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Both and team
Both the team and its fans ( in the poem, about 5, 000 attended the game ) believe they can win " if only " they could somehow get " Mighty Casey " ( Mudville's star player ) up to bat.
Both " team " and " government " are count nouns.
Both had been on the design team for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
Both the Jaguars and the Panthers ( 7 – 9 ) broke the previous record for most wins by an expansion team ( 3 ) set by the Cincinnati Bengals in 1968.
Both of them later comprised among the Mughal team that would design and build the Taj Mahal.
Both of them later comprised among the Mughal team that would design and build the Taj Mahal.
Both of their starting running backs from the previous year, future Pro Football Hall of Famers Paul Hornung and Jim Taylor, had left the team.
Both had different ideas on the future personnel plans for the Cowboys and both wanted equal credit for the team's recent success ( eventually, Johnson would leave the team after the season ).
Both teams entered the game trying to tie the San Francisco 49ers for the most Super Bowl wins by a team ( 5 ).
Both individual and team competitions are run on these hills.
Both seemed appropriate for Thorpe, who was so versatile that he served as Carlisle's one-man team in several track meets.
Both his new team, the Orioles, and his former team, the Athletics, finished second in their respective divisions.
Both Pippen and Jordan made the All-NBA First Team, and Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman made the All-Defensive First Team, making the Bulls the only team in history with three players on the All-Defensive First Team.
Both Selanne and Niedermayer would ultimately return and the team finished with a 47 – 27 – 8 record good enough to earn home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs finishing as the 4th seed in the Western Conference.
Both films were made by the same writer-director team behind the popular Margaret Rutherford Miss Marple film, Murder She Said.
Both the date and the year are open to debate: he was fond of telling tall tales about his early life, including that he had run away from home to join the circus and that he had been a member of the Hungarian fencing team at the 1912 Olympic Games.
* Both the cross country team and the swimming team are doing well.
Both the team and field are managed by town resident, Mike Sandmann.
Both the Boys basketball, and the girls basketball made it to state in 2012, and the track team has made it to state pretty much every year.
Both railroads were planned and built by the team of mining manager and civil engineer William Nelson Page and industrialist and financier Henry Huttleston Rogers, and added a third Hampton Roads coal exporting railhead to the existing Chesapeake and Ohio Railway ( with coal piers at Newport News ) and the Norfolk and Western Railway's similar facilities at Norfolk's Lambert's Point.
Both the 2010 Blue Devil football team and the 2010-11 Blue Devil boys ' basketball team came within one game of reaching the final phase.

Both and play
Both leagues are considered major leagues by many baseball researchers because of the perceived high caliber of play ( for a brief time anyway ) and the number of star players featured.
Both Eric and Brian tended to play technical solos at fast speeds and with overlapping riffs, which gave Deicide the definitive heavy sound and complex song structures.
Both Paul Muni and George Raft turned down the lead role, giving Bogart the opportunity to play a character of some depth, although legendary director Walsh initially fought the casting of supporting player Bogart as a leading man, much preferring Raft for the part.
Both were rebellious and liked to play childish pranks.
Both the Men ’ s and Women ’ s Basketball teams were undefeated for two straight years in regular season play ( 2006 – 07, 2007 – 08 ) and went on to capture silver at the national championships in 2007-08.
Both of the team's outside linebackers, Ham and Andy Russell, had been also selected to play in the Pro Bowl, while Lambert already had two interceptions for 19 yards in his rookie year.
Both teams were unable to score on each of their next possessions, but on the period's final play, Reich threw a 40-yard touchdown pass to Bills receiver Don Beebe, despite Cowboy complaints that the touchdown should have been nullified because Reich, while scrambling to avoid the Cowboy rush, crossed the 40-yard line for what should have been ruled an illegal forward pass.
Both collections had been written almost 10 years previously and were based on theatrical collaborations with Robert Wilson ; the former a musical play about Lewis Carroll, and the latter an interpretation of Georg Büchner's play fragment Woyzeck.
Both leagues are considered major leagues by many baseball researchers because of the perceived high caliber of play ( for a brief time anyway ) and the number of star players featured.
Both films showed off his ability to play more subtle and substantial characters and he was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his work in Witness, the only Academy Awards recognition in his career.
Both teams play their home matches at Veritas Stadion in the district of Kupittaa.
Both parameters degraded significantly with VHS's longer play modes, with EP / NTSC frequency response peaking at 4 kHz.
Both play a role in the expression of genes, where constitutive heterochromatin can affect the genes near them ( position-effect variegation ) and where facultative heterochromatin is the result of genes that are silenced through a mechanism such as histone methylation or siRNA through RNAi.
Both teams play in the Segunda División B, while UD Badajoz play in the minor leagues.
Both of these free, outdoor, festivals feature a wide variety of jug bands in an all-day format that gives each band plenty of time to stretch out and play a full set.
Both the title and the music of the song were incorporated into the play when it was completed and produced.
Both the play and film reflect popular concerns at the time, particularly Freudian analysis.
Both leagues were forced to fold ; the ACFL and half the SFL folded immediately, with two teams joining the four remaining SFL teams to play in 1974.
Both teams were owed several weeks ' back pay ; the Americans only agreed to play when their owner promised them championship rings if they won.
Both of these growth factors have been shown to play a significant role in the repair and regeneration of connective tissues.
Both the democratic accountability of these regulations and the technocratic expertise of the economists play an important role here in shaping the kind and degree of intervention.
Both David Haig and Henry Goodman will reprise their roles as Jim Hacker and Sir Humphrey from the original run of the stage play.

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