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Both and programming
Both XM and Sirius provide commercial packages allowing exclusive license-free use ( though not rebroadcast ) of their music programming by businesses.
Both Space Quests I and II were developed in Adventure Game Interpreter, Sierra's own programming language.
Both the authoring ( HTML-level ) and programming constructs of Curl can be extended in user code.
Both models included the Arthur operating system ( later replaced by RISC OS as a paid-for upgrade ), BBC BASIC programming language and an emulator for Acorn's earlier BBC Micro, and were mounted in two-part cases with a small central unit, monitor on top, and a separate keyboard and three-button mouse.
Both Cerny and Flanagan handled programming the game.
Both the Semantic Web and object-oriented programming have:
) Both CTV and Global have at times faced criticism over their level of commitment to producing and airing Canadian programming.
Both before and since Doctor Who, Aldred has had a varied and busy television career, particularly in children's programming, where she has presented educational programmes such as Corners, Melvin and Maureen's Music-a-grams ( which ran from 1992 to ' 96 ), Tiny and crew ( which she presented, 1995 – 99 ), the BBC series Words and Pictures ( since 1993 ), and also CITV paranormal show It's a Mystery in 1996.
Both Meyer, and later Pierre America, who was the first to use the term behavioral subtyping, gave proof-theoretic definitions of some behavioral subtyping notions, but their definitions did not take into account aliasing that may occur in programming language that supports references or pointers.
Both stations air programming produced partially in Victoriaville and partially in Thetford Mines.
Both stations received brand-new jingle packages from Californian jingle house Who Did That Music ( later Groove Jingles ) which went on to become well known and essential parts of its music programming.
Both stations air programming produced partially in Thetford Mines and partially in Victoriaville.
Both usages have remained common in different programming languages into the early 21st century.
Both types of quantitative analysts demand a strong knowledge of sophisticated mathematics and computer programming proficiency.
Both of these help fulfill stations ' legal obligations, to provide educational children's programs and public-service programming respectively.
Both TCN-9 and ATN-7 began purchasing several hours of first-run American television programming from WIN-4, following contractual arrangements signed by Murdoch.
Both stations aired general-entertainment programming, but WMET's owners experienced financial problems and were forced to take their station off the air in 1972.
Both WCVZ and WHIZ-FM simulcast programming as " Z102 and 92. 7 " until December 7, 2008, when WCVZ assumed WHIZ-FM's identity as " Z92. 7 ," and WHIZ-FM became " Highway 102 ," featuring an automated country music format.
Both stations initially continued to carry a lot of the same programming, with regards to foreign series and movies, but produced news and game shows for their target audience.
Both Newbury & Andover stations now share the same presenters and programming with separate links, news bulletins, station identification and adverts for both areas.
Both were powered by the AT & T Hobbit chip, created by AT & T specifically for running code from the C programming language.
Both radio stations simulcast some programming from each other, the radio stations in the BBC Yorkshire region, and with BBC Radio 5 Live.
Both the AM and FM sides continued to simulcast each other until 1965, when the FCC began requiring commonly owned AM and FM stations in large markets to broadcast separate programming for at least part of the day.
Both students and community members can apply for positions, and like many college radio stations, WMBR offers diverse programming.

Both and languages
Both countries share the use of English and French as the two official languages as well as memberships in the Francophonie and the Commonwealth.
Both languages now use the modern ( Congolese ) names.
Both languages belong to the larger Afro-Asiatic family.
Both Swedes and Danes also understand Norwegian better than they understand each other's languages.
Both languages were later substituted in its official status by Castillian Spanish, till the 20th century.
Both in Viking times and in modern European languages, the names and spellings used for Hedeby have been varied and confusing.
Both languages are compulsory subjects in Maltese primary and secondary schools.
Both Marshallese and English are official languages.
Both languages have the dual for nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs ; very few known living Indo-European languages retain this feature as a productive aspect of the grammar ( see Slovenian grammar or Lithuanian grammar for other ones ).
Both are recognized as languages of France.
Both the San and the Nama were Khoisan peoples, and spoke languages from the Khoisan language group.
Both techniques are a few decades old, appearing in languages such as Smalltalk in the 1980s.
Both words also meant " spear " in their respective languages.
Both of these systems came with the ability to run programs written in Fortran and other languages.
Both languages have soft and hard consonants such as c and g, and combine s and h to make the sh sound.
Both are high-level declarative languages, using Jackson Structured Programming as their design paradigm.
Both languages co-existed with French, the official language of law and commerce, and continued to be spoken frequently in rural areas into the 20th century.
Both institutes promoted English-French bilingualism, although the OLBI holds an expanded mandate, to strengthen research, innovation and outreach efforts in official languages and bilingualism.
Both subtitle languages are also available on digital television platforms.
Both were intended to be programmed exclusively in high-level languages, with no use of assembler.
Both his English and his French books were translated into several other European languages and widely disseminated throughout Europe.
Both are sometimes in Lingala or one of the native languages of Kenya.
Both languages are noted for their unique alphabets and phonetics that are not based on the Latin alphabet, or any European language but emerged from visions of each language's inventor.

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