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Breakthrough and Collaborative
They also performed at the 2006 CMT Music Awards, where they received multiple nominations including Group / Duo Video of the Year for Just Might ( Make Me Believe ), Breakthrough Video of the Year for Something More, and Collaborative Video of the Year for Who Says You Can't Go Home.
The sites are joined together under the umbrella organization, Breakthrough Collaborative, based in San Francisco.
In 2007, the Johns Hopkins University Center for Summer Learning awarded Breakthrough Collaborative and its affiliate site in Pittsburgh, with the Excellence in Summer Learning Award for exemplary mission, performance, and infrastructure in out-of-school academic support.
* Breakthrough Collaborative official website
* Breakthrough Collaborative, a multinational educational group

Breakthrough and Summerbridge
In 1995 Lovett began hosting Summerbridge Atlanta ( now known as Breakthrough Atlanta ), an academic enrichment program for middle school students from Atlanta's public schools.
In 2003, the Summerbridge / Breakthrough Alumni Network or SBAN was formed through the efforts of alumni.

Breakthrough and National
While Christensen's critically acclaimed portrayal of a misunderstood teenager in Life as a House ( 2001 ) earned him Golden Globe and SAG Award nominations as well as the National Board of Review's award for Breakthrough Performance of the Year, the performance did not receive widespread public notice.
" The film received generally favorable reviews, and Gyllenhaal's performance earned her the Best Breakthrough Performance by an Actress award from the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures, her first Golden Globe nomination, and an Independent Spirit Award nomination.
Topher Grace won the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures Award for Best Breakthrough Performance by an Actor for this film and In Good Company.
Hayden Christensen was nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture and the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Supporting Role and won the National Board of Review Award for Breakthrough Performance by an Actor.
* F. From DRP to National Democratic Party ( NDP ): Breakthrough to Respectability — Adolf von Thadden ; Otto Hess ; DRP National Party Congress, 1956
In 2011, The National were nominated for a Brit Award for International Breakthrough Act and an MTV Performing Woodie.

Breakthrough and is
In Philip Jose Farmer's " Riders of the Purple Wage ", there is a concept known as " the Pellucidar Breakthrough "
Breakthrough pain is pain that comes on suddenly for short periods of time and is not alleviated by the patients ' normal pain management.
Breakthrough is the second expansion pack for Medal of Honor: Allied Assault this time developed by TKO Software where the player takes the role of Sgt.
** The domestic steel industry is participating in the CO2 Breakthrough Program which explores alternative energy sources.
Breakthrough is an abstract strategy board game invented by Dan Troyka in 2000 and made available as a Zillions of Games file ( ZRF ).
He is seen as the theorist behind the " Modern Breakthrough " of Scandinavian culture.
Art of Noise, meanwhile, is the only artist or group to have won this award under its two incarnations: Most Experimental Video in 1985 and Breakthrough Video in 1989.
Billington is the author of Mikhailovsky and Russian Populism ( 1956 ), The Icon and the Axe ( 1966 ), Fire in the Minds of Men ( 1980 ), Russia Transformed: Breakthrough to Hope, August 1991 ( 1992 ) and The Face of Russia ( 1998 ), the companion book to the three-part television series of the same name, which he wrote and narrated for the Public Broadcasting Service.
This place name is the origin of term " God of the Breakthrough " in the Gospel music song of that name by Robert Critchley, sung by Lara George.
Atomic Betty is a Canadian animated television series produced by Atomic Cartoons, Breakthrough Films & Television, and Tele Images Kids.
She is the author of the book The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.
Breakthrough bleeding ( BTB ) is a term applied to various forms of vaginal bleeding, usually referring to mid-cycle bleeding in users of combined oral contraceptives, as attributed to insufficient estrogens.
Breakthrough bleeding is most commonly caused by an excessively thick endometrium ( uterine lining ).
Breakthrough bleeding is most common when a woman first begins taking oral contraceptives, or changes from one particular oral contraceptive to another, though it is possible for breakthrough bleeding to happen at any time.
Breakthrough bleeding is likely due to hormonal fluctuations.
Breakthrough bleeding that does not resolve on its own is a common reason for women to switch to different pill formulations, or to switch to a non-hormonal method of birth control.
He is also founder of Breakthrough ( a media ministry ), the Bridge of Hope missions organization, Valor Christian College, Harvest Preparatory School, World Harvest Ministerial Alliance, Metro Harvest Church ( an inner-city and prison outreach ), Latin Harvest Church ( a Spanish-language church in Columbus ) and The Women's Clinic of Columbus.
Breakthrough is an outreach of Bridge of Hope, an international missions organization that is perhaps the least recognized of Parsley's ministry activities.
One of her works, titled " Breakthrough ," is located at Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri, US.
On April 2, 1865, Grant ordered a general advance all along the Confederate lines, which broke in several places, leading to what is now known as the Fall of Petersburg or Breakthrough at Petersburg or occasionally the Third Battle of Petersburg.
Bose is associated with several charitable organizations such as Akshara Centre, Breakthrough, Citizens for Justice and Peace and the Spastics Society of India.
The show's production company is Breakthrough Entertainment.

Breakthrough and organization
According to a survey of the reading habits of 15-to 29-year-olds in Hong Kong conducted by Breakthrough, a non-profit Christian youth organization in Hong Kong, in February 1999, however, ' East Touch ' lagged behind its closest competitors.
Established in 1973, Breakthrough in Hong Kong was the first non-profit organization that applied the concepts of Experiential Education ( though primarily conceptualized in terms of outdoor adventure education ) in youth works.
* Breakthrough ( human rights ), a human rights organization in the U. S. and India
* Breakthrough ( Transnistria ), a political youth organization in Transnistria

Breakthrough and programs
In November, Stalin declared that it " The Year of the Great Breakthrough " and stated that the country would focus on industrial programs as well as on collectivizing the grain supply.
East St. Louis adopted a number of programs to try to reverse decline: the Model Cities program, the Concentrated Employment Program, and Operation Breakthrough.
Before the 2008 debate, Ifill's objectivity was questioned by conservative talk radio, blogs and cable news programs as well as some independent media analysts because of her book The Breakthrough, which was scheduled to be released on Inauguration Day 2009 but whose contents had not been disclosed to the debate commission or the campaigns.
Breakthrough offers high-potential, under-served middle school students the opportunity to participate in rigorous academic enrichment programs throughout the summer and school year.
Since its inception in 1978, Breakthrough programs around the world have generated thousands of student and teacher alums.
In March 2006, the 22 host schools of Breakthrough programs were awarded the Klingenstein Leadership Award by the Klingenstein Center at Teachers College, Columbia University.

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