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Both and printed
Both manuals have been printed in facsimile edition.
Both Greg Bright ( The Hole Maze Book ) and Dave Phillips ( The World's Most Difficult Maze ) published maze books in which the sides of pages could be crossed over and in which holes could allow the pathways to cross from one page to another, and one side of a page to the other, thus enhancing the 3-D routing capacity of 2-D printed illustrations.
Both Shatner and test audiences were dissatisfied that Kirk was fatally shot in the back in the original ending of Generations ; an addendum inserted while Shatner's Star Trek Movie Memories memoir was being printed expresses his enthusiasm at being called back to film a rewritten ending.
Both privately printed books were issued commercially by Houghton Mifflin in 1889, with enormous success.
Both components are capitalized even though they are printed separately when using a computer, as in IJsselmeer.
Both while he was alive and after his death ( the first edition of his works, for the most part elaborate sermons, was printed at Lyon in 1501 ), Bernardino's legacy was far from benign: of fanatical moralizing temperament, he preached fiery, intransigent sermons against many classes of people.
Both faces and backs are printed in this manner, the backs being produced first.
Both copies are without title-pages ; but to one of them is prefixed a dedication signed A. M., and we may with tolerable certainty conclude that Anthony Munday was the author or translator of it, and that it was printed about the date of its entry on the Stationers ' Books.
Both stamps were typographed, watermarked ( with a crown ), and imperforate, and distinctive for having a yellow-brown burelage printed on top of the design.
) Both Gizmo and the gremlins were mass produced as action figures, and Topps printed trading cards based upon the film.
Both could only display text, and not graphics, originally printed on teleprinters and line printers, but later printed on single-color CRT screens.
* The first US newspaper, Publick Occurrences Both Forreign & Domestick, is printed in Massachusetts.
Both publications are printed and distributed to all businesses and residences within Docklands, which allows for a regular readership of over 10, 000.
Both the melody and the lyrics were printed in Varpas in September 1898.
Both sides of notes were printed from a continuous roll of paper.
Both poorly drawn and badly printed, they were amateurish and puerile compared to the work of a decade before.
Both Hafner and Marx were known to use " recycled " lithography, a cost-saving practice where the tinplate from defective print runs was flipped over and printed on the blank side and used.
Both strips were replaced by more innocuous strips in the printed versions, but the ' objectionable ' strips relating to Lola's religious beliefs were offered in a variety of Internet comics sites, including Breathed's homepage and the " My Comics Page " site ( this site now requires a paid " pro " registration for access to the censored strips, but free access to the censored strips is still available via http :// www. salon. com / comics / opus / 2007 / 08 / 26 / opus / index. html and http :// www. salon. com / comics / opus / 2007 / 09 / 02 / opus / index. html ).
Both the collections were printed in the official ( 1582 ) edition of the " Corpus Juris Canonici ".
Both of these sets, 1881 and 1884, were printed in Constantinople.
Both books are very hard to find, as they have presumably not been printed since their first editions.
His works include: Trumat ha-Deshen, 354 responses, he edited by himself, and Psakim u-Chtavim, 267 responses, edited by his pupils after his death ( Both printed in Venice already in 1519 ), Beurim, commentaries on Rashi ’ s Commentary on Torah, 36 Shearim ( 36 Gates ), laws on Kashrut, and Seder Gitin, a handbook for divorces.
Both are printed in Keil, Grammatici Latini.

Both and written
Both Alfred Harcourt and Donald Brace had written him enthusiastic praise of Elmer Gantry ( any changes could be made in proof, which was already coming from the printer ) and they had ordered 140,000 copies -- the largest first printing of any book in history.
Both Richard Schickel and Andrew Sarris have also written that many of the gags in his silent films needed the " intimacy of the camera " to work and could not have been performed on the stage to the same effect.
* Both the books Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them and Quidditch Through the Ages, which were written by Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling as a way to raise funds for Comic Relief, are written as reference books for the wizarding world.
Both retained the rights to use OS / 2 and Windows technology developed up to the termination of the agreement ; Windows NT, however, was to be written anew, mostly independently ( see below ).
( Both Violet books are presented by Jan Karon and written by Melanie Cecka.
Both before and after World War II, numerous satirical cartoons and comedy skits were written, mostly in Australia, based on events of the bodyline tour.
Both handle cyclic, recursive and shared structures, storage / retrieval of class and metaclass info and include mechanisms for " on the fly " object migration ( i. e. to convert instances which were written by an older version of a class with a different object layout ).
Both roles were written for sopranos, although the slightly more low-lying role of Dorabella is now often sung by a mezzo.
Both collections had been written almost 10 years previously and were based on theatrical collaborations with Robert Wilson ; the former a musical play about Lewis Carroll, and the latter an interpretation of Georg Büchner's play fragment Woyzeck.
Both are written by a person identifying himself as " the Elder ".
Both songs were written by Westerberg and recorded by the band ( Paul Westerberg, Tommy Stinson, and Chris Mars ) at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis.
Both use a virtual machine to hide operating system and hardware differences, and both use programs written to that virtual machine to provide cross-platform support.
Both stories were written by Sean McKeever.
Both books were written for a publisher expecting to market a juvenile science fiction novel, and both raised serious objections from the publisher.
# Both versions were legitimately written by Shakespeare himself ; i. e. A Shrew is an earlier draft of The Shrew.
Both the federation and all its states have written constitutions defining them to be republican entities governed according to the principles of representative democracy.
Both of these systems came with the ability to run programs written in Fortran and other languages.
Both of these remakes were directed by Hawks, both starred John Wayne and in each case, the script was written by Leigh Brackett.
Both the hall and the ship are attested in the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson.
Both " Qín Shǐ Huángdì " ( 秦始皇帝 ) and " Qín Shǐ Huáng " ( 秦始皇 ) appear in the Records of the Grand Historian written by Sima Qian.
Both series were written by Joel Goss and Michael Kaluta, and drawn by Gary Gianni.
Both the written plays and the improvisation were influential upon literature of the time, particularly upon the work of Molière.
Both " First Date " and " The Rock Show " were written in response to producers ' concerns that Take Off Your Pants and Jacket lacked catchy singles.

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