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Both and versions
Both the Greek versions contain apocryphal chapters that are not found in the Masoretic text.
Both versions appear on compilation albums and may be compared.
Both versions are initiated by a bid of four notrump ( 4NT ), and the entire family of conventions may be called Blackwood 4NT in both versions, or Key Card 4NT in the key card variation.
Both versions continue to co-exist today.
Both versions of critical theory have focused on the processes by which human communication, culture, and political consciousness are created.
Both the Mawangdui and Guodian versions are generally consistent with the received texts, excepting differences in chapter sequence and graphic variants.
Both versions had two program attention ( PA ) keys.
Both Origen and Eusebius had access to the Greek versions of Josephus ' texts.
Both versions include the complete " Forever Changes " album.
Both the Hackman and Spacey versions of Luthor surround themselves with bungling henchmen and dim-witted molls.
Both Neapolitan ( thick crust ) and Roman ( thin crust ) varieties are common in Brazil, with traditional versions using tomato sauce and mozzarella as a base.
Both console versions include single player prequel mission: while fighting Erwin Rommel's forces in North Africa, B. J.
Both versions of the Mega-CD are compatible with the initial two versions of the Mega Drive console, but not with the Mega Drive 3 or Genesis 3.
Both map versions of the title BS Zelda no Densetsu for the Satellaview ( released in August and December 1995 ) could be considered spin-offs due to the fact that they star the " Hero of Light " ( portrayed by either the Satellaview's male or female mascot ) as opposed to Link as the protagonist of Hyrule.
Both versions conspicuously deny the killer any sort of valour, saying Achilles remained undefeated on the battlefield.
Both Trident versions are three-stage, solid-propellant, inertially guided missiles, and both guidance systems use a star sighting to improve overall weapons system accuracy.
Both the final House and Senate versions of the amendment broadly protected the right of citizens to vote and to hold office.
Both the LRC and the GPO offer electronic versions of the Code to the public.
Both versions feature Eric Clapton on guitar.
Both are more advanced, fully featured versions.
Both versions contain the additional footage.
Both Goliath and the Vampires ( 1961 ) and Goliath and the Sins of Babylon ( 1963 ) actually featured the famed superhero Maciste in the original Italian versions, but American distributors didn't feel the name Maciste had any meaning to American audiences.

Both and film
Both Bob Jones, Sr. and Bob Jones, Jr. believed that film could be an excellent medium for mass evangelism, and in 1950, the university established Unusual Films within the School of Fine Arts.
Both columnist Liz Smith and film critic Rex Reed have mounted vigorous campaigns to gather support for an honorary Academy Award for Day to herald her film career and her status as the top female box-office star of all time.
Both Gary and Michelle Lineker make a ' blink-and-you'll-miss-them ' appearance as diners leaving a restaurant in the 1993 Eric Idle film Splitting Heirs.
Both New Order and Joy Division were portrayed in the Michael Winterbottom film 24 Hour Party People, depicting the rise and fall of Factory Records as seen through the eyes of label founder Tony Wilson.
Both Peckinpah and McQueen needed a hit, and they immediately began working on the film in February 1972.
Both a film ( 1940 ) and a short lived 1979 television sitcom starring Sharon Gless and John Schuck ( canceled after six episodes ) were based on Turnabout .< ref >
Both the quartz and film badge type are being superseded by the TLD and electronic semiconductor type, which can have a number of sophisticated functions such as alarming at preset levels and live readout of dose accumulated.
* Both Maurice Sendak ’ s Chicken Soup with Rice and his animated film and stage production Really Rosie ( with music by Carole King ) make multiple references to the dish.
Both Shatner and test audiences were dissatisfied that Kirk was fatally shot in the back in the original ending of Generations ; an addendum inserted while Shatner's Star Trek Movie Memories memoir was being printed expresses his enthusiasm at being called back to film a rewritten ending.
Both the fair and the song are focal points of the 1944 feature film Meet Me in St. Louis starring Judy Garland, which also inspired a Broadway musical version.
Both films were equally received by film critics.
Both Binoche and director Peter Kosminsky distanced themselves from the film, with Binoche refusing to do any promotion for the film or to redub it into French.
Both the film, and Bridges ' performance as Rooster Cogburn, were critically praised.
" Both Jensen and Springarn were also confused " by the film ’ s Reconstruction setting, states Jim Hill Media, writing that “ It was something that also confused other reviewers who from the tone of the film and the type of similar recent Hollywood movies Jezebel ( film ) | Jezebel assumed it must also be set during the time of slavery .” Based on the Jensen and Springarn memos, White released the “ official position ” of the NAACP in a telegram that was widely quoted in newspapers.
Both the play and film reflect popular concerns at the time, particularly Freudian analysis.
Both Hurston and Langston Hughes claimed to like Imitation of Life, though both reversed their opinion after Sterling Allen Brown lambasted both the book and the first film in a review entitled " Imitation of Life: Once a Pancake ", a reference to a line in the first film.
Both non-CG films were also non-U. S .; Spirited Away came from Japan ( it is also the only film not originally created in the English language to win the award ) and Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit came from Britain.
Both adaptations were published in 1985, and differ from the movie in that they feature a fourth ending cut from the final film.
Both The New York Times and Washington Post gave it average reviews, noting that it was a fairly standard Seagal action film.

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