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Both and houses
Both Mohenjo-daro and Harappa are generally characterized as having " differentiated living quarters, flat-roofed brick houses, and fortified administrative or religious centers.
) () Both meanings become apparent in Exodus 12: 23 when parsed as: the Lord will pass ( hover, guard ) over the door, and will not suffer the destroyer ( destroying angel is commanded to pass by the children of Israel ) to come in unto your houses to smite.
Both houses of Congress responded with committee investigations and reports affirming the historical precedents for the Bank's constitutionality and its pivotal role in furnishing a uniform currency.
Both the Woman's Christian Temperance Union and the Rechabites achieved a major success when during World War I they were successful in bringing in mandatory closure of hotel bars and public houses at 6 pm, from the previous norm of 11 or 11. 30 pm.
Both houses used a rose emblem, a Red Rose for Lancaster and a White Rose for York, so the conflict between the two houses was dubbed the " Wars of the Roses " by historians.
Both are now private houses as is The Reading Room, which was provided for the use of residents with snooker table etc.
Both Leofric and Godiva were generous benefactors to religious houses.
Both club houses are equipped with pools, gyms, tennis courts, and volleyball courts.
Both men built houses in 1876, both out of brick and both are still standing today.
Both interstates houses interchanges in the township.
Both houses of Parliament declared the King capable of exercising his powers again the next day.
Both houses of the Australian parliament have strictly enforced rules on how long members may speak, so filibusters are generally not possible.
Both houses now at once put on Romeo and Juliet for a series of rival performances, and Barry's Romeo was preferred by the critics to Garrick's.
Both houses opened seats for colonial people as well as Japanese.
Both publishing houses are affiliated with churches in the Reformed tradition.
Both Howard and Lady Margaret were committed to the Tower, and on 18 July 1536 an Act of Attainder accusing Lord Howard of attempting to ' interrupt ympedyte and lett the seid Succession of the Crowne ' was passed in both houses of Parliament.
Both the HM and the AHM normally have residences within the houses and so are very much part of the house.
Both houses of Congress, the House of Representatives and Senate, have majority and minority whips.
Both houses are officially called the " Royal Opera ", however the terms " The Gustavian Opera " and " The Oscarian Opera ", or the " Old " and " New " Opera are used when distinction is needed.
( Both chrysanthemum and zhuyu are considered to have cleansing qualities and are used on other occasions to air out houses and cure illnesses.
Both houses keep Journals of their proceedings for future reference.
Both houses of the Arkansas General Assembly moved into the building while construction was ongoing.
Both aircraft crashed into North Park, a San Diego neighborhood, killing all 135 on board the Boeing 727-214, the two men aboard the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, and seven people on the ground in houses, including two children.
Both mansions are still private houses.

Both and General
Both plans also prohibited common directors, officers, or employees between Du Pont, Christiana, and Delaware, on the one hand, and General Motors on the other.
Both Bhutto and Mujib strongly disliked General Khan, but patiently endured him and his government as he had promised to hold an election in 1970.
Both the IAEA and its former Director General, Mr. ElBaradei, were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.
Both Pierce and Attorney General Caleb Cushing believed that the Supreme Court would find it unconstitutional.
Both General Motors and Chrysler had factories in metropolitan Toledo, and automobile manufacturing has been important at least since Kirk began operations early in the 20th century.
Both William's paternal uncles Thomas and John were MPs while his aunt Lucy married the leading Whig politician and soldier General James Stanhope.
Both the French Commander ( the Marquis de Montcalm ) and the British General James Wolfe are fatally wounded.
Both major parties courted General Dwight D. Eisenhower, the most popular general of World War II and a favorite of Democrats.
Both Governor General of Canada Lord Tweedsmuir and Mackenzie King hoped that the King's presence in Canada would demonstrate the principles of the Statute of Westminster 1931, which gave full self-government to the British Dominions and recognised each Dominion as having a separate crown.
Both US corps fell under the First Allied Airborne Army under US Lieutenant General Lewis Brereton.
Both Union General Sheridan and Stonewall Jackson located their headquarters just one block apart at various times.
Both of these actions were against British Major General William Phillips, who mentions the property in a dispatch: “ We assaulted the enemy ’ s work across the river and attempted to gain the high ground adjacent to Thomas Shore ’ s house, but were repulsed with heavy losses .” The British casualties were approx.
Both the city and the county were named for General Benjamin Lincoln, who served in the Continental Army during the American Revolution.
Both former Attorney General of Oklahoma Drew Edmondson and former Oklahoma Superintendent of Public Instruction Sandy Garrett are Muskogee natives.
Both Marquardt and General Dynamics were involved in the research, and by late 1960 Marquardt had a testbed system running that was capable of running a 275 lbf ( 1. 2 kN ) thrust engine for minutes at a time.
Both the Conservative and Labour parties promised a Welsh-language fourth channel, if elected to government in the 1979 General Election.
On 6 January 1645, the Committee of Both Kingdoms established the New Model Army, appointing Sir Thomas Fairfax as its Captain-General and Sir Philip Skippon as Sergeant-Major General of the Foot.
Both Attorney General Robert Kennedy and Vice President Johnson had pushed for the introduction of the civil rights legislation.
Both sides were busily regrouping and General Claude Auchinleck, the Commander in Chief of British Middle East Command, had been advised to fight a major battle in May to forestall Axis plans of attack.
Both Tel-Aviv and Haifa have a main street named for General Allenby, and one of the main bridges over the River Jordan, between the kingdom of Jordan and Israel is the Allenby Bridge.
Both Pratt & Whitney and General Electric now have active PDE research programs in an attempt to commercialize the designs.
Both armies held the field, but the British commanding General Clinton withdrew undetected at midnight to resume his army's march to New York City.
Both ordained females and males are eligible to be elected to the office of General Superintendent.
Both " Marshal of a troop arm " and " Chief Marshal of a troop arm " are considered equivalent to the single rank General of the Army, which was used in the Infantry and the Marines.
Both towns are near to Cebuano-speaking General Santos City.

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