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Both and Men
Both sides bear the inscription " III VIR R P C ", meaning " One of Three Men for the Regulation of the Republic ".
Both Elendil and Gil-galad set out for Mordor in the Last Alliance of Elves and Men and defeated Sauron in the Battle of Dagorlad and finally in the Siege of Barad-dûr.
Both sides bear the inscription " III VIR R P C ", meaning " One of Three Men for the Regulation of the Republic ".
The title page of Q1 states that the play was acted by the Lord Chamberlain's Men, " Both before Her Majesty, and elsewhere.
Both are secretive orders that work covertly to protect a populace that is either unaware or openly hostile to them, and both are led by individuals of mixed race — Aragorn, who had blood of Men, Elves, and Maiar, and the half-human, half-Minbari Delenn.
Both the German and British generals considered the men of the New Army / Kitcheners Men as insufficiently trained in the skills of warfare.
Both the trailer and the movie poster are parodies of Men in Black.
Both Bryan and Pope came to the company from Lord Strange's Men.
Both Men in the Sun and Umm Saad were successful stories from the point of view of poverty stricken Palestinians.
Both Jake in Progress and Modern Men were cancelled in 2006.
The Ideology and Practice of Sexual Contact with Both Men and Women.
Both channels were on Freeview until ITV plc took Men & Motors off Freeview ( although it remained on other platforms for some time until April 2010 ) and replaced it with the live quiz channel ITV Play.
Both novels were republished in paperback in October 2010 by Fangless Fables Press: Kiss Me, I'm Dead ( originally titled The Unresolved ) and Confessions of a Teenage Body Snatcher ( originally titled Resurrection Men ).
Both Native Title paintings, the Men s Combined and the Women s Combined, document the entire Spinifex area ; they show the claimants ' birthplaces and express the important traditional stories that cross and give shape to the area.
Both Henry and George Carey were patrons of the professional theatre company in London known as " the Lord Chamberlain's Men ".

Both and
The next phase in the development of Cuyp s increasingly amalgamated style is due to the influence of Jan Both.
Both Matthew and Luke record a tradition of Jesus interpretation of the story of Jonah ( notably, Matthew includes two very similar traditions in chapters 12 and 16 ).
Both orders soon set about constructing churches and schools, the most notable of which were the Jesuit Cathedral of Saint Paul and the St. Dominic s Church built by the Dominicans.
Both ports are not only responsible for Nigeria s seaborne trade but also serve inland countries such as Niger and Chad.
Both the Tudurs were pardoned after their capture of Edward I s great castle at Conwy.
Both the emperor, who wanted to marry Zoe Karbonopsina and the Patriarch of Constantinople, Nicholas Mystikos, appealed to Sergius ; the pope sent papal legates to Constantinople, who confirmed the pope s ruling in favour of the emperor, on the grounds that fourth marriages had not been condemned by the Church as a whole.
Both fragments make direct allusions to scenes in Homer s Iliad, while Sappho also expands them with her own narrative illustrations.
Both discovered during the 1895 Oxyrhynchus excavation, Sappho s Fragments 16 and 44 are translations from extant 2nd and 3rd century B. C.
Both painters incorporate classical motifs into their works and use Alma-Tadema s unconventional compositional devices such as abrupt cut-off at the edge of the canvas.
Both Canterbury College and St Mary s Hall have since disappeared ; part of Christ Church College is on the site of Canterbury, and part of Oriel College is on the site of St Mary s.
Both his shrine, and Huitzilopochtli s next to it, faced west.
Both sought Frederick s support, Frederick, busy with the siege of Crema, appeared unsupportive of Alexander III, and after the sacking of Crema demanded that Alexander appear before the emperor at Pavia and to accept the imperial decree.
Both Hokusai s choice of nom d ' artiste and frequent depiction of Mt.
Both are impressively detailed and reveal how little Pavia s urban design has changed during the last 500 years.
Both Quesnay and Anne Robert Jacques Turgot, Baron de Laune recognized that capital was needed by farmers to start the production process, and both were proponents of using some of each year s profits to increase productivity.
Both Aldus and Palatino were Zapf s new form of old style typefaces inspired by the Renaissance.
* Both Maurice Sendak s Chicken Soup with Rice and his animated film and stage production Really Rosie ( with music by Carole King ) make multiple references to the dish.
Both the peace agreement with France and Saxony's participation in the Congress of Rastatt in 1797 served to demonstrate Frederick Augustus loyalty to the conventional constitutional principles of the Holy Roman Empire.
Both of Jones s main leisure pursuits resulted in significant publications.
Both in Didot s and Fournier s systems, some point sizes have traditional names such as Cicero ( before introduction of point systems, type sizes were called by names such as Cicero, Pica, Ruby, Long Primer, etc.
Both countries established diplomatic relations in 1905, after Norway s independence.

Both and s
Both orthometric and normal heights are heights in metres above sea level, whereas geopotential numbers are measures of potential energy ( unit: m² s < sup >− 2 </ sup >) and not metric.
Both proofs used methods from complex analysis, establishing as a main step of the proof that the Riemann zeta function ζ ( s ) is non-zero for all complex values of the variable s that have the form s = 1 + it with t > 0.
Both bear a script-lettered " Phillies " logo, with the aforementioned star dotting the " i " s across the chest, and the player name and number on the back.
Both sides of the Euler product formula converge for Re ( s ) > 1.

Both and Women
Both institutions have since been handsomely and suitably housed and equipped, the New hospital for Women ( in the Euston Road ) for many years being worked entirely by medical women, and the schools ( in Hunter Street, WC1 ) having over 200 students, most of them preparing for the medical degree of London University ( the present-day University College London ), which was opened to women in 1877.
Both Karen's Song and Down and Out in Beverly Hills were canceled by the start of the 1987 88 television season, the network's first fall launch, and were replaced by Second Chance and Women in Prison.
Both books were first published as a single volume entitled Little Women in 1880.
Both women s literature historians and juvenile fiction historians agreed that Little Women was the apex of this “ downward spiral .” Elbert argued that Little Women did not “ belittle women s fiction " and that Alcott stayed true to her “ Romantic birthright .”
Both the passion Little Women has engendered in diverse readers and its ability to survive its era and transcend its genre point to a text of unusual permeability .”
Both men s and women s Klans held weekly rallies and initiations in Malfalfa Park, and Kokomo s Klanswomen held meetings at the armory, the local headquarters of the Women of the Ku Klux Klan, and churches.
The Vampire Women, when he appeared as " Torgo the White " to bring Frank to " Second Banana Heaven " Both Forrester and Frank were shown apologizing for showing the film, which they admitted was abysmal and went beyond acceptable limits.
Both Ryder and Ladies Almanack abandon the Beardsleyesque style of her drawings for The Book of Repulsive Women in favor of a visual vocabulary borrowed from French folk art.
Both Suther and Régine Tessier, the latter in a sketch of Sage in Notable American Women: The Modern Period, note key features of Sage s mature work.
* Washington Post The Sacrifices of Albania's ' Sworn Virgins ': A Rockville Filmmaker Tells Of an Old Custom That Both Liberates and Limits Women.
In combination with a " Week of Awareness " designed to talk about the issues discussed in The Vagina Monologues, the play raised over $ 8, 000 for the New England Learning Center for Women in Transition and the Men's Resource Center for Change ( Both based in the Pioneer Valley ).

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