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Both and Southern
Both flags feature the Union Jack in one corner, both have royal blue background, and both have the Southern Cross as a prominent feature.
Both in 1129 – 30 and in 1161 Jin forces were defeated by the Southern Song navies when trying to cross the Yangtze River into the core Southern Song territory ( see Battle of Tangdao and Battle of Caishi ), even though for the latter campaign the Jin had equipped a large navy of their own, using Chinese shipbuildiers and even Chinese captains who had defected from the Southern Song.
Both were prosperous slaughterhouse owners in Southern antebellum families who lost everything in the Civil War and the following Reconstruction periods.
Both are operated by Norfolk Southern.
For grades 7 through 12, public school students from the Long Beach Island Consolidated School District attend the Southern Regional Middle School ( grades 7 and 8 ) and Southern Regional High School ( grades 9-12 ); Both schools are located in Manahawkin.
Both lines are now part of the Norfolk Southern Railway.
Both the Southern and the Horned Screamer remain widespread and are overall fairly common.
Both guitarists employ blues scales, start / stop dynamics and pedal tones, as in Abbott's southern style riff in " The Great Southern Trendkill " and the main riff to ZZ Top's " Tush ".
Both teams play in the Southern Counties League.
Both the Southern won and the Northern won replaced the yen at par.
Both the Southern Baptist Convention and the Baptist General Convention of Texas expelled Norris because of his controversial behavior.
Both Heath Spotted and Southern Marsh Orchids are frequent on Corfe Common that month, and Harebells and Betony ( purple ) flowers add colour to the Common in July.
Both of the pillars of the Muromachi regime, Tadayoshi and Takauji, enacted token submissions to the Southern Court to push their own agendas: Tadayoshi in his desire to destroy the Kō brothers, and Takauji in his desire to defeat Tadayoshi.
Both Mary and John Grimké were strong advocates of the traditional, upper class Southern values that permeated Charleston society.
Both STV North and STV Central, together with their counterpart UTV in Northern Ireland, have resisted adopting the generic ITV1 branding that is now commonplace throughout regions in England, Wales and Southern Scotland that are owned by ITV plc.
Both levels 5 and 6 are being managed by Southern Graces Catering and Events.
Both companies called their stations " New Cross ", and the earlier station became " New Cross Gate " when they came under the common ownership of the Southern Railway on 1 January 1923.
Both stations were named " New Cross ", creating a confusion which lasted until the two companies were absorbed under the 1923 grouping into the Southern Railway and the name of the older station was changed to New Cross Gate ; the ex-South Eastern station remained New Cross.
Both have white bellies ; however, the area of white coloration on the Southern species covers much more of the body-including the flanks, flippers, beak and forehead.
Both liberals, such as Nobel laureate Paul Krugman, and conservatives, such as MSNBC political pundit, Nixon administration political advisor and Reagan administration Communications Director Pat Buchanan, would also argue that Nixon ’ s victory in 1968 set the stage for Reagan ’ s victory, and the fact that Reagan did so well in Southern states, traditionally a Democratic stronghold, as well as the fact that some of Reagan ’ s rhetoric involving law and order and states ’ rights seemed to mirror Nixon ’ s Southern Strategy seem to bear this fact out.

Both and Rhodesian
Both chiefs had served as Cabinet Ministers in the Rhodesian Front government.

Both and Northern
Both sides of the conflict in Northern Ireland produce political graffiti.
Both English law, which applies in England and Wales, and Northern Ireland law are based on common-law principles.
Both Nicks and Buckingham attended San Jose State University in Northern California, where Nicks majored in Speech Communication.
Both Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Santa Fe run trains through yard, though they are not classified at Pig's Eye.
Both Nuala O ' Loan, the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland, and Al Hutchinson, the Oversight Commissioner of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, expressed reservations.
Both lines are still in place today, with the Great Northern tracks now owned by the BNSF Railway and the Soo Line tracks owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Both sides were aware that Spanish reinforcements under his cousin, the Cardinal-Infante Ferdinand, were en-route from their dominions in Northern Italy.
Both of these lines were abandoned by NP's successor Burlington Northern in the 1980s due to declining industry.
Both were absorbed into the LMS with their parent companies, and while the former became the main workshops for the Northern Division of the LMS, the latter works were wound down, closing in 1930, all work being transferred to nearby Crewe.
Both were planned and developed by the Canadian Northern Railway as middle class suburbs, though both, Leaside in particular, featured large industrial tracts.
* Both major parties of Kurdistan, an autonomous region in Northern Iraq, vow to fight Turkish troops if they enter Kurdistan to capture Mosul or interfere in Kurdish self-rule.
Both the Bakerloo and Northern lines can be accessed from the Elephant and Castle tube station.
Both Darwin, Northern Territory, and Broome, Western Australia, were too exposed to air attack, so a 500-ton unmotorized lighter was placed as refueling barge near the mouth of Exmouth Gulf, where the Allies were already maintaining a seaplane tender.
Both are on the Northern Line of the Merseyrail network, which runs from Liverpool to Southport.
Both stations offer services to Liverpool city centre and Manchester, but Liverpool South Parkway also has services to Southport and Hunts Cross ( on the Merseyrail Northern Line ) and also the fast service to Birmingham.
Both the Gaelic Athletic Association and the Northern Ireland national football team have used versions of the Celtic cross in their logos and advertising.
Both its MLAs lost their seats in the Northern Ireland Assembly Elections, 2003, when the party's vote fell to 5, 785 ( 0. 8 %), and its last remaining elected representative lost her seat on North Down Borough Council in 2005 when the NIWC secured 0. 1 % of the Northern Ireland vote.
Both stations are on the Northern Line with trains departing to Southport via Liverpool city centre and to Hunts Cross.
Both unionists and nationalists frequently objected to direct rule, since the system gives the people of Northern Ireland relatively little democratic say over their own governance.
Both the Northern Dvina Canal, which connects the basins of the Volga and the Northern Dvina via Lake Kubenskoye, and the Belozersky Canal, bypassing Lake Beloye, connect to the Sheksna.

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