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Page "lore" ¶ 579
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Both and are
Both concepts are undergoing alteration ; ;
`` Both children are musical and my wife is a music lover of unfailing instinct and judgement ''.
Both I and my feelings come up out of a chain of events that fan out into the past into sources that are ultimately very unlike the entity which I now am.
Both are predictably destined to fail.
Both men are known to be honest and public-spirited.
Both allowances are governed by conditions and restrictions set forth in detail in the state's Travel Regulations.
Both of these systems are essential for the production, development, and use of the National Forests.
Both the photocathode and the image plane of such an electrode configuration are curved concave as seen from the anode aperture.
Both stages are assumed to have unity magnification.
Both man and wife should be aware of the fact that a lack of climax, and even the absence of the anticipated keen pleasure are not a sign that the wife may be cold or frigid.
Both the conditions and the complicity are documented in considerable detail.
Both Miss Garson and her oilman-rancher husband are active supporters of Boys Clubs of America and patrons of the vivid art and opera colony that flourishes in New Mexico.
Both are 6 feet tall and weigh between 195 and 200 pounds, but Mantle, incredibly muscular ( he has a 17-1/2-inch neck ), looks bigger.
Both are good bunters: Maris once beat out eighteen of nineteen in the minor leagues ; ;
Both are good, daring fielders: Mantle covers more ground ; ;
Both these types, and those in between, are in existence by reason of a legislative interest in libraries that began at Albany as early as 1950, with the creation by the legislature of county library systems financed by county governments with matching funds from the state.
Both eventualities are possible logically, but practically they are impossible.
Both are members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, the African Union and other multilateral organizations.
Both terms anti-Semitism and antisemitism are in common use.
Both the nation and the economy are nascent.
Both Spirit Prison and Paradise are temporary according to Latter-day Saint beliefs.
Both are connected with the Proto-Indo-European root * ank -, meaning " to bend " or " bow ".
Both these popular methods are used to analyze sound and better understand the acoustic phenomenon.

Both and primarily
Both of these systems included behavioral elements and interventions and primarily concentrated on problems in the present.
Both instruments categorize individuals as either being sex typed ( males report themselves as identifying primarily with masculine traits, females report themselves as identifying primarily with feminine traits ), cross sex-typed ( males report themselves as identifying primarily with feminine traits, females report themselves as identifying primarily with masculine traits ), androgynous ( either males or females who report themselves as high on both masculine and feminine traits ) or undifferentiated ( either males or females who report themselves as low on both masculine and feminine traits ).
Both were primarily used to display Read Me documents.
Both natural rubber and abaca ( used to produce rope products ) were produced primarily in south Asia, which came under Japanese control.
Both of these types of blood vessels have continuous basal lamina and are primarily located in the endocrine glands, intestines, pancreas, and glomeruli of kidney.
Both are very rarely used in place of glucocorticoids to treat secondary adrenal insufficiency in a hospital setting, but are used primarily to conduct the ACTH stimulation test.
Both schools declined in the late 16th century, with the later Italian masters forgoing the longsword and focusing primarily on rapier fencing.
Both afford excellent view over the park which is primarily composed of dry sand plain heaths and salt lake systems.
Both are primarily residential.
Both during and after the war, Benedict was primarily concerned about the fate of the children, about which he even issued an encyclical.
Both theatrical films, House of Dark Shadows ( 1970 ) and Night of Dark Shadows ( 1971 ) were shot primarily on location at the Lyndhurst estate in Tarrytown, New York.
* In a social care context: Both terms ( and more specific ones such as ' independent advocacy ') are used in the UK in the context of a network of interconnected organisations and projects which seek to benefit people who are in difficulty ( primarily in the context of disability and mental health ).
Both rabbits and hares are almost exclusively herbivorous ( with exceptions among the members of Lepus ), feeding primarily on grasses and herbs, although they also eat leaves, fruit, and seeds of various kinds.
Both would threaten the economic stability of local communities that rely primarily on income derived from rice farming.
Both Japan and Russia continued operating military seaplanes even later, including the ShinMaywa US-1 and Beriev Be-12, primarily for Anti-Submarine Warfare, where they can take advantage of their range and speed over helicopters, while still able to land on water.
Both petitions argued for listing primarily on the basis of historic and ongoing nesting habitat loss, specifically the loss of old-growth and mature forest stands throughout the goshawk's known range.
Both are based primarily on the first recension with passages added from the second, although they differ slightly in their selection and arrangement of material.
Both were primarily experimental communications satellites funded by NASA and developed by RCA.
Both parties had reasons to expand the negotiations, primarily to do with both sides wanting to keep fighting on a single front.
Both of the Enchiriadis treatises are primarily works on the concept of a mathematical derivation of the gamut and the modes based on theories of conjunct and disjunct tetrachords ( series of four pitches involving fixed tone and semitone relationships within them ).
Both paramilitary groups imported arms, and by mid-1914 it seemed likely that an Irish civil war would erupt, with people's allegiances based largely, if not primarily, on their parents ' religions.

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