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from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Both and are
Both concepts are undergoing alteration ; ;
`` Both children are musical and my wife is a music lover of unfailing instinct and judgement ''.
Both I and my feelings come up out of a chain of events that fan out into the past into sources that are ultimately very unlike the entity which I now am.
Both are predictably destined to fail.
Both men are known to be honest and public-spirited.
Both allowances are governed by conditions and restrictions set forth in detail in the state's Travel Regulations.
Both of these systems are essential for the production, development, and use of the National Forests.
Both the photocathode and the image plane of such an electrode configuration are curved concave as seen from the anode aperture.
Both stages are assumed to have unity magnification.
Both man and wife should be aware of the fact that a lack of climax, and even the absence of the anticipated keen pleasure are not a sign that the wife may be cold or frigid.
Both are primarily concerned with the uses that can be made of the material that the collector has found.
Both the conditions and the complicity are documented in considerable detail.
Both Miss Garson and her oilman-rancher husband are active supporters of Boys Clubs of America and patrons of the vivid art and opera colony that flourishes in New Mexico.
Both are 6 feet tall and weigh between 195 and 200 pounds, but Mantle, incredibly muscular ( he has a 17-1/2-inch neck ), looks bigger.
Both are good, daring fielders: Mantle covers more ground ; ;
Both these types, and those in between, are in existence by reason of a legislative interest in libraries that began at Albany as early as 1950, with the creation by the legislature of county library systems financed by county governments with matching funds from the state.
Both eventualities are possible logically, but practically they are impossible.
Both are members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, the African Union and other multilateral organizations.
Both terms anti-Semitism and antisemitism are in common use.
Both the nation and the economy are nascent.
Both Spirit Prison and Paradise are temporary according to Latter-day Saint beliefs.
Both are connected with the Proto-Indo-European root * ank -, meaning " to bend " or " bow ".
Both these popular methods are used to analyze sound and better understand the acoustic phenomenon.

Both and good
Both sides agreed that the theater must stand a moral test, but they could not agree on whether the poets were a good or a bad influence.
Both perspectives are equally valid and each provides valuable insight into the implementation of a good defense-in-depth strategy.
She had earlier appeared on the October 26, 1931 cover along-side her husband and on the January 3, 1937 cover with her husband as " Man and Wife of the Year )" Both husband and wife were on good terms with Time Magazine senior editor and co-founder Henry Luce, who frequently tried to rally money and support from the American public for the Republic of China.
Both types give good results, and the choice between them is personal.
Both Ryan and Ramius are on hand to see the submarine off for the last time, and Ramius sentimentally comments, " He was a good ship.
Both GM and AMC confirmed the relationship would benefit in marketing the new engine, and AMC claimed that GM's Wankel achieved good fuel economy.
Both the older and modern machines require a good deal of skill to operate.
Both folklore and modern popular culture use physical traits to denote a character's either good or evil tendencies.
Both sources write: " He named the land Greenland, saying that people would be eager to go there if it had a good name.
Both parties used horse-drawn sledges and made good time over the first legs of the journey.
Both these very good early references in Cicero ( most ancient Trismegistus material is from early centuries CE ) corroborate the view that Thrice-Great Hermes originated in Hellenistic Egypt through syncretism with Egyptian gods ( the Hermetica refer most often to Thoth and Amun ).
Both Selanne and Niedermayer would ultimately return and the team finished with a 47 – 27 – 8 record good enough to earn home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs finishing as the 4th seed in the Western Conference.
Participants in his Grecian cult in Both Lands Egypt and those who are in the temples of Egypt came here from their own districts and are given cultivated land to make their life good beyond measure.
Both cater to the need of the average audience to escape into an idealist world, where the good reaps the rewards, and the bad incur their punishment.
Both types of trailers usually enjoy good amenities and are surrounded by highly manicured gardens.
Both are considered to be an especially good locale for birding.
Both lakes are good as a scenic, under-developed site which creates a calm quiet place for fishing.
Both of them had the good fortune to graduate shortly after a war broke out, when the army had a sudden need for officers, greatly improving their opportunities.
Both ‘ heath ’ & ‘ dune ’ relate to the wide, raised land that the field lies on, as the word dun being, ‘ consistenly used for a low hill with a fairly extensive summit which provided a good settlement-site in open country ( Margaret Gelling ).
Both Daisy and Rossdale have said in 2010 interviews that their relationship is good.
Both Dellacroce and Gotti tried to convince Ruggiero to comply if Castellano explained beforehand how he intended to use the tapes, but Ruggiero refused, fearing he would endanger good friends.
Both used Huffman encoding of operand address offsets, to fit a large variety of address modes and offset sizes into the 16-bit instruction format with very good code density.
Both major-party candidates in the 2008 presidential election cited Niebuhr as an influence: Senator John McCain, in his work Hard Call, " celebrated Niebuhr as a paragon of clarity about the costs of a good war.

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