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Both and shorter
Both Laos and Thailand have expressed interest in the project as a shorter export gateway to the Pacific Ocean.
Both crypts are laid out identically, the two bays in Brauweiler, however, was shorter.
Both Laos and Thailand have expressed interest in the project as a shorter export gateway to the Pacific Ocean.
Both condors are very large broad-winged soaring birds, the Andean Condor being 5 cm shorter ( beak to tail ) on average than the northern species, but larger in wingspan.
Both frock coats and sack coats became shorter.
Both restrictions have the effect of excluding business travelers, who typically travel during the workweek and arrange trips on shorter notice.
Both sexes have distinctively short wings, shorter than those of the more migratory Whinchat and Siberian Stonechat.
Both species have long and slender bills that are slightly curved, and again the females have a slightly shorter bill, leading to differences in feeding niches.
Both horns were once the same length, but a segment of the narrow end of the second ( shorter ) horn, which was missing when it was found ( 1734 ), had already been plowed up and recovered prior to 1639.
Both the input ( plaintext ) and output ( ciphertext ) are the same length ; the output cannot be shorter than the input — this follows logically from the Pigeonhole principle and the fact that the cipher must be reversible — and it is undesirable for the output to be longer than the input.
Both surfaces are shorter than or equivalent to a winglet possessing similar aerodynamic benefits.
Both incidents occur at least in the same school year, but perhaps over an even shorter period of time.
Both the rough and smooth collies are double-coated with Smooths having a shorter or " smooth " outer coat.
Both versions show highlights, but for a shorter period of time than on the older program and with more extended analysis segments.
Both valkyries appear in Heimskringla where they seem to be the same being, and are otherwise listed separately in the valkyrie lists in the Poetic Edda poems Völuspá and Grímnismál, the longer of the two valkyrie lists in Skáldskaparmál yet Skögul appears alone in the shorter of the two.
Both a Scots ( 21st Foot ) and Welsh ( 23rd Foot ) regiment also became fusiliers in the period up to and including 1702 and all three regiments were distinguished by the wearing of a slightly shorter version of the Mitred Cap worn by Grenadier companies of all other infantry regiments.
Both are identical in width and height, but the EFI ( Electronic Fuel Injection ) version is shorter by 75mm.
Both are shorter than Van Dine's typical novels.
Both were of medium height although Lasalle was the shorter of the two.
Both of them were cut to a shorter version.
Both were Bullpup style weapons ; the magazine and chamber are placed behind the trigger and pistol grip, leading to a shorter overall length ( by about 20 %) and a better ratio between barrel length and weapon length ( the overall length of the EM-2 is 9. 5 inches less than the U. S. M14, but its barrel is 2. 5 inches longer ).
Both parks contain many shorter hiking trails and organized campgrounds.
Both the asymmetric structure of diester isoquinolinium compounds and the acyloxylated benzyl groups on the bisbenzyltropiniums destabilizes them and can lead to spontaneous breakdown and therefore possibly a shorter duration of action.

Both and smaller
Both church and graveyard were smaller than she remembered them ( how many things had lessened while she was gone away ) but the headstones had grown so thick in thirty years that to find one named `` Dorothy Tredding '' seemed suddenly impossible.
Both types could ( and usually did ) additionally carry smaller carriage-mounted guns on their quarter decks and forecastles ( the superstructures above the upper deck ).
Both species are smaller than the spotted hyena but larger than the aardwolf.
Both electric and gas kilns are common for smaller scale production in industry and craft, handmade and sculptural work.
Both municipalities also include smaller urban areas and rural areas, such as the suburbs of Oxie and Åkarp.
Both of these are smaller than the 10 m segmented primary mirrors on the two Keck telescope.
Both general relativity and quantum mechanics break down in describing the Big Bang, but in general, quantum mechanics does not permit particles to inhabit a space smaller than their wavelengths.
Both of these temples were rectangles with their corners aligned to the cardinal directions, a central hall flanked along the long axis flanked by two smaller halls, and buttressed façades ; the prototype of all future Mesopotamian temple architectural typology.
Both Tiverton, RI and Little Compton, RI are geographically part of Massachusetts and are separated from the rest of Rhode Island by direct interstate highway access so smaller routes connect to the area ( RI 138, MA / RI 24, RI 177 / MA 177, and MA 81, and MA 88 ).
Both of these lakes allow the use of boats with fueled engines but the smaller lakes restrict use to electric engines or human powered boats only.
Both uses deal with considering a large case as composed of smaller, simpler, pieces.
Both indicate that the amount of baryonic dark matter is much smaller than the total amount of dark matter.
Both companies had themselves been formed from smaller privately owned corporations that had been nationalized into six regional design and manufacturing pools just prior to World War II.
Both games had a smaller focus than the numbered series titles: An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire limited itself to dungeon-romping and The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard was a linear third-person action-adventure game.
Both species of crappie as adults feed predominantly on smaller species, including the young of their own predators ( which include the northern pike, muskellunge, and walleye ).
Both genders resemble the respective genders of the smaller Yellow-hooded Blackbird of South America.
Both churches now have much smaller memberships in Iran than the Armenian Apostolic Church.
Both of these levees broke during the flood of 1884, seriously damaging Waterloo and the smaller communities of Anchor and Cook's Landing immediately downriver.
Both group spawning and habitat cover increase the likelihood of a smaller male to reproduce in the presence of large males.
Both schizophrenic and their first degree healthy relatives have smaller gray matter volume than the second degree healthy relatives.
Both the Soviet Union and Germany realized this and designed new weapons for smaller, intermediate-power cartridges.
Both the Monte Carlo and Cutlass Supreme were also much lower in price, primarily due to smaller standard engines of 350 cubic inches for both, and the fact that many items standard on the GP were optional on those models — however, all three cars with similar equipment were actually much closer in price than the base sticker prices suggest.
Both were rebuilt to specification, albeit the church was moved further back and in a different configuration and smaller.
Both smaller islands are within capital city Nassau's harbour.

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