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Both and disc
Both Homer and Hesiod described a flat disc cosmography on the shield of Achilles.
) Both VHS Hi-Fi and Betamax Hi-Fi delivered flat full-range frequency response ( 20 Hz to 20 kHz ), excellent 70 dB signal-to-noise ratio ( in consumer space, second only to the compact disc ), dynamic range of 90 dB, and professional audio-grade channel separation ( more than 70dB ).
Both consisted of selections from the 1999 four disc project Music to Paint By.
Both versions are used on television showings and also on DVD, although quite contrarily, the Region 1 US / Canada DVD contains the original undubbed soundtrack and the Region 2 PAL disc uses the dubbed version.
In Your Room, a four-disc box set featuring the stereo remasters and 5. 1 mixes of the albums Upstairs at Eric's and You and Me Both next to a disc with B-sides and remixes was released in 2008.
Both made numerous recordings, but their attitudes toward recording differed: Karajan frequently made new studio recordings to take advantage of advances in recording technique, which fascinated him – he played a role in setting the specifications of the compact disc – but Bernstein, in his post-New York days, came to insist on ( for the most part ) live concert recordings, believing that music-making did not come to life in a studio without an audience.
Both the rock soundtrack and the orchestral score were released separately on compact disc.
Both albums were subsequently released by Sony 27 August 2012 as 3 disc sets.
Both the load and the weight of the upper torso create significant stress on the body structures at the low back, especially at the disc between the fifth lumbar and the first sacral vertebrae ( known as the L5 / S1 lumbosacral disc ).
Both the B and A used front disc brakes with dual pistons and alloy finned drums in the rear.
The SE-R is available in two versions: SE-R base and SE-R Spec V. Both get four-wheel disc brakes in place of the standard Sentra's disc / drum setup, unique interior and exterior trim and 17-inch alloy wheels.
Both the original version of the studio album and the double disc studio and live set received positive reviews.
Both sides of the Regal disc ( each lasting about 3 minutes ) made for the British enlistment services are available on the archive audio collections Oh!
Both in concerts and on disc, he performed on the celebrated " Hart " Stradivarius of 1727.
Both of Warrant's albums were reissued on a single disc in 2000, with the new tracks included.
Both disc and drum brakes can be improved by any technique that removes heat from the braking surfaces.
Both the cover and disc artwork refers to the title " I ".
Both DVD editions are two-disc sets, with the six episodes on disc 1, and bonus materials on disc 2.
Both models feature the new adjustable metal calf brake lever, rear disc brake, and new thermofibre deck.
Both were attending Howard Payne College in Brownwood, Texas in 1962 when a local disc jockey, Riney Jordan, asked listeners to come to the studio and sing their songs to help the American Cancer Society.

Both and feature
Both CPUs feature integrated FPUs and MMUs.
Both films feature Al Pacino in what has become a fruitful working relationship.
Both genres are based on the terrifying side of Middle Ages, and both frequently feature the same elements ( castles, ghost, monster, etc .).
Both dams also feature significant environmental re-mediation efforts ( such as fish ladders ).
Both standards feature backward compatibility with the GM specification, but are not compatible with each other.
Both uniforms will feature the " Mets " script, player numerals and names in blue outlined in orange, and both be worn only with the team's traditional blue cap with orange crest ( although the orange button on top of the cap has been retained ), blue undersleeves, belts and socks.
Both flags feature the Union Jack in one corner, both have royal blue background, and both have the Southern Cross as a prominent feature.
Both feature prominent lead synthesizer lines with minimalistic guitar chords and solos.
Both UK and Australian soap operas feature comedy elements, often by way of affectionate comic stereotypes such as the gossip or the grumpy old man, presented as a sort of comic foil to the emotional turmoil that surrounds them.
Both languages have the dual for nouns, pronouns, adjectives and verbs ; very few known living Indo-European languages retain this feature as a productive aspect of the grammar ( see Slovenian grammar or Lithuanian grammar for other ones ).
Both were developed jointly by Nintendo and Namco and feature classic Namco characters including Pac-Man and Blinky.
Both stones feature a rider sitting atop an eight-legged horse, which some scholars view as Odin.
Both albums also feature many James Brown samples, which became very prominent in Hip Hop in ensuing years.
Both editions feature new digital transfers personally supervised by Wenders.
Both shells have been used as coding base and model for many derivative and work-alike shells with extended feature sets.
* Both stories feature Maria / Juliet's false death and Tony / Romeo's suicidal response to his mistaken belief that his love is dead.
Both versions feature Eric Clapton on guitar.
Both these methods are useful as they are either cheaper or free, effective, safe and feature low thermal inertia transfer methods, meaning the chemist does not have to wait for a bath to cool down after use.
Both Jefferson and George Washington considered the avenue an important feature of the new capital.
Both the fair and the song are focal points of the 1944 feature film Meet Me in St. Louis starring Judy Garland, which also inspired a Broadway musical version.
Both also feature a small Peugeot Boutique, and they are popular places for Peugeot fans to visit.
* Both versions of the " Children's Television Sausage Factory " animation feature likenesses of Jonothan Gebert, Kevin Somers, Marc Baillon and Christine McGlade exiting the school bus, as well as a likeness of Les Lye as the security guard at the door of the TV studio.
Both AltiVec and SSE feature 128-bit vector registers that can represent sixteen 8-bit signed or unsigned chars, eight 16-bit signed or unsigned shorts, four 32-bit ints or four 32-bit floating point variables.
Both compositions feature the same " timeless " sound in that they do not employ any of the musical techniques of the period in which they were composed, with the intent that they be difficult to define as belonging to a particular era.

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