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Both and immediately
Both superpower leaders, U. S. President Harry S. Truman ( de facto ) and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, immediately recognized the new state.
Both Peckinpah and McQueen needed a hit, and they immediately began working on the film in February 1972.
( Both designers and engineers immediately turn from being test subjects into being " expert reviewers.
Both Willows make the observation that " this world's no fun ", before they send Vamp Willow back into the alternate dimension from which she came, whereupon she is staked and dies immediately.
Both the dohyō-iri, or ring-entering ceremonies performed by the top two divisions before the start of their wrestling day, and in the rituals performed by both combatants immediately before a bout, are derived from Shinto.
Both before and immediately after her dancing and acting partnership with Fred Astaire ended, Rogers starred in a number of successful dramas and comedies.
Both leagues were forced to fold ; the ACFL and half the SFL folded immediately, with two teams joining the four remaining SFL teams to play in 1974.
Both plans were endorsed by the Tri-State Transportation Committee in 1962, and the acquisition for the right-of-ways began almost immediately.
Both Hall and Holinshed present these events as covering a four year period ( as they did in reality ), but in the play they are presented as one leading directly, and immediately, to the other.
Both aircraft caught fire, with one Black Hawk crashing immediately while the other was able to make a crash landing.
Both the TC and TD six-cylinder models were immediately recognized over the four-cylinder versions by the raised ' power bulge ' in the center of the bonnet.
Both men concluded that Bello was telling the truth when he said that he had seen Carter, outside the Lafayette immediately after the murders.
Both conditions are serious and should be treated immediately by a veterinarian.
Both Burke and Gray immediately came down with dysentery.
Both of these options were ultimately abandoned in order to protect the island's ecology ; Danish and Swedish politicians decided instead to construct an artificial island immediately south of Saltholm to achieve that goal.
Both Wolf Larsen and van Weyden immediately feel attraction to her, due to her intelligence and " female delicacy ".
He was a passenger on a flight of the historic Bf 108 after the end of the official flight show when the pilot Gerd Kahdemann lost control of the plane shortly after 6: 00 p. m Both Kahdemann and Furrer were killed immediately.
Both of these levees broke during the flood of 1884, seriously damaging Waterloo and the smaller communities of Anchor and Cook's Landing immediately downriver.
Both of these elements ( prolonged visuals and unconsciousness / dizziness ) were immediately discarded ; neither occurs when the crew travels again at the end of the serial.
Both substitutability and recombinability are immediately recognizable in Blair ’ s social processes and artifacts, and are also well captured in Garud and Kumaraswamy's discussion of economies of substitution in technological systems.
Both the Boussole and her companion vessel, the frigate Astrolabe, were immediately brought about, passing within a few hundred feet of the breakers.
Both have had periods of great power and weakness such as immediately after the Civil War when republicans had a majority in congress and were able to pass major legislation and shoot down most of the president's vetoes.
Both were immediately dismissed from the team and applied for political asylum overseas.
Both basilosaurids and dorudontids have skeletons that are immediately recognizable as cetaceans.

Both and resigned
Both ministers were sacked after some initial procrastination on Lynch's part, his innocent Minister for Justice, Micheál Ó Móráin, retired the day before and a fourth minister, Kevin Boland and his Parliamentary Secretary, resigned in sympathy with Haughey and Blaney.
Both resigned their memberships in the mid-to-late 1980s.
Both in his management of Covent Garden, which he resigned in 1839, and of Drury Lane, which he held from 1841 to 1843, he found his designs for the elevation of the stage frustrated by the absence of adequate public support.
Both Vajpayee and Advani as well as other members of the former BJS opted to remain members of the RSS and consequently resigned from their posts and from the party.
Both the sheriffs of Cabot Cove were used to, or resigned themselves to, having her meddle in their cases.
Both Arthur Anae and Alec Neill, who were placed 25th and 26th on the list, replaced retiring National Party members during the term of the 46th Parliament, and O ' Regan would have been next had a third person from her party resigned.
Both of these positions were opposed by different factions within the Democratic Party, and in 1932, when Franklin D. Roosevelt won the party's nomination and the election, Raskob resigned as DNC chairman.
Both Dixon ( the Director of the centre ) and Aikhenvald ( Associate Director ) resigned their positions in May 2008.
Both presenters were later suspended by the BBC due to the incident, and Brand resigned from his show.
Both Peter Fincham, Controller of BBC One, and his Head of Publicity, Jane Fletcher, also resigned following the report.
Both editors resigned suddenly in May of the same year after publisher Hachette Filipacchi's then president and chief executive, David Pecker told Connelly to not publish a column about Planet Hollywood because of its ties to billionaire Revlon owner Ronald Perelman, who was also half owner of Premiere.
Both, acting Commissioner & Chairman, John Tory and President & COO, Jeff Giles resigned from their respective posts.

Both and from
Both Secretary of War Baker and Secretary of Navy Daniels devoted much time and effort to the problem of providing reasonably normal and wholesome activities in camp for the millions of men who had been removed from their home environment.
Both Alfred Harcourt and Donald Brace had written him enthusiastic praise of Elmer Gantry ( any changes could be made in proof, which was already coming from the printer ) and they had ordered 140,000 copies -- the largest first printing of any book in history.
Both won a pretty fair-sized war with a modest assist from British strategy.
Both the photocathode and the image plane of such an electrode configuration are curved concave as seen from the anode aperture.
Both elements -- the caution about a meeting, the willingness eventually to hold one -- were reflected in a letter from the President which Ambassador Llewellyn E. Thompson brought back to Russia late in February.
Both have brilliant speed: Mantle was timed from home plate ( batting left-handed ) to first base in 3.1 seconds, faster than any other major leaguer ; ;
Both these types, and those in between, are in existence by reason of a legislative interest in libraries that began at Albany as early as 1950, with the creation by the legislature of county library systems financed by county governments with matching funds from the state.
Both composers turn up on new imports from France.
Both marine and freshwater forms include those with staminate flowers that detach from the parent plant and float to the surface where they become pollinated.
Both the American and the Annales historians picked up important family reconstitution techniques from French demographer Louis Henry.
Both the Latin and the Germanic words derive from the Proto-Indo-European root el -, meaning " red " or " brown ", which is also a root for the English words " elk " and another tree: " elm ", a tree distantly related to the alders.
Both sides of the Atlantic filled with economic and political refugees from the other side.
Both Stephanus and Eustathius write of these Amazons in connection with the placename Thibais, which they report to have been derived from Thiba's name.
Both theist and nontheist philosophers have accepted that, if objective moral truths exist, then God must too exist ; the argument from moral objectivity asserts that objective moral truths do exist, and that God must exist too.
Both he and Bäumer end up spending time in a Roman Catholic hospital together, Bäumer suffering from shrapnel wounds to the leg and arm.
Both suffixes derive from Classical Armenian.
Both these charges were later found to be considerably lacking in evidence ; nevertheless Pike, facing arrest, escaped into the hills of Arkansas, sending his resignation from the Confederate Army on July 12.
Both the aberration of axis points, and the deviation from the sine condition, rapidly increase in most ( uncorrected ) systems with the aperture.
In general it may be said that Cuyp learned tone from the exceptionally prolific van Goyen, light from Both and form from his father.
In the mid 1640s Both, a native and resident of Utrecht, had just returned to his hometown from a trip to Rome.
Instead of the light being placed at right angles in relation to the line of vision, Both started moving it to a diagonal position from the back of the picture.
His highly influenced style which incorporated Italianate lighting from Jan Both, broken brush technique and atonality from Jan van Goyen, and his ever-developing style from his father Jacob Gerritsz Cuyp was studied acutely by his most prominent follower, Abraham van Calraet.

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