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Page "lore" ¶ 787
from Brown Corpus
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Both and lived
Both Red McIver and Handley Walker lived nearby, almost as near as I do.
Both girls married and lived abroad for a time after they grew up, yet the photographs continued to hold the public imagination ; in 1966 a reporter from the Daily Express newspaper traced Elsie, who had by then returned to the UK.
Both try to understand not just where and when people lived, but also their lifestyles, biographies, and motivations.
Both size classes lived along side each other, and while researchers had previously suggested that they represent different species, Christopher Bennett showed that the differences between them are consistent with the concept that they represent females and males, and that Pteranodon species were sexually dimorphic.
Both a film ( 1940 ) and a short lived 1979 television sitcom starring Sharon Gless and John Schuck ( canceled after six episodes ) were based on Turnabout .< ref >
Both Daniel and Nehemiah lived in Susa during the Babylonian captivity of the 6th century BCE.
Both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were determined to bring up their children in as natural and loving environment as their situation allowed so that as a consequence the royal children visited their parents ' bedrooms when other children of a similar status lived in a far more detached manner.
Both Barbara Windsor and Tony Holland, one of the original creators of the show, lived at different times on the street.
Both proprietors lived in Bloomington, were experienced land dealers,. and were involved in the creation of the Lafayette Bloomington and Mississippi Railroad.
Both moved away from the area while they were still infants ; neither one grew up or lived in Beech Grove.
Both the Winslows and Harringtons have lived in Stony Creek for many generations.
Both Richard and Betsy Ough lived long and fulfilling lives, eventually owning a dairy dying at the ages 90 and 96, respectively.
Both the Sultan River and the town of Sultan were named by prospectors for the chief of a Snohomish sub-tribe who lived on the Skykomish River in the 1870s.
Both these men lived to be quite old, and the younger Enrico was overshadowed until he was in his sixties.
Both the Fremont and ancestral Puebloan people lived here ; the Fremont hunting and gathering below the plateau and near the Escalante Valley, and the ancestral Puebloans farming in the canyons.
Both Cannonball and brother Nat played with Ray Charles when Charles lived in Tallahassee during the early 1940s.
Both the cave bear and the brown bear are thought to be descended from the Plio-Pleistocene Etruscan bear ( Ursus etruscus ) that lived about 5. 3 Mya to 10, 000 years ago.
" Both were introduced as comic foils for a young black boy character named Bumbazine ( a corruption of bombazine, a fabric that was usually dyed black and used largely for mourning wear ), who also lived in the swamp.
Both are now safely protected in glass and gold cases and are now displayed in the basilica in the western town of Veszprém, where Gisela once lived.
Both the Archbishop and the Emperor agreed to this suggestion and when the Bishops met, the Emperor asked whether they respected "... the teachers who lived before the Arian division?
Both lived 120 years ( Deut.
Both Mary and Elizabeth lived at Placentia for some years during the sixteenth century, but during the reigns of James I and Charles I, the Queen's House was erected to the south of the Palace.
Both men lived long enough to see the Emancipation Proclamation grant freedom to millions of African Americans in the South and presage the end of slavery.
Both Hicks and Hendrie lived until the 1990s ; Hendrie died in 1990 and Hicks in 1997.

Both and Georgetown
Both Healy Hall and the Georgetown University Astronomical Observatory, built in 1844, are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Both Ledeen and de Borchgrave worked for the Center for Strategic and International Studies at Georgetown University at the time.

Both and were
Both buildings were in flames.
Both these youths, who greatly admired Henrietta, were somewhat younger than she, as were also the neighboring Friedenwald boys, who were then studying medicine ; ;
Both sides agreed that the theater must stand a moral test, but they could not agree on whether the poets were a good or a bad influence.
Both abolition of war and new techniques of production, particularly robot factories, greatly increase the world's wealth, a situation described in the following passage, which has the true utopian ring: `` Everything was so cheap that the necessities of life were free, provided as a public service by the community, as roads, water, street lighting and drainage had once been.
Both magazines were `` rigid with reactionary what-will-T. S. Eliot-or-Martin Buber-think??
Both were dressed rather formally.
Both home and auto radios were in excellent demand, with retail sales of home sets ahead of 1959 in every month of the first eleven ; ;
Both sexes reported that the discussions on sex adjustment within marriage were extremely enlightening.
Both parties and the Ministry of the Interior were busily at work after the elections trying to unearth the political affiliations of the successful candidates and, thereby, give the elections a confidential but known degree of national political significance.
Both Cook's and Russell's lives were threatened by the Mexicans following the killing, but the company officers felt that in the end, it would serve to quiet them despite their immediate emotion.
Both of them were overcome by the horror of the world in which they found themselves, because at last they could no longer overcome that world with the weapon of a purely lyrical art.
Both of them were my friends.
Both he and Bridget were exonerated by Lizzie herself ''.
Both were under the meet mark of 1.10.8 set in 1950 by Mal Whitfield.
Both, of course, were remarkable feats and further embossed the fact that baseball rightfully is the national pastime.
Both cars were slightly damaged.
Both of those have had dynamic run-ups in price on the market in recent months, both were selling at higher price-earnings and yield bases than Morton was coming to market at, and everyone who knew anything about it expected the Morton stock to have a fast run-up.
Both elements -- the caution about a meeting, the willingness eventually to hold one -- were reflected in a letter from the President which Ambassador Llewellyn E. Thompson brought back to Russia late in February.
Both were scholastic stars in football, basketball, and baseball ( Mantle in Commerce, Okla., Maris in Fargo, N.D. ) ; ;
Both church and graveyard were smaller than she remembered them ( how many things had lessened while she was gone away ) but the headstones had grown so thick in thirty years that to find one named `` Dorothy Tredding '' seemed suddenly impossible.
Both of these replacements were political moderates and prospectively more supportive of the Commander-in-Chief.
Both were appointed to the United States Military Academy, Davis two years behind Johnston.

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