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from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Both and are
Both concepts are undergoing alteration ; ;
`` Both children are musical and my wife is a music lover of unfailing instinct and judgement ''.
Both I and my feelings come up out of a chain of events that fan out into the past into sources that are ultimately very unlike the entity which I now am.
Both are predictably destined to fail.
Both men are known to be honest and public-spirited.
Both allowances are governed by conditions and restrictions set forth in detail in the state's Travel Regulations.
Both of these systems are essential for the production, development, and use of the National Forests.
Both the photocathode and the image plane of such an electrode configuration are curved concave as seen from the anode aperture.
Both stages are assumed to have unity magnification.
Both man and wife should be aware of the fact that a lack of climax, and even the absence of the anticipated keen pleasure are not a sign that the wife may be cold or frigid.
Both are primarily concerned with the uses that can be made of the material that the collector has found.
Both the conditions and the complicity are documented in considerable detail.
Both Miss Garson and her oilman-rancher husband are active supporters of Boys Clubs of America and patrons of the vivid art and opera colony that flourishes in New Mexico.
Both are good bunters: Maris once beat out eighteen of nineteen in the minor leagues ; ;
Both are good, daring fielders: Mantle covers more ground ; ;
Both these types, and those in between, are in existence by reason of a legislative interest in libraries that began at Albany as early as 1950, with the creation by the legislature of county library systems financed by county governments with matching funds from the state.
Both eventualities are possible logically, but practically they are impossible.
Both are members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, the African Union and other multilateral organizations.
Both terms anti-Semitism and antisemitism are in common use.
Both the nation and the economy are nascent.
Both Spirit Prison and Paradise are temporary according to Latter-day Saint beliefs.
Both are connected with the Proto-Indo-European root * ank -, meaning " to bend " or " bow ".
Both these popular methods are used to analyze sound and better understand the acoustic phenomenon.

Both and 6
Both components are orange-hued dwarf ( main sequence ) stars ; the primary is of magnitude 5. 2 and the secondary is of magnitude 6. 1.
Both are close to 40 miles ( 64 km ) from end to end, and never more than 3. 5 miles ( 5. 6 km ) wide.
# peteneras and guajiras: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Both palos start with the strong accent on 12.
Both were initially sentenced to 6 months in prison for immigration offenses, but Hamdani was cleared on appeal and Göldi's sentence was reduced to four months.
Both discovered genes are present on chromosome 6 in humans.
Both categories showed substantial increases over the previous decade ; in 1995 there were only 3. 6 million cellular telephone subscribers and around 20 million main-line telephone subscribers.
Both were turned down: Moratorium Plus by a margin of 41. 6 % for and 58. 4 % opposed, and Electricity Without Nuclear by a margin of 33. 7 % for and 66. 3 % opposed.
Both teams entered the game with the best defenses in the league ( the Cowboys only allowed 107. 6 rushing yards per game while the Steelers only allowed 107. 8 ), and each side took advantage of the other team's mistakes throughout the game.
Both countries have signed diplomatic missions on June 6, 1974.
Both governments have set official targets of increasing bilateral trade by 27 % to USD 2. 3 billion by 2010 and to USD 6. 5 billion by 2015.
Both SEAL Team 4 and SEAL Team 6, the predecessor to DEVGRU, participated in the US invasion of Grenada.
Both the theatrical and SE editions remain available on DVD, however all available DVDs are non-anamorphic, with the exception of the Chinese DVD produced for Region 6 by Excel Media.
Both species can grow to 3 ft 6 in ( 1. 07 m ) and can weigh up to 46 lb ( 21 kg ).
Both stages lead to stage 5, then stage 6, and the finale at stage 1.
Both groups have very reduced mitochondrial genomes (~ 6 kilobases in the Apicomplexa ).
Both trees are aged over 400 years and exceed 6 metres in girth.
Both Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert ranked the film as the best of 1989 and later ranked it as one of the top 10 films of the decade ( Siskel No. 6, Ebert # 4 ).
Both the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and the Rechabites achieved a major success when during World War I they were successful in bringing in mandatory closure of hotel bars and public houses at 6 pm, from the previous norm of 11 or 11. 30 pm.
Both regional schools are located on Route 6 in Mattapoisett, just over the Marion town line.
Both regional schools are located on Route 6 in Mattapoisett, near the Marion town line.
Both regional schools are located on Route 6 in Mattapoisett, just over the Marion town line.
Both lakes drain into the Flint River, which is about one mile ( 1. 6 km ) to the north.
Both the interchange and the toll gate ( which features 6 six lanes at the gate ) runs along the border with Runnemede.
Both East and Wisconsin Rapids Middle School were both separate schools for grades 7 – 9 until 2010 when the city decided to place all students in grades 6 – 7 at the same school and grades 8 – 9 at the same school.

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