Song Dynasty general Yue Fei, and the association between the two may date that far back.

Both and promoted
Both parliaments gave unanimous votes of thanks, each captain who served in the battle was presented with a specially minted gold medal and the first lieutenant of every ship engaged in the battle was promoted to commander.
Both methods have long been promoted on the basis of lowest cost, though neither of these measurements directly, or reliably, reflects HDL particle functionality to remove cholesterol from atherosclerotic plaque and can therefore be misleading, especially on an individual patient-by-patient basis Labs use the routine dextran sulfate-Mg < sup > 2 +</ sup > precipitation method with ultracentrifugation / dextran sulfate-Mg < sup > 2 +</ sup > precipitation as reference method.
Both films were, however, designed and promoted to showcase their leading ladies, thus continuing Tracy's reputation as a secondary star.
: Both Fire Chief and Sky Chief gasolines are promoted as " Climate Controlled " as various blends of both gasolines are distributed to Texaco stations in various parts of the country.
( Both these officers were later promoted to Field Marshal.
Both Vince McMahon, Sr. and Vince McMahon, Jr. were inducted in to the Madison Square Garden walk of fame, and altogether four generations of the McMahon family have promoted events at the Garden.
Both writers promoted extreme individualism and the act of creation.
Both were highly significant to their respective colonies ' political and economic development as they brought a large number of immigrants, and promoted massive government spending on infrastructure to support the new arrivals who came looking for gold.
Both institutes promoted English-French bilingualism, although the OLBI holds an expanded mandate, to strengthen research, innovation and outreach efforts in official languages and bilingualism.
Both actors were originally credited as guest stars but were promoted to the main cast during the tenth season after several series regulars left the show.
Both groups promoted a return to the purposes of the 1st-century churches as described in the New Testament.
Both individuals promoted the collaborative concepts of quality to Japanese business and technical groups, and these groups utilized these concepts in the redevelopment of the Japanese economy.
Both Lee and Bush agreed that the American presence in Southeast Asia has promoted peace and stability, which are crucial for regional cooperation and economic development.
Both of these were significant contributors to the development of the Modern German Standard language, as they further promoted the development of non-local forms of language and exposed all speakers to forms of German from outside their own area — even the illiterate, who were read to.
Both Geffen releases however were ineptly promoted, and Forbert's work there has been called under appreciated.
Both Chinese and western historians now commonly argue that the changes promoted by New Culture leaders had roots going back several generations and thus were not a sharp break so much as an acceleration of earlier trends.
Both Tony and Roger are promoted to the rank of major late in the first season.
Both entered the league in the 1993 – 94 season and were promoted as future stars of the franchise, on the cover of the Senators ' year book and media guide.
Both suggest that the nation was founded by a man named Cambarantama, but the legend most promoted today states that he was Rwandan.
Both Australia and New Zealand adopted new franchise models for their teams, whereas South Africa chose to use the Currie Cup to decide what teams were to be promoted in the Super 12 each season.
Both in his work as a censor and in his writings he promoted the ideal of freedom of expression, frequently incurring the wrath of his superiors as a result even under the more relaxed regime of Alexander II.
Both were promoted again to the AAA Norfolk Tides for 2005 and the Tides posted their highest batting average in six seasons.
Both the Civil Union Bill and the Relationships ( Statutory References ) Bill were promoted as part of their Ministerial responsibilities by the Labour MPs and Ministers David Benson-Pope and Lianne Dalziel.
In this season, another Magdeburg team, Fortuna Magdeburg had been promoted to this league, leading to better attendance levels: Both derbies and the key match against FSV Hoyerswerda were watched by more than 10, 000 people.

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