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Both and were
Both buildings were in flames.
Both these youths, who greatly admired Henrietta, were somewhat younger than she, as were also the neighboring Friedenwald boys, who were then studying medicine ; ;
Both sides agreed that the theater must stand a moral test, but they could not agree on whether the poets were a good or a bad influence.
Both abolition of war and new techniques of production, particularly robot factories, greatly increase the world's wealth, a situation described in the following passage, which has the true utopian ring: `` Everything was so cheap that the necessities of life were free, provided as a public service by the community, as roads, water, street lighting and drainage had once been.
Both magazines were `` rigid with reactionary what-will-T. S. Eliot-or-Martin Buber-think??
Both were dressed rather formally.
Both home and auto radios were in excellent demand, with retail sales of home sets ahead of 1959 in every month of the first eleven ; ;
Both sexes reported that the discussions on sex adjustment within marriage were extremely enlightening.
Both parties and the Ministry of the Interior were busily at work after the elections trying to unearth the political affiliations of the successful candidates and, thereby, give the elections a confidential but known degree of national political significance.
Both Cook's and Russell's lives were threatened by the Mexicans following the killing, but the company officers felt that in the end, it would serve to quiet them despite their immediate emotion.
Both of them were overcome by the horror of the world in which they found themselves, because at last they could no longer overcome that world with the weapon of a purely lyrical art.
Both of them were my friends.
Both lived in Georgetown, were unattached, and shared an active social life.
Both he and Bridget were exonerated by Lizzie herself ''.
Both were under the meet mark of 1.10.8 set in 1950 by Mal Whitfield.
Both, of course, were remarkable feats and further embossed the fact that baseball rightfully is the national pastime.
Both cars were slightly damaged.
Both of those have had dynamic run-ups in price on the market in recent months, both were selling at higher price-earnings and yield bases than Morton was coming to market at, and everyone who knew anything about it expected the Morton stock to have a fast run-up.
Both elements -- the caution about a meeting, the willingness eventually to hold one -- were reflected in a letter from the President which Ambassador Llewellyn E. Thompson brought back to Russia late in February.
Both were scholastic stars in football, basketball, and baseball ( Mantle in Commerce, Okla., Maris in Fargo, N.D. ) ; ;
Both church and graveyard were smaller than she remembered them ( how many things had lessened while she was gone away ) but the headstones had grown so thick in thirty years that to find one named `` Dorothy Tredding '' seemed suddenly impossible.
Both of these replacements were political moderates and prospectively more supportive of the Commander-in-Chief.
Both were appointed to the United States Military Academy, Davis two years behind Johnston.

Both and named
Both companies are held by a third company, named SNCB Holding.
Both McLean's grandfather and father were also named Donald McLean.
Both outlets are named after the ports located at their respective mouths.
Both fatalities affected Rasputin and he subsequently named two of his children Maria and Dmitri.
Both schools are named for Rear Admiral William Thomas Sampson.
Both the fort and the river were named after the sponsor of the expedition, Prince Rupert of the Rhine.
Both Tarquin and his brother Aruns married daughters of Servius Tullius, the sixth king ; both daughters were named Tullia, by Roman custom.
Both men now have halls named in their honor.
Both Cardiff Cricket Club and Glamorgan then moved to a new ground at Sophia Gardens on the opposite bank of the River Taff to the Arms Park, following work on the creation of a national rugby stadium, later named the National Stadium.
Both the Parisian and Rouennais court cards were named after historical and mythological heroes and heroines.
Both strontium and strontianite are named after Strontian, a village in Scotland near which the mineral was first discovered.
Both are in relationships ; Sally has just started dating a man named Joe — who happens to be an old friend of Harry's — and Harry is engaged to a woman named Helen, which surprises Sally.
Both men were also named to earldoms – fitzOsbern to Hereford ( or Wessex ) and Odo to Kent.
Both labs are named after E. O.
Both suggest that the nation was founded by a man named Cambarantama.
Both Korean and Chinese legends state that a disgruntled Shang prince named Jizi, who had refused to cede power to the Zhou, left China with a small army.
Both games are set in a sprawling mansion full of colorfully named rooms and a variety of dangerous weapons and deal with the murder of the mansion's owner.
Both of the obscene instances were condemned by the Parents Television Council and named by them among the worst instances on television from 2001 to 2004.
Both kings were enjoying a performance of Euripides ' Greek tragedy The Bacchae and a certain actor of the royal court, named Jason of Tralles, took the head and sang the following verses ( also from the Bacchae ):
Both the tapestry and Norman sources named Stigand, the excommunicated Archbishop of Canterbury, as the man who crowned Harold, possibly to discredit Harold's kingship ; English sources suggested that he was crowned by Ealdred, Archbishop of York and favoured by the papacy, making Harold's position as legitimate king more secure.
Both sources write: " He named the land Greenland, saying that people would be eager to go there if it had a good name.
Both forts were named in honor of the House of Orange-Nassau.
Both the county and city are named for the tribe.

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