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Both and database
Both firms struggled to take Smalltalk mainstream due to Smalltalk's substantial memory needs, limited run-time performance, and initial lack of supported connectivity to SQL-based relational database servers.
Both grind and the lexicographer files are freely available in a separate distribution, but modifying and maintaining the database requires expertise.
Both the QPW and Paradox for Windows ( another Borland database application ) codebases were based on Borland's internal pilot project with object oriented UI code for Windows.
Both Michael and his sister Bunny were very fond of Renée's family. Coincidentally the British Film Institute's database lists Michael as also having a son, John M. Taylor, who is described as " a producer.
Both a database and its DBMS conform to the principles of a particular data model.
Both the British film magazine Empire and film database Allmovie gave the film five stars, their highest ratings.
Both PHP and access to a database are required.
Both real time data transmitted over the Global Telecommunications System ( GTS ), and delayed-mode data received by the NODC are acquired and incorporated into a continuously managed database.
Both targets and initiators can register with the iSNS database, and each entity can inquire about other initiators and targets.
Both archiving and nearline allow a reduction of database size that results in improved speed of performance for the online system.

Both and most
Both of these processes were in most cases brief and formulaic, but they opened up in the possibility, if some citizen wanted to take some matter up, of a contest before a jury court.
Both books are most easily tied to the geography of the book.
Both printed and written Arabic are cursive, with most of the letters within a word directly connected to the adjacent letters.
Both the aberration of axis points, and the deviation from the sine condition, rapidly increase in most ( uncorrected ) systems with the aperture.
His highly influenced style which incorporated Italianate lighting from Jan Both, broken brush technique and atonality from Jan van Goyen, and his ever-developing style from his father Jacob Gerritsz Cuyp was studied acutely by his most prominent follower, Abraham van Calraet.
Both stitches are done using either fishing line ( most popular brand: fireline ) or nylon thread ( most popular brand: nymo ).
Both scribes proofread their work down to even the most minute error.
Both accounts agree that most of Kidd's men now abandoned him for Culliford.
Both the Jewish Bible and the New Testament also contain passages some have interpreted as describing same-sex relationships, for example David and Jonathan or the centurion and his servant ; these are likewise the subject of scholarly debate, with most arguing that the relationships depicted are platonic.
Both the basic and most common list types in computing, queues and stacks can be considered specializations of deques, and can be implemented using deques.
Both institutions have since been handsomely and suitably housed and equipped, the New hospital for Women ( in the Euston Road ) for many years being worked entirely by medical women, and the schools ( in Hunter Street, WC1 ) having over 200 students, most of them preparing for the medical degree of London University ( the present-day University College London ), which was opened to women in 1877.
Both armies used child soldiers, mainly between 14 and 17 years of age, the most famous example being Urho Kekkonen who fought for the White Army and later became the longest-serving President of Finland.
Both humans and non-humans have lost most knowledge of the pre-war humans, whom Gamma World's inhabitants refer to as " the Ancients ".
Both of Watt's basic engine types were commercially very successful, and by 1800, the firm Boulton & Watt had constructed 496 engines, with 164 driving reciprocating pumps, 24 serving blast furnaces, and 308 powering mill machinery ; most of the engines generated from 5 to.
Both the Jaguars and the Panthers ( 7 – 9 ) broke the previous record for most wins by an expansion team ( 3 ) set by the Cincinnati Bengals in 1968.
Both of them promised to fight corruption and made that the most important issue in 2002 elections.
Both orders soon set about constructing churches and schools, the most notable of which were the Jesuit Cathedral of Saint Paul and the St. Dominic ’ s Church built by the Dominicans.
Both are commonly held to constitute the most certain knowledge that exists about physical nature.
While most weapons are designed to be used exclusively in one manner or the other, FM 3-22. 68 " Crew-Served Machine Guns ", describes how the M249 can be used either as a machine gun or as an automatic rifle: " Both the M249 automatic rifle and the M249 machine gun are identical, but its employment is different.
Both researchers also concluded that such coercive persuasion succeeded only on a minority of POWs, and that the end-result of such coercion remained very unstable, as most of the individuals reverted to their previous condition soon after they left the coercive environment.
Both New Order and Joy Division were among the most successful artists on the Factory Records label, run by Granada television personality Tony Wilson, and partnered with Factory in the financing of the Manchester club The Haçienda.
Both players have an ace-high straight, the current nut hand, and so they will most likely split the pot.
* Both of the above consensus sequences, while conserved on average, are not found intact in most promoters.

Both and its
Both of these are important in regards to the uncertainty surrounding the Beowulf manuscript, as the works which it draws from or influences suggest time-frames of composition, geographic boundaries from which it could be composed, or range ( both spatial and temporal ) of influence ( i. e. when it was " popular " and where its " popularity " took it ).
Both groups secured about 34 MPs but proceeded to diverge even further after the election, with the Liberal Nationals remaining supporters of the government throughout its life.
Both shorter and smaller in volume than the Chari, it flows northeast for 960 kilometers ; its volume ranges from five to eighty-five cubic meters per second.
Both the short subject and the cartoon now appeared on the television rather than in the theater, and the " B " movie also found its outlet on the television.
Both the Federal Reserve and the ECB are composed of one or more central bodies that are responsible for the main decisions about interest rates and the size and type of open market operations, and several branches to execute its policies.
Both the team and its fans ( in the poem, about 5, 000 attended the game ) believe they can win " if only " they could somehow get " Mighty Casey " ( Mudville's star player ) up to bat.
Both believed that Capoeira was losing its martial side and concluded there was a need to restructure it.
Both its mean and its variance are undefined.
Both Jesus and Paul seem to provide " exceptions " to marriage as being its ideal according to the purpose of God because of extraordinary circumstances (" because of the impending crisis "), see also Pauline privilege.
Both its thumbs and big toes are opposable, allowing a precise grip.
Both are well familiar with the DBMS product and use its user interfaces ( as well as usually other tools ) for their work.
Both the playwright and his work were travestied by comic poets such as Aristophanes, the known dates of whose own plays thus serve as a terminus ad quem for those of Euripides, though sometimes the gap can be considerable ( e. g. twenty-seven years separate Telephus, known to have been produced in 438 BC, from its parody in Thesmophoriazusae in 411 BC!
Both Freenet and some of its associated tools were originally designed by Ian Clarke, who defines Freenet's goal as providing freedom of speech with strong anonymity protection.
Both political groups, therefore, agreed on the need for Finnish sovereignty, despite strong disagreement on the selection of its leadership.
Both terms were used in East Germany with an increasing emphasis on the abbreviated name, especially since East Germany considered West Germans and West Berliners to be foreigners following the promulgation of its second constitution in 1968.
Both were acknowledged in the foreword of the book, as well as in several places within its body.
Both Hawaii and Massachusetts have implemented some incremental reforms in health care, but neither state has complete coverage of its citizens.
Both languages were later substituted in its official status by Castillian Spanish, till the 20th century.
Both the Greeks and the Phoenicians colonized North African soil, and Punic civilization emerged, although its central city of Carthage was not in present-day Libya but in neighboring Tunisia.
Both sides agreed that civilians should not be targeted, which meant that Hezbollah would be allowed to continue its military activities against IDF forces inside Lebanon.
Both sides agreed that the IRA's allegiance was to the ( elected ) Dáil of the Irish Republic, but the anti-Treaty side argued that the decision of the Dáil to accept the Treaty ( and set aside the Irish Republic ) meant that the IRA no longer owed that body its allegiance.
Both the IAEA and its former Director General, Mr. ElBaradei, were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.

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