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Both and team
Both " team " and " government " are count nouns.
Both had been on the design team for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
Both the Jaguars and the Panthers ( 7 – 9 ) broke the previous record for most wins by an expansion team ( 3 ) set by the Cincinnati Bengals in 1968.
Both of them later comprised among the Mughal team that would design and build the Taj Mahal.
Both of them later comprised among the Mughal team that would design and build the Taj Mahal.
Both of their starting running backs from the previous year, future Pro Football Hall of Famers Paul Hornung and Jim Taylor, had left the team.
Both had different ideas on the future personnel plans for the Cowboys and both wanted equal credit for the team's recent success ( eventually, Johnson would leave the team after the season ).
Both teams entered the game trying to tie the San Francisco 49ers for the most Super Bowl wins by a team ( 5 ).
Both individual and team competitions are run on these hills.
Both seemed appropriate for Thorpe, who was so versatile that he served as Carlisle's one-man team in several track meets.
Both his new team, the Orioles, and his former team, the Athletics, finished second in their respective divisions.
Both Pippen and Jordan made the All-NBA First Team, and Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman made the All-Defensive First Team, making the Bulls the only team in history with three players on the All-Defensive First Team.
Both Selanne and Niedermayer would ultimately return and the team finished with a 47 – 27 – 8 record good enough to earn home ice advantage in the first round of the playoffs finishing as the 4th seed in the Western Conference.
Both team and role-based play generally encourage this social aspect to the game ; games that do not encourage this interaction generally make poor party games.
Both films were made by the same writer-director team behind the popular Margaret Rutherford Miss Marple film, Murder She Said.
Both the date and the year are open to debate: he was fond of telling tall tales about his early life, including that he had run away from home to join the circus and that he had been a member of the Hungarian fencing team at the 1912 Olympic Games.
* Both the cross country team and the swimming team are doing well.
Both the team and field are managed by town resident, Mike Sandmann.
Both the Boys basketball, and the girls basketball made it to state in 2012, and the track team has made it to state pretty much every year.
Both railroads were planned and built by the team of mining manager and civil engineer William Nelson Page and industrialist and financier Henry Huttleston Rogers, and added a third Hampton Roads coal exporting railhead to the existing Chesapeake and Ohio Railway ( with coal piers at Newport News ) and the Norfolk and Western Railway's similar facilities at Norfolk's Lambert's Point.
Both the 2010 Blue Devil football team and the 2010-11 Blue Devil boys ' basketball team came within one game of reaching the final phase.

Both and its
Both of these are important in regards to the uncertainty surrounding the Beowulf manuscript, as the works which it draws from or influences suggest time-frames of composition, geographic boundaries from which it could be composed, or range ( both spatial and temporal ) of influence ( i. e. when it was " popular " and where its " popularity " took it ).
Both groups secured about 34 MPs but proceeded to diverge even further after the election, with the Liberal Nationals remaining supporters of the government throughout its life.
Both shorter and smaller in volume than the Chari, it flows northeast for 960 kilometers ; its volume ranges from five to eighty-five cubic meters per second.
Both the short subject and the cartoon now appeared on the television rather than in the theater, and the " B " movie also found its outlet on the television.
Both the Federal Reserve and the ECB are composed of one or more central bodies that are responsible for the main decisions about interest rates and the size and type of open market operations, and several branches to execute its policies.
Both believed that Capoeira was losing its martial side and concluded there was a need to restructure it.
Both its mean and its variance are undefined.
Both Jesus and Paul seem to provide " exceptions " to marriage as being its ideal according to the purpose of God because of extraordinary circumstances (" because of the impending crisis "), see also Pauline privilege.
Both its thumbs and big toes are opposable, allowing a precise grip.
Both are well familiar with the DBMS product and use its user interfaces ( as well as usually other tools ) for their work.
Both the database and most of its DBMS reside remotely, " in the cloud ," while its applications are both developed by programmers and later maintained and utilized by ( application's ) end-users through a web browser and Open APIs.
Both the playwright and his work were travestied by comic poets such as Aristophanes, the known dates of whose own plays thus serve as a terminus ad quem for those of Euripides, though sometimes the gap can be considerable ( e. g. twenty-seven years separate Telephus, known to have been produced in 438 BC, from its parody in Thesmophoriazusae in 411 BC!
Both Freenet and some of its associated tools were originally designed by Ian Clarke, who defines Freenet's goal as providing freedom of speech with strong anonymity protection.
Both political groups, therefore, agreed on the need for Finnish sovereignty, despite strong disagreement on the selection of its leadership.
Both terms were used in East Germany with an increasing emphasis on the abbreviated name, especially since East Germany considered West Germans and West Berliners to be foreigners following the promulgation of its second constitution in 1968.
Both were acknowledged in the foreword of the book, as well as in several places within its body.
Both Hawaii and Massachusetts have implemented some incremental reforms in health care, but neither state has complete coverage of its citizens.
Both languages were later substituted in its official status by Castillian Spanish, till the 20th century.
Both the Greeks and the Phoenicians colonized North African soil, and Punic civilization emerged, although its central city of Carthage was not in present-day Libya but in neighboring Tunisia.
Both sides agreed that civilians should not be targeted, which meant that Hezbollah would be allowed to continue its military activities against IDF forces inside Lebanon.
Both sides agreed that the IRA's allegiance was to the ( elected ) Dáil of the Irish Republic, but the anti-Treaty side argued that the decision of the Dáil to accept the Treaty ( and set aside the Irish Republic ) meant that the IRA no longer owed that body its allegiance.
Both the IAEA and its former Director General, Mr. ElBaradei, were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.

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