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Both and attracted
" Both editions attracted signatures from respected design practitioners and thinkers, for example ; Rudy VanderLans, Erik Spiekermann, Ellen Lupton and Rick Poynor.
Both Brothers were attracted from the beginning by all national poetry, whether in the form of epics, ballads or popular tales.
Both shows were sold out and attracted more attention than any other Cream concert, but their performance was regarded by many as below standard.
Both cultures made or make use of complex text coding and abbreviated language slang, both required network security experts, and both attracted criminals who used the networks to commit fraud, hack private communications, and send spam messages.
Both Paul and Frederika attracted criticism for their interference in politics, frequent foreign travels, and the cost of maintaining the Royal Family.
Both of them were attracted to the bohemian lifestyle of the artists gathering in Montparnasse.
Both the town and its hinterland, for different reasons, are very photogenic and have therefore attracted film makers.
Both Chip and Dale are attracted to Gadget, and often compete for her attention, but she doesn't seem to notice in many cases, and has never demonstrated a preference for either.
Both Finch and Stifler are attracted to her, and in an effort to win her over, they each adopt the other's personality and mannerisms.
Both Unionism and Nationalism have had sectarian and anti-sectarian elements, and that both have attracted supporters from outside their base religious communities.
Both concerts, on 1988 ( Break Every Rule Tour ) and April 1990 ( Flowers in the Dirt world tour ), respectively, attracted crowds of over 180, 000 people.
Both Robert Angleton and Doris Beck, although already married, were attracted to each other, eventually divorcing their spouses.
Both attracted much larger audiences and by series 3, the show had become a major hit, and at its peak was often cited as the jewel in ITV's Drama crown.
Both male and female flies are attracted by the scent of injured ants, the females to lay eggs as well as feed and the males to feed and possibly to mate with the females.
Both guru and disciple were much attracted to mysticism: Abdul Wahid Khan, a Muslim, to Sufism, and Nath, a Hindu, to a Shaivite sect in Dehra Dun.
Both sides regularly attracted crowds of 2 – 4, 000, with the local derbies seeing over 7, 000 attending.
Both were attracted to the Court, monarchs and aristocrats.
Both aspects of mathematical rigour in physics have attracted considerable attention in philosophy of science.
Both were attracted by an idea proposed earlier by conservative Justice James McReynolds, to add a judge for every judge who refused to retire at age seventy at full pay.
Both Evolved Rats and Evolved Mice are attracted to shiny objects and sweets, and will never be truly happy unless they have a ' nest ', a personal and private hidey-hole with comfortable bedding and places to hide their various treasures.
Both are attracted by the area's proximity to Glasgow city centre, 15 minutes by train from Muirend or Clarkston stations ( on each side of the area ) and around 25 minutes by bus ( routes 66 and 44 ).
Both works have attracted a degree of controversy.
Both of them were committed pacifists and were attracted to Quakerism in no small part for this reason.
Both Chatham and Calgary attracted the ambitious and able young Maritime lawyer Richard Bedford Bennett, later to be prime minister of Canada.
Both attracted considerable attention, and were often reprinted and translated.

Both and considerable
Both the conditions and the complicity are documented in considerable detail.
Both the playwright and his work were travestied by comic poets such as Aristophanes, the known dates of whose own plays thus serve as a terminus ad quem for those of Euripides, though sometimes the gap can be considerable ( e. g. twenty-seven years separate Telephus, known to have been produced in 438 BC, from its parody in Thesmophoriazusae in 411 BC!
Both men's and women's gymnastics now attract considerable international interest, and excellent gymnasts can be found on every continent.
Both the Bible ( including, but not limited to the Book of Proverbs ) and medieval Latin ( aided by the work of Erasmus ) have played a considerable role in distributing proverbs across Europe, although almost every culture has examples of its own.
Both reguations, ( 1 ) and ( 2 ), provided for a considerable group of Poles and Israelis, residing in Poland and Israel, who are simultaneously Germans.
Both kill tissue and can cause considerable damage, including death.
Both of his grandsons were bullied at school, but Strauss used his considerable influence to prevent the boys or their mother from being sent to concentration camps.
Both are included in the West End conservation area which includes a considerable number of buildings, many historical or of character, along the streets of Dovecote Lane, Grange Avenue, West End, and Church Street.
Both founding members have enjoyed considerable success with their subsequent projects, Sonic Boom / Spectrum and Spiritualized.
Both the Imperial Japanese Navy ( IJN ) and the U. S. Navy invested considerable effort on dive bombers.
Both " Sweet Thing " and " Ballerina " were originally scheduled for the session, but the search for a ' closer ' consumed a considerable amount of time.
Both of these issues generated considerable public discussion, which eventually led to a heated debate in Parliament on 4 May 1920.
Both satellites were destroyed and the collision scattered considerable debris, which poses an elevated risk to spacecraft.
Both in the UK and Ireland, however, mechanical signalling is still relatively common away from the busiest lines ; there is also a considerable amount in the former East Germany.
Both in Japan and the West, Yojimbo had a considerable influence on various forms of entertainment.
Both reactions require ATP, and cleavage often occurs a considerable distance from the recognition site.
Both states tried to maintain good relations with Bulgaria on account of its considerable military power.
Both Joyce and Smith have published considerable bodies of poetry in their own right.
Both prototypes require considerable work to be adapted to what most managers or professionals consider a " real " desk, that is a pedestal desk, located in a closed office.
Both these models have had considerable research success for both efficacy and effectiveness.
Both of these families had amassed considerable fortunes.
Both men were considerable slave-owners.
Both Strasser and Farmer had considerable difficulty letting guests lose prizes ; on more than one occasion, they would offer " hints " so obvious that they essentially gave the prize away.
Both sexes fast for a considerable period during breeding ; the male fasts for 37 days after arrival until he returns to sea for around ten days before fasting while incubating eggs and young for another 36 days, and the female fasts for 42 days from her arrival after the male until late in the incubation period.
Both cases received considerable headlines in the local and international news which was aptly dubbed as " The Gomez Incident ".

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