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Page "fiction" ¶ 15
from Brown Corpus
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Both and watched
Both armies watched as Totila, dressed in shining purple and gold armor, and riding a huge stallion, cantered out towards the no-man's land between the two large armies.
Among the supporting members featured in the series were Avery Schreiber, Kenneth Mars and Phillp Roth ( all of them in the first season ); Pamela Myers and actress Jane Dulo ( who played the crabby Lady in the Window, who watched over the street scenes from the window of her apartment with undisguised disdain ) ( Both throughout the show's run ), June Gable and Soupy Sales ( Seasons 2 to 4 ); Michael Sklar ( Season 2 ); and Karen Hartman ( Season 4 ).
Both disciplines had their fans: in 1955, 50, 000 spectators watched the final of the field handball World Championships between Germany and Switzerland ( 25-13 ) in Berlin, but the indoor final between Sweden and Czechoslovakia in East Berlin in 1958, which ended 22-12, was also played in a packed hall in front of 6, 500 spectators.
In this season, another Magdeburg team, Fortuna Magdeburg had been promoted to this league, leading to better attendance levels: Both derbies and the key match against FSV Hoyerswerda were watched by more than 10, 000 people.
Both seasons can be watched on Netflix, but with occasional slight timing issues with the subtitles.

Both and Scotty
Both the team of Scotty Too Hotty and Rikishi and the Basham Brothers also got involved in the brawl, leading to a fatal four-way match at WrestleMania XX for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Both and constantly
Both in his writing and in his teaching, Hofstadter stresses the concrete, constantly using examples and analogies, and avoids the abstract.
Both Lovelock's and Margulis's understanding of Gaia are considered scientific hypotheses, and like all scientific theories are constantly put to the test.
In 1965 she moved to the United States and, touring constantly, began to be recognized when her original songs (" Urge for Going ," " Chelsea Morning ," " Both Sides, Now ," " The Circle Game ") were covered by notable folk singers, allowing her to sign with Reprise Records and record her own debut album in 1968.
Both products and practices are determined by routines that firms use: standardized patterns of actions implemented constantly.
Both Pickford and Thomas were constantly traveling and had little time to spend together.
Both made unhappy marriages, were constantly engaged in litigation, and were frequently in disgrace.
Both of them are constantly bottom and despair the teachers continuously.
Both versions of the game displayed a constantly changing forward-scrolling road and the player's bike in a third-person perspective where objects nearer to the player are larger than those nearer to the horizon, and the aim was to steer the vehicle across the road, racing against the clock, while avoiding any on-coming motorcycles or driving off the road.
Both are effectively ' good ' characters, who nevertheless both secretly fear the darkness inside themselves, and constantly strive to control the darker sides of their nature.
Both in the recording studio and live, Trans-Siberian Orchestra uses a full orchestra, choirs, and a constantly growing and changing group of singers and musicians.
Both sides were fully aware of the mutual animosity that existed between each other and constantly felt threatened.
Both shows are incredibly enduring as they still are constantly re-run, and have won back some of their popularity in several countries such as Colombia, where it has aired in competition with The Simpsons ( which has a character based on him ).
Both Pickford and Thomas were constantly traveling and had little time to spend together.
Both film and television, as well as video games and animation, are things that Top Cow is regularly and constantly pursuing.
Both of the scientist knew that this arduous task would require a lot of effort and time because it was necessary to act on a large number of generations to change the genetic foundation of a species, nevertheless the velocity of the bacteria ’ s reproduction allowed, since it was constantly monitored, to interfere with an important phase of its evolution.
Both are bitter enemies and constantly clash with each other.
Both Tom and Linda constantly lust after him ; whilst Tom tends to be subtle about his feelings, Linda boorishly propositions Jez at every opportunity – even in Suze's presence.
Both systems, however, share a common difficulty in that the Earth is constantly moving, which requires the addition of a time component to fix objects.
Both Marius and Cosette fall in love with each other when their eyes meet ( although this only happens after constantly seeing each other over the course of several months ), and they begin to constantly think of each other.
Both Jimmy and Brian have made many appearances in ChuckleVision with their younger brothers, Jimmy taking the moniker No Slacking due to the catchphrase that he constantly has to relay to the Chuckle Brothers.

Both and Rachel
Both Hunter and Evan Rachel Wood were nominated for Golden Globes the same year, respectively for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress in a Drama.
Both Rachel Notley and Brian Mason safely held onto their seats while David Eggen was re-elected as the member for Edmonton-Calder.
Both Shannon and Rachel Larratt have cameo appearances in the Kevin Smith feature Clerks II.

Both and without
Both of these purposes exist side by side without much overt conflict under present conditions.
Both sides ( with the exception of hyper-Calvinists ) believe the invitation of the gospel is universal and " must be presented to everyone can reach without any distinction.
Both sides claim they attempted to resolve the matter without legal action, but the ultimately complicated legal dispute ( involving royalties, publishing rights, and a number of other issues ) soon led to the courts, where Biafra was found liable for the royalties after the jury determined that he had committed fraud and malice, and was ordered to pay damages of nearly $ 200, 000, including $ 20, 000 in punitive damages, to the band members.
Both Kaye and his wife raised their daughter without any parental hopes or aspirations for her future.
Both are compilations of the contemporary records and letters about the events of the war without further historical commentary.
Both magnetism lacking electricity, and electricity without magnetism, are inconsistent with special relativity, due to such effects as length contraction, time dilation, and the fact that the magnetic force is velocity-dependent.
Both a private company limited by shares and an unlimited company with a share capital may re-register as a plc., but a company without a share capital cannot do so.
Both of Richard's illegitimate children survived him, but they seem to have died without issue.
Both orthographical variants, with and without the hyphen, are correct, but the hyphenated one has, in addition, a second meaning, not related to animation or cinema: " a device for automatically stopping a machine or engine when something has gone wrong " ( The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary, 1993 edition ).
Both the Latin and Greek terms sometimes referred to consonants in general, which ancient grammarians did not consider pronounceable on their own without vowels.
Both Sparta and Athens appeal to Persia, but without result.
Both teams had gone through the tournament without loss, but Sweden's fast breaks became the key in the final ; they scored 14 of their 34 goals on fast breaks.
Both reactions are catalysed by the same active site and occur via transesterification, without a covalent protein-DNA intermediate, in contrast to reactions catalysed by Ser and Tyr recombinases ( see site specific recombination ).
Both men were handsome and proficient in courtly skills, without appearing effeminate or affected.
Both Henry and Frederick were viewed to be sufficiently and formally devout to the teachings of the Church, without being moved to the extremes of spirituality seen in the great saints of the twelfth century.
Both Æthelbald and Offa granted land in Middlesex and London as they wished ; in 767 a charter of Offa's disposed of land in Harrow without a local ruler as witness.
Both nations determined never to be without a watch industry again and placed embargoes on watch imports after World War II.
Both genders also possess a tiny buccal capsule and cylindrical esophagus without a posterior bulb.
Both Tom and Ike had spent the night gambling, drinking heavily, and without sleep.
Both are conscious energy constructs without bodies.
Both picks flopped, as the Heat tried to turn Burton, a college small forward, into a shooting guard without much success and Kessler was bogged by injury problems and was not physical enough to be a quality NBA power forward.
Both Plutarch and Arrian relate that according to Aristobulus, Alexander pulled the knot out of its pole pin, exposing the two ends of the cord and allowing him to untie the knot without having to cut through it.
Both approaches to the bridge are painted in red without any of the traditional white paint.
Both of these mechanical properties are aspects of plasticity, the extent to which a solid material can be plastically deformed without fracture.

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