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Breakthrough and middle
In 1995 Lovett began hosting Summerbridge Atlanta ( now known as Breakthrough Atlanta ), an academic enrichment program for middle school students from Atlanta's public schools.
Students make a commitment to participate in the program through middle school and high school and in turn, Breakthrough provides many services to students and their families, ranging from academic enrichment to one-on-one tutoring to high school and college preparation.

Breakthrough and school
Through the Form Charity programme the whole school community helps raise money and awareness for good causes locally ( e. g. Princess Alice Hospice, Barnardos, Home-Start and the Shooting Star Trust ), nationally ( Jeans for Genes Day and Breakthrough Breast Cancer ), and internationally ( Opportunity International, the African Medical and Research Foundation, Pahamune House and Kiira College ).
Additionally, all Breakthrough classes are taught by talented, high-achieving high school and college students from around the country who are interested in the field of education.

Breakthrough and students
Maryborough also plays host to the RACV Energy Breakthrough in which thousands of students, teachers, parents and spectators from around Australia come to the town to witness a Human Powered Vehicle race where teams can complete up to 888 kilometres in 24 hours.
As a student in economics at the University of Copenhagen in 1882, he was one of four students to publish the single issue of the literary periodical Verðandi, which introduced to Iceland the Modern Breakthrough expounded by Georg Brandes.

Breakthrough and academic
In 2007, the Johns Hopkins University Center for Summer Learning awarded Breakthrough Collaborative and its affiliate site in Pittsburgh, with the Excellence in Summer Learning Award for exemplary mission, performance, and infrastructure in out-of-school academic support.

Breakthrough and programs
In November, Stalin declared that it " The Year of the Great Breakthrough " and stated that the country would focus on industrial programs as well as on collectivizing the grain supply.
East St. Louis adopted a number of programs to try to reverse decline: the Model Cities program, the Concentrated Employment Program, and Operation Breakthrough.
Before the 2008 debate, Ifill's objectivity was questioned by conservative talk radio, blogs and cable news programs as well as some independent media analysts because of her book The Breakthrough, which was scheduled to be released on Inauguration Day 2009 but whose contents had not been disclosed to the debate commission or the campaigns.
Breakthrough Collaborative ( formerly Summerbridge National ) is the umbrella organization of a collaborative of programs across the United States and in Hong Kong that aim to effect positive change in urban schools.
Since its inception in 1978, Breakthrough programs around the world have generated thousands of student and teacher alums.
In March 2006, the 22 host schools of Breakthrough programs were awarded the Klingenstein Leadership Award by the Klingenstein Center at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Breakthrough and summer
During the summer of 1989, Watley ’ s " Real Love " video, directed by David Fincher, was nominated for seven MTV Video Music Awards including Breakthrough Video, Best Art Direction, Best Dance Video, and Best Female Video at the 1989 award show.
In addition to a nationwide radio tour, club performances, a brief European and Asian appearances, Luckett participated in the 2006 " Pantene Total You " Tour, the " Cingular Live in Concert " series, and was invited by Mary J. Blige to join her summer tour, The Breakthrough Experience Tour, as her opening act.

Breakthrough and year
Tomei had won the previous year for Best Breakthrough Performance for My Cousin Vinny.
The last of this award was given out in 1987, after which it was replaced with Breakthrough Video the following year.
The award for Breakthrough Video was given out every year from 1988 to 2005, after which it was retired.
She won an MTV Movie Award for " Breakthrough Female Performance " for the role, and the Chicago Film Critics voted her the most promising new actress of the year.
The following year, 1981, he was assistant cameraman on Läpimurto ( a. k. a. The Breakthrough ), directed by Janne Kuusi, and made a cameo appearance as a police officer.
Breakthrough has certain parallels with David Williams ' Second Sight ( Simon and Schuster, 1977 ), coincidentally written the same year and later adapted for the TV movie, The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan ( 1979 ).
By the end of the year, Wolfmother had won Triple J's J Award for Australian Album of the Year, and " Woman " had been nominated for Single of the Year and Best Breakthrough Artist ( Single ) at the ARIA Music Awards.
released album Lowlife in 1999, Zero 7 were residents at the club for two years in the run-up to the 2001 release of Simple Things, Scissor Sisters played their first UK gig at the club, and Erol Alkan went from being chosen as Best Breakthrough DJ at the 2002 Muzik Awards through to winning Mixmag ’ s DJ of the year in 2006.
* On February 27, 1967, after a year of increased racial tension and disturbances, regular classes were canceled for " Breakthrough Day ," a day-long, student initiated teach-in on race relations.

Breakthrough and .
Friday night the delegates heard the need for their forthcoming program, `` Breakthrough '' scheduled to fill the churches for the next two years.
In his opening address Wednesday the Rev. Mr. Zimmerman, urged the delegates to consider a 10-year expansion program, with `` Breakthrough '' the theme for the first two years.
Breakthrough: Position of the battle at 17: 30.
In 2011, it was announced that Barrymore had been cast alongside John Krasinski in Ken Kwapis's Big Miracle ( 2012 ), a romantic drama based on the 1989 book Freeing the Whales, which covers Operation Breakthrough, the 1988 international effort to rescue gray whales from being trapped in ice near Point Barrow, Alaska.
At the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards, the creative music video for " Virtual Insanity " won four awards ; Best Video, Best Special Effects, Best Cinematography, and Breakthrough Video, and the band performed the song at the ceremony.
" Her performance earned her the MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance, the Saturn Award for Best Young Actress, and her first Golden Globe Award nomination.
* Gerald Graff ( 1973 ) The Myth of the Postmodernist Breakthrough, TriQuarterly, 26 ( Winter, 1973 ) 383 – 417 ; rept in The Novel Today: Contemporary Writers on Modern Fiction Malcolm Bradbury, ed., ( London: Fontana, 1977 ); reprinted in Proza Nowa Amerykanska, ed., Szice Krytyczne ( Warsaw, Poland, 1984 ); reprinted in Postmodernism in American Literature: A Critical Anthology, Manfred Putz and Peter Freese, eds., ( Darmstadt: Thesen Verlag, 1984 ), 58 – 81.
On December 22, 2006, the journal Science honored Perelman's proof of the Poincaré conjecture as the scientific " Breakthrough of the Year ", the first time this had been bestowed in the area of mathematics.
In December 2006, the journal Science honored the proof of Poincaré conjecture as the Breakthrough of the Year and featured it on its cover.
Breakthrough pain is pain that comes on suddenly for short periods of time and is not alleviated by the patients ' normal pain management.
The video received awards for Best Direction, Breakthrough, and Best Choreography, which Jonze accepted, still in character.
The film was successful at the box office, grossing $ 125, 586, 134 worldwide and earned Gellar a Blockbuster Entertainment Award for Favorite Supporting Actress – Horror and a MTV Movie Award nomination for Best Breakthrough Performance.
The film was a huge box office success in Europe, inspiring the sequel Breakthrough starring Richard Burton.
On 9 September 1999, he performed " Praise You " at the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards in New York City, and won three awards, including the award for Breakthrough Video.
Tork's record and movie production entity, the Breakthrough Influence Company ( BRINCO ), also failed to launch, despite such talent as future Little Feat guitarist, Lowell George.
The video for " Kiss " was much seen on MTV and VH1, and won the MTV Video Music Award for Breakthrough Video.
While Christensen's critically acclaimed portrayal of a misunderstood teenager in Life as a House ( 2001 ) earned him Golden Globe and SAG Award nominations as well as the National Board of Review's award for Breakthrough Performance of the Year, the performance did not receive widespread public notice.
The film was also nominated for the " Best Breakthrough Film " at the Online Film Critics Society Awards.
* American Chestnut Restoration Breakthrough: The Tale of a Tree ( GreenXC. com, June 28, 2011 )
In early 2006, Breakthrough Entertainment, the producers of the series Atomic Betty and Paradise Falls, announced that an animated comedy series based on the character was in development.
Witherspoon's performance received good reviews and garnered her the Young Hollywood Award for Best Female Breakthrough Performance.
In February 2000, the group won the ' British Breakthrough Act ' award at the 2000 BRIT Awards.

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