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Bowron and these
Bowron was quoted on the radio on Abraham Lincoln's birthday in support of these camps: " There isn't a shadow of a doubt but that Lincoln, the mild-mannered man whose memory we regard with almost saint-like reverence, would make short work of rounding up the Japanese and putting them where they could do no harm.

Bowron and City
* Stephen W. Cunningham, Republican City Council member who ran against Bowron in 1941
* John C. Holland, Los Angeles City Council member, 1943 – 67, Bowron supporter

Bowron and Los
* Fletcher Bowron ( 1887 – 1968 ), Los Angeles mayor and judge
Poulson's victory in the Los Angeles mayoral race came after a contentious battle in which his opponent, incumbent mayor Fletcher Bowron, claimed that the Los Angeles Times wanted to control city government and, by endorsing Poulson, would have a puppet in the mayor's office.
Bradley served for twenty years as mayor of Los Angeles, surpassing Fletcher Bowron with the longest tenure in that office.
He served as the 33rd Mayor of Los Angeles between 1929 and 1933, and ran for re-election twice more but was defeated in 1933 by Frank L. Shaw and in 1941 by Fletcher Bowron.
Fletcher Bowron ( August 13, 1887 – September 11, 1968 ) was the 35th Mayor of Los Angeles, California, from September 26, 1938, until June 30, 1953.
* Fletcher Bowron, four term mayor of Los Angeles 1938-1953
The bombing scandals and the resulting wave of reform instigated by Mayor Bowron likely influenced the Mafia to move its gambling operations from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Bowron and March
Henry Reed, Indian veteran of Bataan Death March, call on Mayor Bowron.

urged and defeat
After the defeat of his brothers, the Gigantes, Gaia urged him to avenge them, as well as his other brothers, the Titans.
Robert E. Lee once again began an invasion of the North, in June 1863, and Lincoln urged Hooker to pursue and defeat him.
With the defeat of the Nazis in sight Confessing Church members within the Thuringia church body urged Rönck to resign in April 1945 and the US occupying power later arrested him only days after.
To get his revenge on Korea, he urged the Manchus to defeat the dynasty.
After the defeat of the Armada, Hawkins urged the seizure of Philip II's colonial treasure, in order to stop Spain re-arming.
But the followers of Ibn al-Zubayr urged the rebel to break the truce and declare war, stating that the Caliph was a beardless boy and a coward, afraid to fight, and so easy to defeat.
The song denounced Colonialism and urged for a united Arab People to defeat foreign occupation ( see Partitioning of the Ottoman Empire ).
Eichelberger recorded multiple instances when MacArthur urged him to hasten his efforts to rapidly defeat the Japanese.
Yushchenko urged his supporters to engage in a series of nationwide general strikes – an " Orange Revolution ", after his campaign color – with the intent of crippling the government and forcing Yanukovych to concede defeat.
The four resolutions condemned violations of the 1824 constitution by the Bustamante government and urged all Texans to support the patriots fighting under Santa Anna, who was at the time struggling to defeat military despotism.
In postwar writings, Pleasonton attempted to portray his role in the battle as being a major one, including predicting to Meade that the town of Gettysburg would be the decisive point and, after the Confederate defeat in Pickett's Charge, that he urged Meade to attack Gen. Lee and finish him off.
After the defeat of José de la Mar in Gran Colombia, Gamarra urged his overthrow and assumed the presidency for a brief period after Antonio Gutiérrez de la Fuente.
The defeat of the Pires Ferreira campaign and the sensationalist reports about the ferocity and fanaticism of Canudos ’ inhabitants provoked a great national outcry, and the Army was urged to rout the village, which was now growing by leaps and bounds ( it eventually reached 30, 000 residents ).
Pomeroy took to the Senate floor on February 10, 1873 to deny the allegations as a " conspiracy ... for the purpose of accomplishing my defeat ," and urged the creation of a special committee to investigate the allegations.
When news of the defeat was brought to Brixellum, many of Otho's troops urged him to fight on, pointing out that more troops were on the way.
After the defeat of this attack, Ducrot urged the French government to make peace.

urged and these
Ford urged Morgan to capture these men, who, he thought, might be disguised as Quakers or peasants.
The Government, deeming these suggestions inadequate, had urged that any judgment include divestiture of Du Pont's shares of General Motors.
Encouraged by these early gains Louis XIV urged Marshal Villeroi to go over to the offensive in the Spanish Netherlands and, with victory, gain a ' fair ' peace.
These wines continue to be associated with the homeless, mainly because marketers have been aggressive in targeting low-income communities as ideal consumers of these beverages ; organizations in cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland have urged makers of inexpensive fortified wine, including E & J Gallo Winery, to stop providing such products to liquor stores in impoverished areas.
As civil authority rapidly deteriorated, with random acts of violence and theft breaking out across the country, members of the nobility, fearing for their safety, fled to neighboring countries ; many of these émigrés, as they were called, funded counter-revolutionary causes within France and urged foreign monarchs to offer military support to a counter-revolution.
Today's graduating graphic design students are normally exposed to all of these areas of graphic design and urged to become familiar with all of them as well in order to be competitive.
" The Three " spoke in ecstatic visions and urged their followers to fast and pray, so that they might share these revelations.
Garfield had urged that the nation's ties to its southern neighbors be strengthened ; as early as 1876, he said, " I would rather blot out five or six European missions than these South American ones ... They are our neighbors and friends.
These preachers urged their congregations to action, including taking up arms, to combat these perceived transgressions.
" The German people, he urged, ought to heed these words " of the greatest anti-Semite of his time, the warner of his people against the Jews.
Following these victories, Johns and the Heritage Foundation urged further expanding the Reagan Doctrine to Ethiopia, where they argued that the Ethiopian famine was a product of the military and agricultural policies of Ethiopia's Soviet-supported Mengistu Haile Mariam government.
" While opposing the Reagan Doctrine as an official governmental policy, Cato instead urged Congress to remove the legal barriers prohibiting private organizations and citizens from supporting these resistance movements.
During these last months of his world tour, many of Brel's close friends, including Charles Aznavour, urged him to reconsider his decision to retire from singing, but Brel was adamant about his decision.
Rudyard Kipling, for instance, urged the United States to " Take up the White Man's burden " of bringing European civilization to the other peoples of the world, regardless of whether these " other peoples " wanted this civilization or not.
In 1963, while campaigning for Paul Johnson, who faced the challenge of the Republican Rubel Phillips, Barnett urged his state's Democrats to " push out this Republican threat " and added that he was " fed up with these fence-riding, pussy-footing, snow-digging Yankee Republicans.
Stressing that ministers and other officials too often sought favours from foreign powers by abusing their positions, Han Fei urged rulers to control these individuals by the two handles of punishment and favour.
From these letters and papers, published by the Massachusetts Historical Society in 1914, it appears that in 1768 Copley painted in Boston a portrait of Myles Cooper, president of King's College, who then urged his visiting New York.
Among the most important of these was the emergence of the U. S. as a Great Power on the international scene, and in 1917 TNR urged America's entry into World War I on the side of the Allies.
In the press journalists urged the public to protest against these decisions.
When the Rump insisted on placing restrictions on who could stand in these by-elections, Cooper urged Monck to insist instead on the return of the members of the Long Parliament secluded by Pride's Purge, and Monck obliged on 21 February 1660.
" One survival of the herbal exoticism that once characterized the patent medicine industry is the marketing of shampoos, which are often promoted as containing perfumes such as vetiver or ylang-ylang, and foods such as mangoes, bananas, or honey ; consumers are urged to put these ingredients in their hair despite lack of any evidence that these ingredients do anything other than make the hair smell like the ingredients.
Notwithstanding these circumstances, Henderson urged settlers in the area to hold a constitutional convention.
John Somers was against such a measure ; but Sidney Godolphin, who was believed to be personally alluded to in one of these harangues under the nickname of " Volpone ," urged the necessity of a prosecution and gained the day.
And they who brought about the peace between them were Syennesis the Kilikian and Labynetos the Babylonian: these were they who urged also the taking of the oath by them, and they brought about an interchange of marriages ; for they decided that Alyattes should give his daughter Aryenis to Astyages the son of Cyaxares, since without the compulsion of a strong tie agreements are apt not to hold strongly together.

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