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Both and civil
Both organizations engage in litigation, advocacy of civil rights, and education.
Both Octavian and Mark Antony had fought against their common enemies in the civil war that followed the assassination of Julius Caesar.
Both parties trace their roots back to the opposing side of the civil war.
Both units are key to the " ORMOS Red Plan " which makes provision for the evacuation of Monaco in case of natural disaster or civil emergency.
Both the federal and civil components allow for the recovery of treble damages ( damages in triple the amount of actual / compensatory damages ).
Both sides were concerned that a civil war would leave the country open to foreign invasion.
Both the extreme right and the extreme left now disagreed with the government and increased political violence quickly turned into a civil war.
Both civil parishes and baronies are now largely obsolete ( except for some purposes such as legal transactions involving land ) and are no longer used for local government purposes.
Both countries were granted civil and military ensigns on the same pattern, their respective national flags with the addition of a union badge in the canton, combining the flag colours of both countries.
Both Romana and the Pandora entity proclaim themselves Imperiatrix of Gallifrey, provoking a civil war.
Both groups were kept separate from each other in accordance with the Geneva Convention, and worked on the post at various jobs including mechanical and civil engineering services, clerical positions, food service, and the main laundry.
Both civil aviation and military aviation are represented.
Both railroads were planned and built by the team of mining manager and civil engineer William Nelson Page and industrialist and financier Henry Huttleston Rogers, and added a third Hampton Roads coal exporting railhead to the existing Chesapeake and Ohio Railway ( with coal piers at Newport News ) and the Norfolk and Western Railway's similar facilities at Norfolk's Lambert's Point.
Both maintained the right and duty of the Church to carry out necessary reforms without awaiting the permission of the civil power ; and both advocated congregational independency.
Both Attorney General Robert Kennedy and Vice President Johnson had pushed for the introduction of the civil rights legislation.
Both Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a critic of civil society, and Immanuel Kant argued that people are peace lovers and that wars are the creation of absolute regimes ( Burchill 2001: 33 ).
Both exceptors and tabelliones were organized into civil guilds ( collegia, scholae ) to ensure the official recording of both public and private acts.
The opposition of MCB Chairman Sir Iqbal Sacranie to homosexuality and registration of civil partnerships led Tatchell to observe " Both the Muslim and gay communities suffer prejudice and discrimination.
Both the internal and external facets of Western culture were born on the Italian peninsula, whether one looks at the history of the Christian faith, civil institutions ( such as the Senate ), education, philosophy, law, art, science, or social customs and culture.
Both were career civil servants and Lien, originating from the Taiwanese aristocracy, was seen as aloof and unable to empathize with the common people.
Both are part of a development effort conducted by NATO Allied Command Transformation in consultation with various civil organizations.
Both local and national issues stirred the passions of the rioters, from disagreements over public library book purchases, to controversies over Dissenters ' attempts to gain full civil rights and their support of the French Revolution.
Both paramilitary groups imported arms, and by mid-1914 it seemed likely that an Irish civil war would erupt, with people's allegiances based largely, if not primarily, on their parents ' religions.
Both the civil parishes became part of Wolverton Urban District in 1919.

Both and criminal
Both prosecutors and defendants often have a strong interest in resolving the criminal case by negotiation resulting in a plea bargain.
Both Article III of the U. S. Constitution and the Sixth Amendment require that criminal cases be tried by a jury, and the Fourteenth Amendment applies this mandate to the states.
Both will provide valuable information on scams, allegations of criminal wrongdoing, and other patterns of illegal activity.
Both characters operate mostly by night, and the Green Hornet in particular operates outside the law, insinuating himself into criminal plots in order to put an end to the activities of master criminals.
Both are involved with the use of agreement, power can relate to an armed criminal while authority may relate to a wise guru.
Both had criminal records.
Both of them harshly denounced the criminal justice system in Texas, with Newbury adding " the system is as corrupt as we are.
Both levels of Fire Marshals often testify in civil and criminal court proceedings, and respond and collaborate with insurance investigators.
Both campaigns had significant support from experienced London political activists who had a history of organizing radical defence campaigns around the criminal justice system.
Both Poston and Cordova are experienced criminal lawyers who first teamed up two years earlier in the trial of Byron Looper for the murder of a Tennessee state senator.
Both attached criminal penalties to subjected inventors.
Both referees have been banned for life from football and face possible criminal charges.
Both claimed criminal violations and demanded that the company cease operations.
Both Stanley and his older brother, William ( who succeeded their father as Master-Forrester ), were involved in criminal cases which charged them with a forced entry in 1369 and in the murder of Thomas Clotton in 1376.
He has also authored a book on the NZ criminal justice system titled, Justice with Both Eyes Open, and is a strong advocate for the rights of crime victims.
Both organizations had been found criminal previously by the IMT.
Both were hanged as murderers by the Committee of Vigilance: Cora shot dead a U. S. Marshal who had drunkenly insulted his mistress, and Casey killed a rival newspaper editor for publishing an editorial that exposed Casey's criminal record in New York.
Both outraged that his sister was living with his former enemy and deeply indebted to Kilmer for saving the lives of his ( apparently ) only remaining family, he disappeared into the yakuza criminal underground and refused to see or speak to his sister.
Both an overall GPA of 3. 2 on a 4. 0 scale in all completed criminal justice courses as well as a cumulative GPA of 3. 2 on a 4. 0 scale for all completed university courses are required.
Both Sewell and Mower later starred as villains in The Sweeney, while Sweeney star Denis Waterman appeared in the 1974 Special Branch episode " Stand and Deliver " as a criminal.
Both Supervision Officers and Pre-Sentence Investigators deal with a wide range of offenders, many of whom have extensive criminal histories.

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