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Brichtothe and is
According to Herbert C. Brichtothe, writing in Reform Judaism's Hebrew Union College Annual, the family tomb is the central concept in understanding biblical views of the afterlife.

Brichtothe and for
According to Brichtothe, other Biblical names for Sheol were: Abaddon ( ruin ), found in Psalm 88: 11, Job 28: 22 and Proverbs 15: 11 ; Bor ( the pit ), found in Isaiah 14: 15, 24: 22, Ezekiel 26: 20 ; and Shakhat ( corruption ), found in Isaiah 38: 17, Ezekiel 28: 8.

states and is
And if he is so scornful of the rights of states, why not advocate a different sort of constitution that he could more sincerely support??
The long-settled areas of states like Virginia and South Carolina developed the ante-bellum culture to its richest flowering, and there the memory is more precious, and the consciousness of loss the greater.
For better or for worse, we all now live in welfare states, the organizing principle of which is collective responsibility for individual well-being.
Community decision makers must make up their minds whether a claim is acceptable to the larger community in terms of prevailing expectations regarding members of nation states.
Our problem, therefore, is to devise processes more modest in their aspirations, adjusted to the real world of sovereign nation states and diverse and hostile communities.
The House communications subcommittee is expected to report out a good bill calling for the states to match federal funds.
progress, or lack of it, toward civil rights in the 50 states is reported in an impressive 689-page compilation issued last week by the United States Commission on Civil Rights.
The New English Bible ( the Old Testament and Apocrypha will be published at a future date ) has not been planned to rival or replace the King James Version, but, as its cover states, it is offered `` simply as the Bible to all those who will use it in reading, teaching, or worship ''.
Of these states the average `` change-over '' point ( at which a car is substituted for allowances ) is 13,200 miles per year.
A review of practices in other states regarding fiscal uniformity is pertinent to this report.
In sixteen states, the fiscal year ending of the cities ( June 30 ) is the same as that of the state: Alaska, Arizona, California, Delaware, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming, and Hawaii ).
Information is hereby given that Mr. Timothy Palmer of Newburyport, Mass. has agreed to take charge of the concerns of the Patentees of the Chain Bridge, in the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, so far as relates to the sale of Patent rights and the construction of Chain Bridges.
The drug's chemical name is listed, since most states require feed processors to use this name instead of the trade name on the feed tag.
There is a well-known relationship between probability and entropy which states that Af, where **zq is the probability that state ( i.e., volume for an ideal gas ) could be reached by chance alone.
Although we are still far from a complete understanding of these problems, as a first approximation, it is suggested that alterations in the hypothalamic balance with consequent changes in the hypothalamic-cortical discharges account for major changes in behavior seen in various moods and states of emotions in man and beast under physiological circumstances, in experimental and clinical neurosis, and as the result of psychopharmacological agents.
In view of the important role which emotional disturbances play in the genesis of neurotic and psychotic disorders and the parallelism observed between autonomic states and psychological behavior in several instances, it is further suggested that a hypothalamic imbalance may play an important role in initiating mental changes.
In most states, trade and industrial training is provided in a minority of the high schools, usually located in the larger cities.
that is, from aspects of a universal system of Justice into particular rules governing the relations of sovereign states.
It is not surprising that the international obligations of states were also viewed in terms of contract.
A tax-free reorganization not complying with the merger or consolidation statutes of the states involved is difficult to fit into an `` operation of law '' mold.
It is disconcerting, nevertheless, to read in a labor weekly, `` Perluss knuckles down to growers '', and then to be confronted with a growers' publication which states, `` Perluss recognizes obviously phony and trumped-up strikes as bona fide ''.
Or is this subject a matter of self-determination, a matter of states rights or county rights??
If the problem is enlarged to require a complete coverage of feed states, Af operations are needed by the dynamic program and Af by the direct search.

states and mere
Even though the author of the book states that Ruth " just happens " to find Boaz's field ( Ruth 2: 3 ), the reader may be led to accede to the notion that in Bible terms there is no mere chance, but that chance and God's providence amount to the same thing.
" The Babylonian Talmud Yevamot 69b states that: " the embryo is considered to be mere water until the fortieth day.
It only applies to languages traditionally used by the nationals of the State Parties ( thus excluding languages used by recent immigrants from other states, see immigrant languages ), which significantly differ from the majority or official language ( thus excluding what the state party wishes to consider as mere local dialects of the official or majority language ) and that either have a territorial basis ( and are therefore traditionally spoken by populations of regions or areas within the State ) or are used by linguistic minorities within the State as a whole ( thereby including such languages as Yiddish and Romani, which are used over a wide geographic area ).
The government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli, conferred the additional title upon her by an Act of Parliament, reputedly to assuage the monarch's irritation at being, as a mere Queen, notionally inferior to her own daughter ( Princess Victoria was the wife of the reigning German Emperor ); the Indian Imperial designation was also formally justified as the expression of Britain succeeding as paramount ruler of the subcontinent the former Mughal ' Padishah of Hind ', using indirect rule through hundreds of princely states formally under protection, not colonies, but accepting the British Sovereign as their suzerain.
Certain scholars and political leaders feel that these modern developments endanger nation states by taking power away from state governments and ceding it to international bodies such as the U. N. and the World Bank, argue that international law has evolved to a point where it exists separately from the mere consent of states, and discern a legislative and judicial process to international law that parallels such processes within domestic law.
An internalist about knowledge will likely hold that the conditions that distinguish mere true belief from knowledge are similarly internal to the individual's perspective or grounded in the subject's mental states.
It was innovative for the time, in being both the first ever treaty for a truly international court ( as opposed to a mere arbitral tribunal ), and in providing individuals with access to the court, going against the prevailing doctrines of international law at the time, according to which only states had rights and duties under international law.
Michael Freeden in his study Ideologies and Political Theory ( 1996 ) states that all socialists share five themes: the first is that socialism posits that society is more than a mere collection of individuals ; second, that it considers human welfare a desirable objective ; third, that it considers humans by nature to be active and productive ; fourth, it holds the belief of human equality ; and fifth, that history is progressive and will create positive change on the condition that humans work to achieve such change.
Reagan carries 49 states in the electoral college ; Mondale wins only his home state of Minnesota by a mere 3, 761 vote margin and the District of Columbia.
However, the " official " UCC is a mere draft that must be enacted individually by each of the U. S. states.
Problems have been raised for this view because the mental states seem to be reduced to mere physical causes.
In a number of post-caliphal states under Mongol or Turkic rule, there was a feudal type of military hierarchy, often decimal ( mainly in larger empires ), using originally princely titles ( Khan, Malik, Amir ) as mere rank denominations.
" In mere months, Epaminondas had created two new enemy states that opposed Sparta, shaken the foundations of Sparta's economy, and all but devastated Sparta's prestige.
In Moby Dick, or, The Whale, Herman Melville states on page 507: "... and in these same perilous seas, gropes he not his way by mere dead reckoning of the error-abounding log?
James Madison believed that the mere existence of the Commerce Clause would bar states from imposing any duty of tonnage: " He was more and more convinced that the regulation of Commerce was in its nature indivisible and ought to be wholly under one authority.
Searle says that in Dennett's view, there is no consciousness in addition to the computational features, because that is all that consciousness amounts to for him: mere effects of a von Neumann ( esque ) virtual machine implemented in a parallel architecture and therefore implies that conscious states are illusory, but Searle points out: " where consciousness is concerned, the existence of the appearance is the reality.
The Chinese emperors made sure that the gifts they paid to other states were known as mere gifts, not tributes.
Madhyamaka states that impermanent collections of causes and conditions are designated by mere conceptual labels.
:" The fact that fate of the revolution was decided in Vienna and Berlin, that the key issues of life were dealt with in both those capitals without taking the slightest notice of the Frankfurt assembly-that fact alone is sufficient to prove that the institution was a mere debating club, consisting of an accumulation of gullible wretches who allowed themselves to be abused as puppets by the governments, so as to provide a show to amuse the shopkeepers and tradesmen of small states and towns, as long as it was considered necessary to distract their attention.
Other major powers become mere client states.
The argument states that since a person not privy to revelation must either accept it or reject it based solely upon the authority of its proponent, and there is no way for a mere mortal to resolve these conflicting claims by investigation, it is prudent to reserve one's judgment.
The report states that, " On the one hand, socialism transformed and modernized backward societies, secured important economic and social rights, assisted countries breaking free of colonialism, contributed decisively to the victory over Nazism, constituted by its mere presence a pressure on the ruling classes in the capitalist world to make concessions to their working classes and democratic movements, and acted as a counterweight to the aggressive ambitions of U. S. imperialism for nearly fifty years.
The claim that al-Hakim was mad and the version of events around him is disputed as mere propaganda by some scholars, such as Willi Frischaue who states " His enemies called him the ' Mad Caliph ' but he enhanced Cairo's reputation as a centre of civilization.

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