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Both and Catholic
Both he and Bäumer end up spending time in a Roman Catholic hospital together, Bäumer suffering from shrapnel wounds to the leg and arm.
Both the Eastern Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church recognise as ecumenical the first seven councils, held from the 4th to the 9th century ; but while the Eastern Orthodox Church accepts no later council or synod as ecumenical, the Roman Catholic Church continues to hold general councils of the bishops in full communion with the Pope, reckoning them as ecumenical, and counting in all, including the seven recognized by the Eastern Orthodox Church, twenty-one to date.
Both sides recognised the legitimacy and rightness, as expressions of the same faith, of the Assyrian Church's liturgical invocation of Mary as " the Mother of Christ our God and Saviour " and the Catholic Church's use of " the Mother of God " and also as " the Mother of Christ ".
Both the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches recognize seven councils in the early centuries of the church, but Roman Catholics also recognize fourteen councils in later times called or confirmed by the Pope.
Both the Catholic and Jewish traditions have even set aside days for gambling, ( for Jews Hanukkah ), although religious authorities generally disapprove of gambling.
Both Protestant and Catholic churches competed in a global endeavor to Christianize the world.
Both Quebec and Ontario were required by section 93 of the British North America Act to safeguard existing educational rights and privileges of Protestant and the Catholic minority.
Both Catholic and non-Catholic experts regard this tradition as inaccurate.
Both townsmen and farmers were repeatedly ravaged and victimized by the armies on both sides leaving little for the populations already stressed by the refugees from the war or fleeing the Catholic counter-reformation repressions under Ferdinand's governance.
Both Catholic and Protestant children alleged regular and severe physical assault and mental harassment at the hands of RUC officers, usually conducted to force a false confession of a crime.
Both Catholic and Protestant churches use them to celebrate the Eucharist in places other than a church or chapel ( such as outdoors or in an auditorium ).
Both the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church contend that they are still in harmony with the teachings and practices Jesus gave the Apostles, and that Jesus ' promise has been fulfilled: " On this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.
Both attended the same Catholic Church, where they met at choir practice.
Both the Edmonton Public Schools and the Edmonton Catholic School District provide support and resources for those wishing to homeschool their children.
Both Covington Catholic and Notre Dame are known for their strong academic programs as well as athletic success.
Both women were killed for the crime of harboring Roman Catholic priests.
Both the Catholic and Protestant churches here are named after the priest.
Both Catholic and Lutheran religious services were held here, and a Congregational Church was built.
Both schools operate under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Metuchen.
Both are buried in the local Catholic Cemetery and they have descendants who still live in Washougal.
Both were charismatic, Irish Catholic lawyers, " furiouslly hardworking, impatient, demanding of everyone around them ", public servants, and conservative Republicans.
Both the tithe ( diezmo ), a levy of 10 % on all agricultural production, and " first fruits " ( primicias ), an additional harvest levy, were collected in Spain throughout the medieval and early modern periods for the support of local Catholic parishes.
Both asserted that to grant Assent to a Catholic Emancipation bill would violate the coronation oath, which required the Sovereign to preserve and protect the established Church of England from Papal domination, and would grant rights to individuals who were in league with a foreign power which did not recognize their legitimacy.

Both and Church
Both the Spanish colonial state and the Church expected higher tax and proportionate tribute payments from those of darker color and lower socio-racial categories.
Both the Patriarchate of Addis Ababa and all Ethiopia, and the Patriarchate of Asmara and all Eritrea do acknowledge the supremacy of honor and dignity of the Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria on the basis that both Patriarchates were established by the Throne of Alexandria and that they have their roots in the Apostolic Church of Alexandria, and acknowledge that Saint Mark the Apostle is the founder of their Churches through the heritage and Apostolic evangelization of the Fathers of Alexandria.
Both LDS Church members ( or Latter-day Saints ) and members of fundamentalist groups commonly use the word Mormon in reference to themselves.
Both orders soon set about constructing churches and schools, the most notable of which were the Jesuit Cathedral of Saint Paul and the St. Dominic ’ s Church built by the Dominicans.
Both of them are interpreted by the teachings of the Church.
Both sides agree ... that Rome, as the Church that ' presides in love ' according to the phrase of St Ignatius of Antioch ( To the Romans, Prologue ), occupied the first place in the taxis, and that the bishop of Rome was therefore the protos among the patriarchs.
Both the emperor, who wanted to marry Zoe Karbonopsina and the Patriarch of Constantinople, Nicholas Mystikos, appealed to Sergius ; the pope sent papal legates to Constantinople, who confirmed the pope ’ s ruling in favour of the emperor, on the grounds that fourth marriages had not been condemned by the Church as a whole.
Both brothers are venerated in the Orthodox Church as saints with the title of " equal-to-apostles ".
Both parents are buried under the floor of Kågeröd Church, four kilometres east of Knutstorp.
Both Canterbury College and St Mary ’ s Hall have since disappeared ; part of Christ Church College is on the site of Canterbury, and part of Oriel College is on the site of St Mary ’ s.
Both elections were quashed on appeal to Rome and sixteen monks of Christ Church, who had gone to Rome empowered to act for the whole chapter, were ordered to proceed to a new election in presence of the Pope.
Both Henry and Frederick were viewed to be sufficiently and formally devout to the teachings of the Church, without being moved to the extremes of spirituality seen in the great saints of the twelfth century.
Both the Capitol and Dexter Baptist Church are listed as National Historic Landmarks by the U. S. Department of the Interior.
Both saw the necessity of strengthening the ties between their house and the Church.
Both she and William approved of the Archbishop's desire to revitalize the Church.

Both and Orthodox
Both the Greek and Coptic Orthodox churches have a bishop in Alexandria, both of whom trace their apostolic succession back to the Apostle Mark.
* Both in the United States and in Israel, several groups have sprung up in the last few years that seek to support those who identify as both Orthodox and homosexual and to promote understanding of homosexuality within Orthodox communities and among Orthodox rabbis.
Both the pagans from Aukštalija and the Orthodox Rus ' threatened Gediminas with death if he decides to convert, where a similar scenario also happened to Mindaugas, which he desperately wanted to avoid.
Both the Orthodox and Conservative congregations had relocated their synagogues to the suburbs by 1949, and the entire Jewish community had shifted southwest by about five miles.
Both the Eastern Orthodox Church and Oriental Orthodoxy use ( with a small difference in plural / singular form of the verbs " we believe ", " we confess ", " we await ") the original form of the Nicene Creed developed at the First Council of Constantinople in 381, referred to as the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Creed.
Both, Muslims and Orthodox Christians made major contributions to this flowering of culture in Novi Pazar.
Both of his parents are of Greek descent ( Chios on his mother's side and Mani on his father's side ), and his family's original surname, " Zanetakos " ( Greek: Τζανετάκος ), was anglicized to " Zane " by his parents, who also raised him Greek Orthodox.
Both the Catholics and the Eastern Orthodox consider each of themselves solely to faithfully represent the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church to the exclusion of the other.
Both Orthodox and Roman Catholic officials declared this church to be a heresy.
Both the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches hold that the Annunciation took place at Nazareth, but differ as to the precise location.
Both are similar in form and origin to the Orthodox phelonion.
Both brothers are venerated in the Orthodox Church as saints with the title of " equal-to-apostles ".
Both ways of living out the Christian life are regulated by the respective Church law of those Christian denominations that recognize it ( e. g., the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Church, the Anglican Church, or the Lutheran Church ).
Both of these churches are Orthodox Christian.
Both Orthodox and Conservative Judaism currently have multiple views on the reason for contemporary observance of ritual washing and immersion obligation.
Both NJOP and AJOP were initially funded by significant grants from the AVI CHAI Foundation, a Jewish philanthropy established by Sanford Bernstein, a financial investor who had himself become a Baal teshuva ( a returnee to traditional Orthodox observance ) and sought to further the cause of education and outreach to alienated and assimilated Jews worldwide.

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