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Both and died
Both groups exhibited behavior indicating that their hunger was satisfied, but rats in the second group ( which were fed saccharine solution ) died from malnutrition.
Both branches descend in unbroken, legitimate male line from the medieval kings of Georgia down to Constantine II of Georgia who died in 1505.
Both died in infancy while Verdi was working on his first opera and, shortly afterwards, Margherita died of encephalitis on 18 June 1840, aged only 26.
Both warriors died fighting back to back against Agamemnon's followers.
Both his siblings died during the war.
Both George and their second son, John ( 1803 – 1834 ), led troubled lives and died in early adulthood.
Both Isabella and Amalric died in 1205 and again an underage girl, Isabella and Conrad's daughter Maria of Montferrat, became queen of Jerusalem.
Both daughters predeceased their parents ; Volkova committed suicide and Nevelson died from tuberculosis.
Both Matilda's mother and husband died in 1076, leaving her in sole control of her great Italian patrimony as well as lands in Lorraine, while at the same time matters in the conflict between Pope Gregory VII and the German king Henry IV were at a crisis point.
Both Æthelberht and Sæberht died around 616 or 618, causing a crisis for the mission.
Both of Richard's illegitimate children survived him, but they seem to have died without issue.
Both leaders were near the end of their careers ; Potgieter died in March and Pretorius in July 1853.
Both Anna Maria and Europa gave up art upon marrying, while Lucia Anguissola, the best painter of Sophonisba's sisters, died young.
Both Stephen's wife, Queen Matilda, and his older brother Theobald died in 1152.
Both Aelia Flaccilla and Pulcheria died in 385.
Both John-Henry and Williams ' brother Danny died of leukemia.
Both died in office.
Both in Chukotka and Alaska, the aurora borealis is believed to be a special world inhabited by those who died by violence, the changing rays representing deceased souls playing ball with a walrus head.
Both men died after collapsing while conducting the second Act of the opera.
Both claims were admitted by Charles on the understanding that if these families died out both territories should pass to the House of Luxembourg.
Both coats of arms continued to be used by the Wettins after the Ascanians died out.
Both men and horses died, whilst other men ( 46 from Bering's party alone ) deserted with their horses and portions of the supplies as they struggled to build roads across difficult marshland and river terrain.
Both brothers are shown to have died during a slaughter ordered by King Gradis and return as a demonic necromancers.
Both his parents died young, and Laurie was sent to live with his grandfather.

Both and plane
Both the photocathode and the image plane of such an electrode configuration are curved concave as seen from the anode aperture.
Both J < sub > α </ sub >( x ) and Y < sub > α </ sub >( x ) are holomorphic functions of x on the complex plane cut along the negative real axis.
Both analyses failed to take into account the absorption of light by interstellar dust present in the galactic plane, but after Robert Julius Trumpler quantified this effect in 1930 by studying open clusters, the present picture of our galaxy, the Milky Way, emerged.
Both Al Gore and Kemp had Presidential aspirations, which induced pursuit of debate on a higher plane.
Both presidents were killed when the plane crashed.
Both circles rotate eastward and are roughly parallel to the plane of the Sun's orbit ( ecliptic ).
Both reactors would be on-line to simultaneously provide maximum ship speed and plane launching capability.
Both finite affine plane geometry and finite projective plane geometry may be described by fairly simple axioms.
Both of its engines ingest birds and lose thrust as the aircraft returns to the airport, and the plane catches fire during a belly landing.
He was a passenger on a flight of the historic Bf 108 after the end of the official flight show when the pilot Gerd Kahdemann lost control of the plane shortly after 6: 00 p. m Both Kahdemann and Furrer were killed immediately.
Both types of plane dropped " window ", ( thousands of small aluminium strips ), to blind the German radar.
Both the Soviets and the Americans go to London and find Kendig's hotel room, where he has left a tape recording telling them he has finished the book and that he will be escaping Britain by a small plane the next morning.
Both aircraft crash, killing all 13 people aboard the TWA plane and both people on the DC-3.
* Both the neon sign and Hotel tower can be seen during the plane crash scene in the film Con Air ( 1997 )
Both were named after the late NASCAR star Alan Kulwicki, who was the reigning Cup Series champion when he died in a plane crash in 1993 while on his way to the spring race at Bristol, which he won the previous year.
Both of his parents died in a plane crash when he was sixteen.
Both awarded themselves a trophy with each downed enemy plane.
Both before World War II and during the Nazi occupation of Poland, Professor Żorawski worked on analytical geometry, primarily in the area of first-and second-degree plane figures and differential properties of real and imaginary plane figures.
Both engines failed off the coast of Italian-controlled Libya, and the plane crash landed in the sea about a mile from land.
Both systems ' examples only must apply to objects in the horizontal plane of the moving object.
Both of these plane types were authentic for the types of aircraft flying in the period depicted by the film.
Both airlines provided jet service to San Francisco with Hughes Airwest also providing direct, no change of plane jet service to Los Angeles and other destinations.

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