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Both and conventions
Both versions are initiated by a bid of four notrump ( 4NT ), and the entire family of conventions may be called Blackwood 4NT in both versions, or Key Card 4NT in the key card variation.
Both the American Chemical Society ( ACS ) and IUPAC have proposed standardized naming conventions ; the ACS and IUPAC conventions are similar but not identical.
Both office and business etiquette overlap considerably with basic tenets of netiquette, the social conventions for using computer networks.
Both of these conventions continue to take place each year.
Both conventions ' delegates ignored the primary ballots and voted to nominate their presidential candidates from the floor, similar to the Democratic and Republican conventions.
" Both primaries and caucuses are used in the Presidential nomination process, beginning in January and culminating in the late-summer political party conventions.
Both major political parties of the U. S .— the Democratic Party and the Republican Party — officially nominate their candidate for President at their respective national conventions.
Both conventions remained in use until at least the conquest by Alexander the Great some 3, 000 years later.
Both conventions have restricted protesters to demonstrating in " free speech zones " of fenced-in areas, sometimes surrounded by barbed wire, and not accessible to the delegates.
Both Fall and Spring State conventions are highlighted by prestigious keynote speakers.
Both the END Conventions and the UK END group went into decline in the late 1980s after the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces treaty removed the weapons that had given the European peace movement its raison d ’ etre – though the conventions continued until 1991 ( in Moscow ) and END in the UK turned itself in 1989 into European Dialogue, a pressure group for encouraging the development of democracy and civil society, which is still going.
Both conventions could be said to follow the " original " meanings ; the different meanings are the same for T < sub > 1 </ sub > spaces, which was the original context.
Both of these conventions are possible even when the common assumption is made that vectors should be treated as column vectors when combined with matrices ( rather than row vectors ).
Both novels, while displaying a distinctive Barth style, followed conventions that readers would have expected from a novel, and were part of the realist trend in novels that was prevalent in the United States during the 1940s and 1950s.

Both and sent
Both The Plain Dealer and the Cleveland Scene sent reporters in 1998 and 2003 respectively but were unable to locate him.
Both nations sent armed irregulars into Ottoman territory to protect and assist their ethnic kindred.
Both France and Great Britain were ready to fight for control of the region and both sent troops to North America in 1755 ; war was formally declared in 1756.
" Both of his grandfathers were arrested on false charges in the 1930s ; his paternal grandfather was sent to exile in Siberia.
Both the emperor, who wanted to marry Zoe Karbonopsina and the Patriarch of Constantinople, Nicholas Mystikos, appealed to Sergius ; the pope sent papal legates to Constantinople, who confirmed the pope ’ s ruling in favour of the emperor, on the grounds that fourth marriages had not been condemned by the Church as a whole.
Both the French and the Allies sent envoys to Charles's camp, and the French hoped to encourage him to turn his troops against the Emperor Joseph I, who Charles felt had slighted him by his support for Augustus.
Both men were also known to have continuously sent money home to less fortunate family members in Scotland and to have helped nephews by providing them work within the firm.
Both Emperors Wen and Yang sent military expeditions into Vietnam as Annam in northern Vietnam had been incorporated into the Chinese empire over 600 years earlier during the Han Dynasty ( 202 BC-220 CE ).
Both Opitz and Nigrinus sent recommendation letters along with a Robert Fludd.
Both his parents died young, and Laurie was sent to live with his grandfather.
Both of his grandsons were bullied at school, but Strauss used his considerable influence to prevent the boys or their mother from being sent to concentration camps.
Both arguments, for a secular or religious Saxo, would confirm that he was well educated, as clergy he would have received training in Latin and sons of great men were often sent to Paris.
Both kings grew rich through this trade and Hiram sent Solomon architects, workmen, cedar wood and gold to build the First Temple in Jerusalem.
Both his parents were pacifists who vocally opposed the First World War, and sent their son to Quaker schools as a way of protesting against the war.
# Both the client and the server use the master secret to generate the session keys, which are symmetric keys used to encrypt and decrypt information exchanged during the SSL session and to verify its integrity ( that is, to detect any changes in the data between the time it was sent and the time it is received over the SSL connection ).
Both were then sent to work on the Manhattan Project, first at the University of Chicago and then at Oak Ridge, Tennessee where he encountered mass spectrometry.
Both women are sent to the prison's maximum security wing ( H Block ) where they are horrified by their new surroundings.
Both sides sent for reinforcements: Ford arrived with the remainder of his cavalry force and six French guns ( for a total of 300 men ), while Barrett came with 200 troops of the 34th Indiana in nine understrength companies.
Both patriarchs sent bishops to India, but the Portuguese consistently managed to outmaneuver them, and effectively cut off the Saint Thomas Christians from their hierarchy in 1575, when the Padroado legislated that neither patriarch could send representatives to India without Portuguese approval.
Both were exiled to Siberia for this but Martov was sent to Turukhansk in the Arctic while Lenin was sent to the comparatively warm ' Siberian Italy '.
Both nations sent military forces to occupy the territory.
Both William and his overlord Baldwin II, now dispossessed of Constantinople, had hoped for aid from King Manfred of Sicily, who had sent troops to aid William at Pelagonia.
Both incoming and internally generated documents are automatically abstracted, characterized by a word pattern, and sent automatically to appropriate action points.
Both envoys he sent were shot at by British cannons, signifying that the demand was declined.

Both and delegates
Both these delegates were on the public record of holding unswerving support for the monarchy despite being appointed to articulate the views of one of Australia's most pro-republican territories.
Both the Emperor and the Roman delegates concurred.
Both parties operate with two types of delegates: pledged and unpledged.
Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party usually modify their delegate selection rules between presidential elections, including how delegates are allocated to each state and territory.
Both committees elected by delegates voting between lists of candidates, known as ' slates ', nominated by either an independent nominations commission of by delegates.
Both Members and Associate Members are entitled to appoint delegates to the Movement's quadrennial Congresses ; Members are further entitled to appoint one or more members to the Movement governing Council, which meets annually.
Both of these drafts were presented to a caucus meeting of left wing delegates at the Volkshaus shortly before the opening of the conference.
Both these documents were made available to delegates at the Melbourne Congress.
Both Qi and Wei tried to tighten Goguryeo's relationship with them ; Wei emperors treated Goguryeo delegates equal to Chinese delegates.
Both Andrew Lewis and his brother Thomas were delegates.
Both the Missouri and Kansas delegates were directed by the Vanbros organization.
Both cities were required to present their bid for the Games ( as if it were being presented to the IOC members ) for evaluation by the delegates voting.

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