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Brian and Jones
( C ) 1983 Acorn Computers Ltd. Thanks are due to the following contributors to the development of the Electron ( among others too numerous to mention ):- Bob Austin, Astec, Harry Barman, Paul Bond, Allen Boothroyd, Ben Bridgewater, Cambridge, John Cox, Chris Curry, 6502 designers, Jeremy Dion, Tim Dobson, Joe Dunn, Ferranti, Steve Furber, David Gale, Andrew Gordon, Martyn Gilbert, Lawrence Hardwick, Hermann Hauser, John Herbert, Hitachi, Andy Hopper, Paul Jephcot, Brian Jones, Chris Jordan, Computer Laboratory, Tony Mann, Peter Miller, Trevor Morris, Steve Parsons, Robin Pain, Glyn Phillips, Brian Robertson, Peter Robinson, David Seal, Kim Spence-Jones, Graham Tebby, Jon Thackray, Topexpress, Chris Turner, Hugo Tyson, John Umney, Alex van Someren, Geoff Vincent, Adrian Warner, Robin Williamson, Roger Wilson.
It also attracted a wider crowd of mostly younger fans, some of whom occasionally performed with the group, including Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Geoff Bradford, Rod Stewart, John Mayall and Jimmy Page.
The photographs were parodied in a 1994 book written by Terry Jones and Brian Froud, Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Book.
However, not only did he reject the title of Dominus during his reign, but since he issued no official documentation or coinage to this effect, historians such as Brian Jones contend that such phrases were addressed to Domitian by flatterers who wished to earn favors from the emperor.
The most important of these was The Emperor Domitian, by Brian W. Jones.
* Domitia and Domitian ( 2000 ), a historical novel by David Corson based on the works of Brian Jones and Pat Southern, revolving around the titular characters.
He created an audio CD with the title DRH / JJ, which includes all these compositions performed primarily by pianist Jane Jackson, but with a few performed by Brian Jones, Dafna Barenboim, Gitanjali Mathur and himself.
* 1942 – Brian Jones, English musician ( The Rolling Stones ) ( d. 1969 )
Musicians who are primarily known as singers or performers on another instrument who also have recorded and performed harmonica solos include Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Donovan, Taj Mahal, Mick Jagger and Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones, Huey Lewis of Huey Lewis and the News, John Mayall, Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac, Roger Daltrey of The Who, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, Bono of U2, Rick Davies of Supertramp, and Richard " Magic Dick " Salwitz of The J. Geils Band.
* 1969 – Brian Jones, English musician, composer, and producer ( The Rolling Stones ) ( b. 1942 )
The multi-instrumentalist, founder and former The Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones played koto in the song Take It Or Leave It, on the album Aftermath, 1966.
In the section where Life of Brian is being discussed, Terry Jones says, " I think the film is heretical, but it ’ s not blasphemous ".
On 30 April 2004, Life of Brian was re-released on five North American screens to " cash in " ( as Terry Jones put it ) on the box office success of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ.
In 1984, BBC Radio 4 broadcast two 90-minute plays based on Titus Groan and Gormenghast, adapted by Brian Sibley and starring Sting as Steerpike and Freddie Jones as the Artist ( narrator ).
* 1999 – Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones become the first to circumnavigate the Earth in a hot air balloon.
Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys ( whose much anticipated Smile project would not emerge until 2004 ), Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones, Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac and Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd were early " acid casualties ", helping to shift the focus of the respective bands of which they had been leading figures.
Beauty ( 1989 ) boasted a tracklist that combined pop and traditional Japanese and Okinawan songs, yet featured guest appearances by Jill Jones, Brian Wilson, and Robbie Robertson.
Guitarist Brian Jones played slide in a very blues-oriented style.
More frequently, he played parts that no one else wanted to play ( generally because they required a lot of make-up or uncomfortable costumes, such as a recurring knight in armour who would end sketches by walking on and hitting one of the other characters over the head with a plucked chicken ) and took a number of small roles in the films, including Patsy in Monty Python and the Holy Grail ( which he co-directed with Terry Jones, where Gilliam was responsible for photography, while Jones would guide the actors ' performances ) and the jailer in Monty Python's Life of Brian.
The earliest settled line-up consisted of Brian Jones ( guitar, harmonica ), Ian Stewart ( piano ), Mick Jagger ( lead vocals, harmonica ), Keith Richards ( guitar, vocals ), Bill Wyman ( bass ) and Charlie Watts ( drums ).
Richards, Taylor, and Jagger found Brian Jones as he sat in playing slide guitar with Alexis Korner's seminal London R & B band, Blues Incorporated, at the Ealing Jazz Club.

Brian and concludes
However, Brian Hanley's history of the IRA from 1926-1936 concludes that the trouble arose because they were seen as " communist ", and not for sectarian reasons.

Brian and Emperor
It is interesting that Brian is not referred to in the passage from the ' Book of Armagh ' as the ' Ard Ri ' — that is, High-King — but rather he is declared " Imperator Scottorum ," or " Emperor of the Irish " (" Scottorum " then being the common Late Latin term for the Irish: Ireland was usually referred to in Latin as " Scotia Major " while Scotland was referred to as " Scotia Minor ").
* Croke, Brian, " Dynasty and Ethnicity: Emperor Leo and the Eclipse of Aspar ", Chiron 35 ( 2005 ), 147-203.
The High King Brian Boru ( c. 941-1014 ) based his title on being emperor of the Irish people, which was in Latin: " Imperator Scottorum ", as distinct from claiming to be Emperor of the island of Ireland.
Brian Boru declared himself " Emperor of the Irish " in 1005, despite having many Irish rivals.
* In 2000, Emperor Norton Records published Logan's Sanctuary, an album of electronica music conceived as the soundtrack to an imagined Logan's Run sequel, written and performed by Roger Joseph Manning Jr. and Brian Reitzell, and featuring contributions from Jason Falkner.
The Golden Path is the main driving force in the Frank Herbert-written novels Children of Dune ( 1976 ), God Emperor of Dune ( 1981 ), Heretics of Dune ( 1984 ), and Chapterhouse: Dune ( 1985 ), and is brought to its conclusion in the novels which complete the original series, Hunters of Dune ( 2006 ) and Sandworms of Dune ( 2007 ) by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.
It is alluded to in the Legends of Dune prequel series by Frank Herbert's son, Brian Herbert, and Kevin J. Anderson that Shakkad was in fact an Emperor of the Boro family, which ruled centuries before the Time of Titans, the rule of the computer evermind Omnius, and the Butlerian Jihad, all of which were described in the Herbert-Anderson series.
In 1968, a controversy brewed up when a local Baptist minister attempted to get the school to not use the novels Demian by Hermann Hesse, The Emperor of Ice-Cream by Brian More, and Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes in an English class.
* Brian Moore, Emperor of Ice Cream novel set in the Belfast Blitz.

Brian and Domitian
* Domitia and Domitian ( 2000 ), a historical novel by David Corson based on historical works by Brian Jones and Pat Southern, revolving around the titular characters.

Brian and assessing
As noted by Brian Lapping, the Community Development Projects were also designed to test the view that within poor communities local residents could articulate local grievances, get conditions in their areas improved, and provide some kind of political leadership, in a way that the existing political structure had failed to do, “ largely because these areas of intense poverty were rarely big enough to be electorally important .” In assessing the First Wilson Government ’ s efforts to uplift the poorest members of British society via the establishment of the Community Development Projects and the designation of the Educational Priority Areas, Brian Lapping noted that
Brian Martin points out that the ARC has tended to confuse inputs and outputs, that is, in assessing potential research projects it tends to look at how much money a researcher has previously been granted ( 2011: 100 ); the ARC artificially sets reporting requirements to confirm how effective the ARC is in promoting research ( 2011: 100 ); and the result of the ARC and its recent initiatives has been to encourage competition between universities, competition ultimately counterproductive to the research process ( 2011: 101 ).

Brian and true
King Brian meets Darby halfway by appearing to both Michael and Katie in his true form in their dreams.
In 1993, Brian Sedgemore MP, complained that promises Granada made during the 1991 franchise round to open offices in Chester, Lancaster and Blackburn were not made but David Liddiment at Granada did not believe this assertion to be true.
She is angry at Brian but he says to her that everything that he said to her about their relationship is true and convinces her to come with him to save her brother and his friends from the armed truck drivers, and they leave on the Highway 65 outside L. A. to catch up with Dominic and the rest of the group.
British physicist Sir Alfred Brian Pippard wrote, " There is thus no justification for the view, often glibly repeated, that the Second Law of Thermodynamics is only statistically true, in the sense that microscopic violations repeatedly occur, but never violations of any serious magnitude.
• Owning Mahowny ( 2003 )-based on a true story about Brian Moloney, who stole $ 10 million to feed his addiction to bets ;
In contrast to NBC's " hard news " magazine program, Rock Center with Brian Williams, Dateline programming focuses on true crime and human interest stories, predominantly featuring a single story for the entire program.
With Billy's name cleared, Brian and Carl Alphonse ( Larry Hankin ), a loyal, long-time employee of Madison Hotels, argue to Eric that Billy deserves another chance, but Eric disagrees and finally shows his true colors by disrespecting Brian in front of the group and threatens to file a lawsuit.
Likewise, in the New York Daily News, David Bianculli states that the episode is " a true tour de force, and another inventive triumph for this vastly underrated series " Brian Courtis in Australia's Sunday Age agrees, and writes that " Hush " is "( c ) lever, well-written and brightly directed ... Buffy at its best.
This leads Brian to become roommates with Limbaugh, and begins following him everywhere, before Limbaugh convinces Brian of his true political convictions.
The first ever true rallycross was organised by Bud Smith († 1994 ) and the Tunbridge Wells Centre of the 750 MC, with the aid of Lydden Circuit owner Bill Chesson († 1999 ), and was won by later Formula One driver as well as 1968 Rally Monte Carlo winner Vic Elford in a showroom Porsche 911 of the British importer AFN, ahead of Brian Melia in his Ford Lotus Cortina and Tony Fall in a BMC Mini Cooper S.
Space Ship One and White Knight pilot / astronaut Brian Binnie reports this is not true.
Smart, successful and sexy, Jackson Smith ( Chestnut ), Brian Palmer ( Bellamy ), Derrick West ( Hughley ) and Terry White ( Moore ) are lifelong friends since childhood, banded together to weather love's innate terrors and occasional triumphs in this brazenly comic yet painfully true exploration of the battle between the sexes.
It was true that, in the last months of his life, he did start drafting a symphony – but this was the work in D major now accepted as Symphony No. 10, which has been realized for performance by Brian Newbould.
In 1971 she starred as " Joy Piccolo ", opposite Billy Dee Williams and James Caan in the successful TV movie Brian's Song, the true story of terminally ill Chicago Bears running back Brian Piccolo ( played by Caan ).
They were each sentenced to imprisonment for life on each count to be served cumulatively ; the presiding judge, Justice Brian Martin, stated that the men were " in the business of killing for pleasure " and were also " incapable of true rehabilitation ".
Brian is a true slacker, doing as little as possible, showing no enthusiasm, and even smoking on the job.
New vocalist Brian Maxim ( former member of Stumbling Blind and The Passing Fancy ), who was considered a true member of Moxy, as Brian sung back-ups for " Buzz " on tour back in 1977, worked with Buddy Caine and Terry Juric in the band Voodoo and worked with " Buzz " at Shaw Industries in the early 80s.
In review for The Washington Post, Katherine Arie described some of the characters as unconvincing, such as Brian, who is " too good to be true ", Jesse, " a poster child for self-destructive behavior ", and Kate, who is " as weak and wispy on the page as she's supposed to be in life ", but ultimately called the book " a thrill to read ".
This was Brian Seward's The Acorn-the true story of Chicken Licken.

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