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Both and abolition
Both strands of slum abolition valued the destruction of degraded housing and other structures above the welfare of slum-dwellers who, then as now, are often dispersed and might well discover themselves to be less well-off than before a slum clearance program.
Both the coffee planters and the Brazilian government, however, were aware that the abolition of slavery could be postponed but not avoided at all ; as a result, a few experiments in immigration were tried during this period, and some ideas were discussed, including the immigration of Chinese workers.
Both the National Party and Geoffrey Palmer, Labour's leading reformist, supported abolition ; but most Māori strongly opposed it.
Both changes are driven by falling numbers of pupils in the schools as a result of the abolition of the Assisted Places Scheme.
In 1907, about one year into his first satyagraha campaign in South Africa, he wrote a translated synopsis of Thoreau's argument for Indian Opinion, credited Thoreau's essay with being " the chief cause of the abolition of slavery in America ", and wrote that " Both his example and writings are at present exactly applicable to the Indians in the Transvaal.
Both men considered marriage a pillar of bourgeois society and called for its abolition.

Both and war
Both won a pretty fair-sized war with a modest assist from British strategy.
Both sides raised armies as the Union seized control of the border states early in the war and established a naval blockade.
Both Finnish and Soviet troops at the Finnish front dug to defensive positions, and the front remains stable until the end of the war.
Both Octavian and Mark Antony had fought against their common enemies in the civil war that followed the assassination of Julius Caesar.
Both France and Great Britain were ready to fight for control of the region and both sent troops to North America in 1755 ; war was formally declared in 1756.
Both his siblings died during the war.
Both consuls and other high-ranking members of Rome's leadership condemned Elagabalus, and the Senate subsequently declared war on both Elagabalus and Julia Maesa.
Both parties trace their roots back to the opposing side of the civil war.
Both proved outstanding, as Adams was a master diplomat and Calhoun completely reorganized the War Department to overcome the serious deficiencies that hobbled it during the war of 1812.
Both are compilations of the contemporary records and letters about the events of the war without further historical commentary.
Both sides paused for desultory negotiations before the war recommenced ; John's position was now stronger, thanks to confirmation that Count Baldwin of Flanders and Renaud of Boulogne had renewed the anti-French alliances they had previously agreed to with Richard.
Both mechanically and electrically fused " land torpedoes " were employed, although by the end of the war mechanical fuses had been found to be generally more reliable.
Both scientific parties and crew took oceanographic and geological samples and had a common tug of war and a football game on an ice floe.
Both sides mobilized but the Liberal government felt unprepared for war so it agreed to the humiliating condition of rebuilding Fortín Vanguardia for the Bolivians.
Both the war and the internal revolt were still ongoing when the young Ptolemy V was officially crowned at Memphis at the age of 12 ( seven years after the start of his reign ), and the Memphis decree issued.
Both sides used the conflict to test new weapons and methods of warfare, with the Nationalists winning the war in early 1939.
Both Germany and the USSR used this proxy war as an opportunity to test improved weapons and tactics.
Both genres use opposing concepts like war and peace, civilization and savagery.
Both townsmen and farmers were repeatedly ravaged and victimized by the armies on both sides leaving little for the populations already stressed by the refugees from the war or fleeing the Catholic counter-reformation repressions under Ferdinand's governance.
Both sides temporized ; the expense of a long war might be disastrous for both, and Peter and Charles arranged for a judicial duel, with a hundred knights apiece, on 1 June 1283 at Bordeaux.
Both men now hoped to turn the war to their advantage, and the judicial duel turned into a farce, the two kings arriving at different times, declaring a victory over their absent opponent, and departing.
Both sides were concerned that a civil war would leave the country open to foreign invasion.
Both Dewey and Vandenberg also continued to oppose any aid to Britain that might lead to war with Germany.
Both Britain and Germany managed to become partially self-sufficient during the war.

Both and new
Both Willy Brandt's Social Democrats, who gained 22 seats in the new parliament, and the Free Democrats, who picked up 23, will insist on that before they enter the government.
Both would start their new fiscal year on July 1.
Both composers turn up on new imports from France.
Both immediately resigned from their respective offices and Alexander had difficulty in forming a new cabinet.
In Rome, Both had developed a new style of composition due, at least in part, to his interaction with Claude Lorrain.
Both, and subsequently Cuyp, used the advantages of this new lighting style to alter the sense of depth and luminosity possible in a painting.
Both Bucer and Peter Martyr wrote detailed proposals for modification ; Bucer's Censura ran to 28 chapters which influenced Cranmer significantly though he did not follow them slavishly and the new book was duly produced in 1552, making " fully perfect " what was already implicit.
Both sides publicly call for the resolution of intercommunal differences and creation of a new federal system ( Greek Cypriot position ) or confederate system ( Turkish Cypriot position ) of government.
Both production and productivity rose as a result of new equipment, while the average working week was shortened.
Both included the work known as the Prose Merlin, but the Post-Vulgate authors left out the Merlin Continuation from the earlier cycle, choosing to add an original account of Arthur's early days including a new origin for Excalibur.
Both sides were given a new Senior Commander ; at this time Heizei appointed Sakanoue no Tamuramaro ( 758 – 811 ) as Senior Commander of the Imperial Bodyguards of the Right.
Both the unavoidability and reducibility parts of this new proof must be executed by computer and are impractical to check by hand.
Both superpower leaders, U. S. President Harry S. Truman ( de facto ) and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, immediately recognized the new state.
Such cells, tissues and organs would neither trigger an immune response nor require the use of Immunosuppressive drugs Both basic research and therapeutic development for serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes, as well as improvements in burn treatment and reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, are areas that might benefit from such new technology.
Both countries provided military support to a new friendly state in North Korea.
Both Marx and Auguste Comte set out to develop scientifically justified ideologies in the wake of European secularisation and new developments in the philosophies of history and science.
Both services were interested in the combat performance of the new Messerschmitt Bf109s and Panzer I and IIs deployed with Nationalist forces in Spain.
Both the Southern Rhodesian and the Northern Rhodesian Governments provided aid to the displaced people, and built them new permanent villages.
Both Antony and Macbeth as characters seek a new world, even at the cost of the old one.
Both Cardiff Cricket Club and Glamorgan then moved to a new ground at Sophia Gardens on the opposite bank of the River Taff to the Arms Park, following work on the creation of a national rugby stadium, later named the National Stadium.
Both sides called a truce in their struggle to assess their new situation, especially since these events implied that Armageddon was soon at hand.
Both companies ' stocks are surrendered and new company stock is issued in its place.
Both software libraries are free software, released under the new BSD license.
Both termini began life as fairly modest affairs, but in order to cope with increasing demands both went on to much bigger and better things in later years, a new Potsdamer Bahnhof, destined to be Berlin's busiest station, opening on 30 August 1872 and a new Anhalter Bahnhof, destined to be the city's biggest and finest, following on 15 June 1880.

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