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Both and languages
Both countries share the use of English and French as the two official languages as well as memberships in the Francophonie and the Commonwealth.
Both languages now use the modern ( Congolese ) names.
Both languages belong to the larger Afro-Asiatic family.
Both Swedes and Danes also understand Norwegian better than they understand each other's languages.
Both languages were later substituted in its official status by Castillian Spanish, till the 20th century.
Both in Viking times and in modern European languages, the names and spellings used for Hedeby have been varied and confusing.
Both languages are compulsory subjects in Maltese primary and secondary schools.
Both Marshallese and English are official languages.
Both languages have the dual for nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs ; very few known living Indo-European languages retain this feature as a productive aspect of the grammar ( see Slovenian grammar or Lithuanian grammar for other ones ).
Both are recognized as languages of France.
Both the San and the Nama were Khoisan peoples, and spoke languages from the Khoisan language group.
Both techniques are a few decades old, appearing in languages such as Smalltalk in the 1980s.
Both words also meant " spear " in their respective languages.
Both of these systems came with the ability to run programs written in Fortran and other languages.
Both languages have soft and hard consonants such as c and g, and combine s and h to make the sh sound.
Both programming languages and HDLs are processed by a compiler ( usually called a synthesizer in the HDL case ), but with different goals.
Both are high-level declarative languages, using Jackson Structured Programming as their design paradigm.
Both institutes promoted English-French bilingualism, although the OLBI holds an expanded mandate, to strengthen research, innovation and outreach efforts in official languages and bilingualism.
Both subtitle languages are also available on digital television platforms.
Both were intended to be programmed exclusively in high-level languages, with no use of assembler.
Both his English and his French books were translated into several other European languages and widely disseminated throughout Europe.
Both are sometimes in Lingala or one of the native languages of Kenya.
Both languages are noted for their unique alphabets and phonetics that are not based on the Latin alphabet, or any European language but emerged from visions of each language's inventor.

Both and co-existed
Both the violin and viol families came into use in the Western world at approximately the same time ( c. 1480 ) and co-existed for many centuries.

Both and with
Both magazines were `` rigid with reactionary what-will-T. S. Eliot-or-Martin Buber-think??
Both won a pretty fair-sized war with a modest assist from British strategy.
Both watched Scotty constantly, Rachel without seeming to, Virginia openly, her eyes filled with concern.
Both home and auto radios were in excellent demand, with retail sales of home sets ahead of 1959 in every month of the first eleven ; ;
Both monks respond to the guard's challenge with a few phrases of their begging song ; ;
Both of them were overcome by the horror of the world in which they found themselves, because at last they could no longer overcome that world with the weapon of a purely lyrical art.
Both are primarily concerned with the uses that can be made of the material that the collector has found.
Both these types, and those in between, are in existence by reason of a legislative interest in libraries that began at Albany as early as 1950, with the creation by the legislature of county library systems financed by county governments with matching funds from the state.
Both ethical altruism and ethical egoism contrast with utilitarianism, which is the view that every individual's well-being ( including one's own ) is of equal moral importance.
Both marine and freshwater forms include those with staminate flowers that detach from the parent plant and float to the surface where they become pollinated.
Both are connected with the Proto-Indo-European root * ank -, meaning " to bend " or " bow ".
Both sides ( with the exception of hyper-Calvinists ) believe the invitation of the gospel is universal and " must be presented to everyone can reach without any distinction.
Both sides of the Atlantic filled with economic and political refugees from the other side.
Both Stephanus and Eustathius write of these Amazons in connection with the placename Thibais, which they report to have been derived from Thiba's name.
Both printed and written Arabic are cursive, with most of the letters within a word directly connected to the adjacent letters.
Both the number of families in this later suborder is debated with the number of families being between one and twenty depending on the authority and the number of genera being between nineteen and twenty five.
Both al-Fihri and al-Sumayl managed to escape the field ( probably ) with parts of the army too.
Both were Hebrew Christians with sufficient intellectual authority.
Both the aberration of axis points, and the deviation from the sine condition, rapidly increase in most ( uncorrected ) systems with the aperture.
In Rome, Both had developed a new style of composition due, at least in part, to his interaction with Claude Lorrain.
Both were not explicitly condemned, but peaceful ways of conflict resolution and punishment with the least amount of injury were encouraged.
Both Sudan and Ackermann are credited with discovering total computable functions ( termed simply " recursive " in some references ) that are not primitive recursive.
Both the highest and lowest temperature records for the state were set in the Interior, with 100 ° F ( 38 ° C ) in Fort Yukon and − 80 ° F (− 64 ° C ) in Prospect Creek.
Both BASICs differed from other dialects on different platforms, in that they allowed the easy creation of fairly demanding multimedia software, with full structured code and many high-level functions to load images, animations, sounds and display them in various ways.

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