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Both and grille
Both the Torino and Ranchero featured a shallow-pointed grille and front end with smooth, somewhat more curvaceous lines influence by coke bottle styling.
Both the grille and hood louvers curved down and forward.
Both models featured sporty, black twin-post side mirrors, fog lights, the same body-side moldings, chrome bumper accents, and a low extending waterfall grille that was either chrome or body colored depending on color of the vehicle.
Both the coupe and sedan benefited from redesigned taillamps, whereas the three-door only received a redesigned front bumper incorporating a larger grille.
Both models were sold side by side in Korea, and the Leganza got a small update ( front grille ) in 2001-but the Magnus has not been launched internationally until Leganza's demise in 2002, effectively replacing it.
Both grille color options had imprinted chrome trim around the headlights and an " International " name located on the left side.
Both Manta versions received a facelift in 1982, which included a plastic front spoiler, sideskirts for the GT / E and GSi models, a small wing at the rear and quadruple air intakes on the grille.

Both and design
Both schools were state-sponsored initiatives to merge the craft tradition with modern technology, with a Basic Course in aesthetic principles, courses in color theory, industrial design, and architecture.
Both differential and linear cryptanalysis arose out of studies on the DES design.
Both simple pipelining and superscalar design increase a CPU's ILP by allowing a single processor to complete execution of instructions at rates surpassing one instruction per cycle ( IPC ).
Both ends of the bow are connected by a rope, similar to the design of a bow and arrow.
Both the logical complexity ( needing very large logic design and logic verification teams and simulation farms with perhaps thousands of computers ) and the high operating frequencies ( needing large circuit design teams and access to the state-of-the-art fabrication process ) account for the high cost of design for this type of chip.
Both the Dragon and the TRS-80 Color Computer are based on a Motorola data sheet design for the MC6883 SAM ( MMU ) chip for memory management and peripheral control.
Both are based on a set of principles, including design by contract, command-query separation, the uniform-access principle, the single-choice principle, the open-closed principle, and option-operand separation.
Both Xilinx and Altera provide free Windows and Linux design software which provides limited set of devices.
" Both editions attracted signatures from respected design practitioners and thinkers, for example ; Rudy VanderLans, Erik Spiekermann, Ellen Lupton and Rick Poynor.
Both QuarkXpress and Adobe InDesign are often used in the final stage of the electronic design process.
Both had been on the design team for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
Both of them later comprised among the Mughal team that would design and build the Taj Mahal.
Both of them later comprised among the Mughal team that would design and build the Taj Mahal.
Both due to this and their design flexibility, a wide variety of different shapes and forms have been observed.
Both of these extensions influenced the design of the Ada language.
Both the publisher as well as the developer have a great deal of say as to the design and content of the game.
Both the detailed design studies in the 1970s, the Orion drive and Project Daedalus, used inertial confinement.
Both flags have the same design, an infinity symbol, but are different colours, either red or blue.
Both are impressively detailed and reveal how little Pavia ’ s urban design has changed during the last 500 years.
Both were constructed to a peripteral hexastyle design.
Both computer engineering and electronic engineering programs include analog and digital circuit design in their curriculum.
Both engines are still in use in agricultural aircraft around the world and produce more power than their original design criteria.
Both Colin Chapman and Ron Champion have a background in the 750 Motor Club and the design of the Locost is based on a Clubman's Race Car designed and built by Ron Champion in 1963.

Both and Wide
Both to eliminate that problem and also in recognition of WWOOFing's worldwide scope, the name was changed again in 2000 to World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.
Both Wide Awake Club and Wacaday introduced the Wacawave, done by making a ' w ', by putting one's thumbs together, and waving.
" The Early History of Wide Films: Being a Peek into the Past that is Both Interesting and Enlightening " published in American Cinematographer ( January, 1930 )
Both types of station have three elements: a siderostat, a Wide Angle Star Acquisition ( WASA ) camera, and a Narrow Angle Tracking ( NAT ) camera.
Both Flash Lite 1. 1 and 2. 0 also support the World Wide Web Consortium's Standard SVG Tiny, a mobile profile of the consortium's Scalable Vector Graphics ( SVG ) recommendation.

Both and Track
Both platforms are connected to the station building by an underpass, which also connects to the two elevated side platforms used by the Shinkansen ( Track 4 and Track 5 ).
Both the collector case and Flip Track come with special edition beanz.
Both the Arcade version of the game and its " Track Pack " upgrade can be found in Midway Arcade Treasures 3.
*** Both Sexes: Track & Field ( co-ed )
Both Track and Reaction were very much reliant upon distribution support in the UK from the large Polydor Records label based in Germany.

Both and phrase
Both sides agree ... that Rome, as the Church that ' presides in love ' according to the phrase of St Ignatius of Antioch ( To the Romans, Prologue ), occupied the first place in the taxis, and that the bishop of Rome was therefore the protos among the patriarchs.
Both rhyme and rhythm are key elements, although the former is not restricted to falling at the end of the phrase.
Both trees take a phrase to be any combination of words that corresponds to a complete subtree.
Both up and with would at that time have been considered part of the " phrasal verb " put up with ; whether they are adverbs / particles or prepositions, their placement before the verb " does not demonstrate the absurdity of using phrase fronting instead of stranding ; it merely illustrates the ungrammaticality resulting from fronting something that is not a constituent.
This custom has led to a phrase in Japanese translated as " Both Eyes Open ".
Both the Bills and the Bears responded to the requests stating they would no longer use the phrase, however the Seahawks failed to respond to the request.
Both the English phrase and its French equivalent appeared in various contexts in the second half of the nineteenth century.
Both shows were often opened by an advertisement from an actor ( Griff Barnett ) portraying " your Rexall family druggist ", and included the catch phrase " Good health to all from Rexall.
Both phrase structure grammars and DGs do, however, see non-finite VPs as constituents.
Both terms derive from the phrase automatic coding, which referred generally to programs which eased the burden of producing the numeric machine language codes of programs.
# Strawson's approach: Both " my wife is pregnant " and " my wife is not pregnant " use a wrong presupposition ( i. e. that there exists a referent which can be described with the noun phrase my wife ) and therefore can not be assigned truth values.

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