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from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Both and stages
Both are modifiers applied at different stages in calculating cost.
Both stages of concentration are included on the same GDX ( Gated Diode Access ) board.
Both stages of recording, before and after Mercury's death, were completed at the band's studio in Montreux, Switzerland.
Both simulation and experimental measurement show that during the critical final stages of collapse, the bubble wall velocity exceeds the speed of sound of the gas inside the bubble.
Both stages lead to stage 5, then stage 6, and the finale at stage 1.
Both stages are performed at high temperature.
Both probes were launched by Proton-K rockets with Blok D upper stages.
Both stages are and are in frequent use at the studios.
Both stages are based in sunny coastal California locales, with steep hills and other strong similarities to San Francisco.
Both ixodid and argasid ticks undergo three primary stages of development: larval, nymphal, and adult.
Both Shirley Knight and Sandy Dennis played the youngest sister Irina at different stages in this production.
Both in Das Kapital and in preparatory manuscripts such as the Grundrisse and Results of the immediate process of production, Marx shows how commerce by stages transforms a non-capitalist production process into a capitalist production process, integrating it fully into markets, so that all inputs and outputs become marketed goods or services.
Both anarchists and Marxists participated in the overthrow of the Tsar in February 1917 in the beginning stages of the 1917 Russian Revolution.
Both GameSpot and IGN praised the game's courses, although the later stages were preferred to the more basic initial courses.
Both go through a number of stages, and exhibit similar complexity in their babbling sequences.
Both the Crew Geologist and Crew Biologist work with the Remote Science Team ( RST ) during all stages of the mission.
Both stages were delayed: the Development Corporation did not finalise their plan for Southgate East until 1954, several years after building should have started.
; A-Air: Both buddies check each other's first and second stages, confirm the locations of their octopuses, and proof check by breathing from each other's equipment.
Both sexes reproduce during the haploid and diploid stages of their life cycle and have a 100 % chance of passing their genes into their offspring.
Both of these processes act on the sensory and perceptual pathways, but executive functioning for empathic emotions does not begin during these early stages.
Both stages of the Titan I used liquid oxygen and RP-1 ( kerosene ) as propellants.
Both sides had contingency plans for military action against Norway, primarily to control the traffic of Swedish iron ore, on which the German armaments industry depended in the early stages of the war.
Both conditions usually occur during the later stages of pregnancy, or sometimes after childbirth.
Both clusters also contain red giants and white dwarfs, which represent later stages of stellar evolution, along with main sequence stars of spectral classes A, F, G, K, and M.

Both and are
Both concepts are undergoing alteration ; ;
`` Both children are musical and my wife is a music lover of unfailing instinct and judgement ''.
Both I and my feelings come up out of a chain of events that fan out into the past into sources that are ultimately very unlike the entity which I now am.
Both are predictably destined to fail.
Both men are known to be honest and public-spirited.
Both allowances are governed by conditions and restrictions set forth in detail in the state's Travel Regulations.
Both of these systems are essential for the production, development, and use of the National Forests.
Both the photocathode and the image plane of such an electrode configuration are curved concave as seen from the anode aperture.
Both man and wife should be aware of the fact that a lack of climax, and even the absence of the anticipated keen pleasure are not a sign that the wife may be cold or frigid.
Both are primarily concerned with the uses that can be made of the material that the collector has found.
Both the conditions and the complicity are documented in considerable detail.
Both Miss Garson and her oilman-rancher husband are active supporters of Boys Clubs of America and patrons of the vivid art and opera colony that flourishes in New Mexico.
Both are 6 feet tall and weigh between 195 and 200 pounds, but Mantle, incredibly muscular ( he has a 17-1/2-inch neck ), looks bigger.
Both are good bunters: Maris once beat out eighteen of nineteen in the minor leagues ; ;
Both are good, daring fielders: Mantle covers more ground ; ;
Both these types, and those in between, are in existence by reason of a legislative interest in libraries that began at Albany as early as 1950, with the creation by the legislature of county library systems financed by county governments with matching funds from the state.
Both eventualities are possible logically, but practically they are impossible.
Both are members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, the African Union and other multilateral organizations.
Both terms anti-Semitism and antisemitism are in common use.
Both the nation and the economy are nascent.
Both Spirit Prison and Paradise are temporary according to Latter-day Saint beliefs.
Both are connected with the Proto-Indo-European root * ank -, meaning " to bend " or " bow ".
Both these popular methods are used to analyze sound and better understand the acoustic phenomenon.

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