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Some Related Sentences

Both and pectoral
Both have falcate pectoral fins and forked, emarginate caudal fins.

Both and girdle
Both wear minimal clothing, however Tara wears a tiger skin skirt, while Kali wears only a girdle of severed human arms.
Both wear a necklace of severed human heads and the previously mentioned girdle of arms.
Both herbivores and birds can effectively girdle trees in the process of normal feeding.
Both forelimbs excluding the right claws, the complete shoulder girdle, centra of three dorsal vertebrae, five ribs, gastralia and two ceratobranchialia, supporting neck bones, could still be recovered.

Both and are
Both concepts are undergoing alteration ; ;
`` Both children are musical and my wife is a music lover of unfailing instinct and judgement ''.
Both I and my feelings come up out of a chain of events that fan out into the past into sources that are ultimately very unlike the entity which I now am.
Both are predictably destined to fail.
Both men are known to be honest and public-spirited.
Both allowances are governed by conditions and restrictions set forth in detail in the state's Travel Regulations.
Both of these systems are essential for the production, development, and use of the National Forests.
Both the photocathode and the image plane of such an electrode configuration are curved concave as seen from the anode aperture.
Both stages are assumed to have unity magnification.
Both man and wife should be aware of the fact that a lack of climax, and even the absence of the anticipated keen pleasure are not a sign that the wife may be cold or frigid.
Both are primarily concerned with the uses that can be made of the material that the collector has found.
Both the conditions and the complicity are documented in considerable detail.
Both Miss Garson and her oilman-rancher husband are active supporters of Boys Clubs of America and patrons of the vivid art and opera colony that flourishes in New Mexico.
Both are 6 feet tall and weigh between 195 and 200 pounds, but Mantle, incredibly muscular ( he has a 17-1/2-inch neck ), looks bigger.
Both are good bunters: Maris once beat out eighteen of nineteen in the minor leagues ; ;
Both are good, daring fielders: Mantle covers more ground ; ;
Both these types, and those in between, are in existence by reason of a legislative interest in libraries that began at Albany as early as 1950, with the creation by the legislature of county library systems financed by county governments with matching funds from the state.
Both eventualities are possible logically, but practically they are impossible.
Both are members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, the African Union and other multilateral organizations.
Both terms anti-Semitism and antisemitism are in common use.
Both the nation and the economy are nascent.
Both Spirit Prison and Paradise are temporary according to Latter-day Saint beliefs.
Both are connected with the Proto-Indo-European root * ank -, meaning " to bend " or " bow ".
Both these popular methods are used to analyze sound and better understand the acoustic phenomenon.

Both and large
Both units of government contribute increasingly large sums of money to the several local governments in this state as indicated below:
Both can provide enough tissue to reconstruct large breasts.
Both men and women may serve as missionaries, and the church maintains a large missionary program which proselytizes and conducts humanitarian services worldwide.
Both the logical complexity ( needing very large logic design and logic verification teams and simulation farms with perhaps thousands of computers ) and the high operating frequencies ( needing large circuit design teams and access to the state-of-the-art fabrication process ) account for the high cost of design for this type of chip.
Both wave and particle characteristics have been confirmed in a large number of experiments.
Both eat food quickly and may store it, and their calloused feet with large, blunt, non-retractable nails are adapted for running and making sharp turns.
Both the Greek and Roman civilizations practiced ivory carving to make large quantities of high value works of art, precious religious objects, and decorative boxes for costly objects.
Both clans were twice as large as the Zulu.
Both currently administer large sections of the area, and the two countries have fought multiple wars over the area.
Both domestic demand ( mainly consumption ) boosted by large increases in government spending, and exports of goods and services contributed to this favorable performance.
Both the Jirau and Santo Antonio dams are run-of-the-river projects that do not impound a large reservoir.
Both Whigs and Tories distrusted the creation of a large standing army not under civilian control.
Both were on horseback when they " came to an overturned tree with a large root system at a turn in the creek, almost as high as a room.
Both efforts occurred in large communist countries attempting to modernize their economies, but while China's GDP has grown consistently since the late 1980s ( albeit from a much lower level ), national GDP in the USSR and in many of its successor states fell precipitously throughout the 1990s.
Both of these routing protocols become intractable in large networks and cannot be used in Inter-domain routing.
Both companies owned independent stations in several large cities in the United States.
Both of these dominant cultures have a large and central shrine which still exists today, Ise Shrine in the South West and Izumo Taisha in the North East.
** Both large single exposures ( acute ) and continuous small exposures ( chronic ) are studied.
Both companies owned independent stations in several large cities in the United States.
Both navies use ships firing cannon through ports, and each loses its principal ship — Regent and Marie-la-Cordelière — through a large explosion aboard the latter.
Both cities ' numerous mosques are the destination for large numbers of Muslims on their Hajj ( annual pilgrimage ).
Both Andalusia and the Canary Islands experienced an early Castilian colonisation and subsequent immigration, but the survival and absorption of by the large local populations allowed for characteristics and separate identities particular to those regions to survive.
Both cause large amounts of urine to be produced ( polyuria ), and the term " diabetes " is derived from the Greek name for this symptom.
Both nations have begun to realize the core truth of the post – Cold War era that, if the strategic reality, as described by the words of Ronald Reagan, is that " Nuclear war cannot be won and must not be fought ", then large nuclear weapons stockpiles have no positive use, are expensive, and can lead to dangerous destabilization.

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