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Both and guide
Both the companion guide and its updated 30th anniversary version are now out of print.
Both at the gates and along the taxiways, there is an automatic system of lights that guide the aircraft.
Both ended up choosing the Blue as their Ajah and they plotted a scheme to ensure that the Dragon Reborn will win the Final Battle by allowing him to roam the world unleashed with an Aes Sedai guide by his side.
Both of these questions are dynamic, and neither is sufficient alone to guide strategic choices.
Both Gemini telescopes employ a range of advanced technologies to deliver the highest quality images, including laser guide stars, adaptive optics, multi conjugate adaptive optics, and multi-object spectroscopy.
Both men and women graduates look up to Sepehri almost as a spiritual mentor and guide.
Both entered the league in the 1993 – 94 season and were promoted as future stars of the franchise, on the cover of the Senators ' year book and media guide.
Both of these characters have played the purpose of a spiritual guide to a down-and-out character, in EastEnders, Alfie Moon ( Shane Richie ) and in Emmerdale, Bob Hope ( Tony Audenshaw ).
Both longitudinal and transverse faults and related fracture zones play a role in guiding groundwater flow ; the latter guide flow across the strike of major plicative dislocations, from the central sector toward the Black Sea.
Both are students of the spiritual guide and Shadhili Sheikh Abd al Rahman Al Shaghouri.

Both and can
Both are primarily concerned with the uses that can be made of the material that the collector has found.
Both sides ( with the exception of hyper-Calvinists ) believe the invitation of the gospel is universal and " must be presented to everyone can reach without any distinction.
Both the lower pH and higher aluminium concentrations in surface water that occur as a result of acid rain can cause damage to fish and other aquatic animals.
Both can provide enough tissue to reconstruct large breasts.
Both male and female fleas hematophagy | feed on blood and can transmit the infection.
Both types of cannibalism can also be fueled by the belief that eating a person's flesh or internal organs will endow the cannibal with some of the characteristics of the deceased.
Both the team and its fans ( in the poem, about 5, 000 attended the game ) believe they can win " if only " they could somehow get " Mighty Casey " ( Mudville's star player ) up to bat.
Both dogs and coyotes can kill and not consume the prey, either because they are inexperienced, due to injury or difficulty in killing the prey.
Both modules can check a distribution's dependencies and can be set to recursively install any prerequisites, either automatically or with individual user approval.
Both support FTP and HTTP and can work through firewalls and proxies.
Both sexes have those glands, but males have larger morillos and their anal pockets can open more easily.
Both of these factors favor rebels, as a population dispersed outward toward the borders is harder to control than one concentrated in a central region, while mountains offer terrain where rebels can seek sanctuary.
Both quantities can be calculated efficiently using rotating calipers.
Both batch and continuous distillations can be improved by making use of a fractionating column on top of the distillation flask.
Both logarithmic and trigonometric functions, functions commonly used by both navigators and scientists, can be approximated by polynomials, so a difference engine can compute many useful sets of numbers.
Both the basic and most common list types in computing, queues and stacks can be considered specializations of deques, and can be implemented using deques.
Both the playwright and his work were travestied by comic poets such as Aristophanes, the known dates of whose own plays thus serve as a terminus ad quem for those of Euripides, though sometimes the gap can be considerable ( e. g. twenty-seven years separate Telephus, known to have been produced in 438 BC, from its parody in Thesmophoriazusae in 411 BC!
Both modes can be used together.
Both modes can be used together.
Both men's and women's gymnastics now attract considerable international interest, and excellent gymnasts can be found on every continent.
Both in relativistic and non-relativistic quantum physics, we can identify the group velocity of a particle's wave function with the particle velocity.
Both constants can be modified by special regulatory proteins.

Both and be
Both the extent to which this is true and the limits of the field of perceptual skill involved should be acknowledged.
Both Alfred Harcourt and Donald Brace had written him enthusiastic praise of Elmer Gantry ( any changes could be made in proof, which was already coming from the printer ) and they had ordered 140,000 copies -- the largest first printing of any book in history.
Both men are known to be honest and public-spirited.
Both Aristotle and Homer may in spirit be contemplating `` bust '' of the old-fashioned American dollar.
Both man and wife should be aware of the fact that a lack of climax, and even the absence of the anticipated keen pleasure are not a sign that the wife may be cold or frigid.
Both races continue to be held each January on successive weekends.
Both nectar and ambrosia are fragrant, and may be used as perfume: in the Odyssey Menelaus and his men are disguised as seals in untanned seal skins, " and the deadly smell of the seal skins vexed us sore ; but the goddess saved us ; she brought ambrosia and put it under our nostrils.
Both the control and coding regions of their mitochondrial DNA were analyzed in detail, and 14 mtDNAs could be securely assigned to relevant haplogroups.
Both characters feel themselves in trouble, and there was speculation that Alan Ayckbourn himself may have felt himself to be in trouble.
Litters tend to average 5 – 8 kits but may be as many as 25 ( the largest in the order Carnivora ) Both the mother and the father help to raise their young.
Both these charges were later found to be considerably lacking in evidence ; nevertheless Pike, facing arrest, escaped into the hills of Arkansas, sending his resignation from the Confederate Army on July 12.
In general it may be said that Cuyp learned tone from the exceptionally prolific van Goyen, light from Both and form from his father.
Both ferry services may soon be transferred to the Water Transit Authority.
Both morphological and molecular phylogeny analyses disagree over bryozoans ' relationships with entoprocts, about whether bryozoans should be grouped with brachiopods and phoronids in Lophophorata, and whether bryozoans should be considered protostomes or deuterostomes.
Both of these are important in regards to the uncertainty surrounding the Beowulf manuscript, as the works which it draws from or influences suggest time-frames of composition, geographic boundaries from which it could be composed, or range ( both spatial and temporal ) of influence ( i. e. when it was " popular " and where its " popularity " took it ).
Both versions appear on compilation albums and may be compared.
Both Bob Jones, Sr. and Bob Jones, Jr. believed that film could be an excellent medium for mass evangelism, and in 1950, the university established Unusual Films within the School of Fine Arts.
Both versions are initiated by a bid of four notrump ( 4NT ), and the entire family of conventions may be called Blackwood 4NT in both versions, or Key Card 4NT in the key card variation.
Both place and buy bets are bets that the number bet on will be rolled before a 7 is rolled.
Both primality testing and factorization have long been known to be NP and co-NP problems.

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