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British and Decca
** New Musical Express, a British music magazine, publishes a story about two 13-year-old schoolgirls, Sue and Mary, releasing a disc on Decca and adds " A Liverpool group, The Beatles, have recorded ' Love Me Do ' for Parlophone Records, set for October 5 release.
In April 1981, Bill Haley & His Comets returned to the British musical charts once again when MCA Records ( inheritors of the Decca catalog ) released " Haley's Golden Medley ", a hastily compiled edit of the band's best known hits in the style of the then-popular " Stars on 45 " format.
British record label Decca began development of their own 2-track digital audio recorders in 1978, and released the first European digital recording in 1979.
Finishing the contract with Decca, Latimer was unable to interest other British record companies and eventually moved to California when the lawsuit ended in his favor.
Though her sisters Unity and Diana were well-known British supporters of Hitler and her father was described as being " one of nature's fascists ," Jessica ( always known as " Decca ") renounced her privileged background at an early age and became an adherent of communism.
Decca Records began as a British record label established in 1929 by Edward Lewis.
In 1939, British Decca head Edward Lewis sold his interest in American Decca because of World War II.
The American RCA label severed its longtime affiliation with EMI's His Master's Voice ( HMV ) label in 1957, which allowed British Decca to market and distribute Elvis Presley's recordings in the UK on the RCA label ( later RCA Victor ).
British Decca had several missed opportunities.
Decca had earlier accepted London-born pioneer rock ' n ' roll singer Terry Dene, who was later known as the British Elvis Presley, and another Merseyside singer, Billy Fury.
British Decca lost a key source for American records when Atlantic Records switched British distribution to Polydor Records in 1966 in order for Atlantic to gain access to British recording artists which they did not have under Decca distribution.
Although Decca had set up the first of the British " progressive " labels, Deram Records, in 1966, with such stars as Cat Stevens and The Moody Blues, by the time the punk era set in 1977, Decca had pop success with such acts as John Miles, novelty creation Father Abraham and The Smurfs, and productions by longtime Decca associate Jonathan King.
For many years, Decca's British classical recordings were issued in the US under the London Records label because British Decca was not allowed to use its name there, there already being an American Decca.

British and released
However, documents released by the Cameroonians, in parity with that of the British and Germans, clearly places Bakassi under Cameroonian Territory as a consequence of colonial era Anglo-German agreements.
In October 1967, the British group Nirvana released The Story of Simon Simopath ( subtitled " A Science Fiction Pantomime "), an album that tells the story of the title character.
Sorrow ( released in December 1968 ) by British group the Pretty Things is generally considered to be among the first creatively successful rock concept albums-in that each song is part of an overarching unified concept – the life story of the main character, Sebastian Sorrow.
Five months after the release of Tommy, The Kinks released another concept album, Arthur ( Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire ) ( September 1969 ), written by Ray Davies ; though considered by some a rock opera, it was originally conceived as the score for a proposed but never realised BBC television drama.
The British group A Flock of Seagulls, released their self-titled concept album based on an alien invasion.
In 2004 the British hip hop group The Streets released A Grand Don't Come for Free, a concept album charting a period of the protagonists life in which he meets a girl, starts a relationship with her and then breaks up with her after finding out she has been cheating on him.
British rapper Plan B released a concept album titled The Defamation of Strickland Banks in which he plays a soul singer named Strickland Banks.
A Greatest Hits CD released in 1994 became another entry into the British charts.
* 1970 – October Crisis: In Montreal, Quebec, kidnapped British Trade Commissioner James Cross is released by the Front de libération du Québec terrorist group after being held hostage for 60 days.
Titled Dr. Syn, Alias the Scarecrow, the British theatrical version was released on a double bill with The Sword in the Stone, and ran during the 1963 Christmas season ( advertised in the January 1964 issue of Photoplay ).
Satirising life in a British prison, meanwhile, the Bowie-penned " Over the Wall We Go " became a 1967 single for Oscar ; another Bowie composition, " Silly Boy Blue ", was released by Billy Fury the following year.
After months of chaos in Kabul, Mohammad Akbar Khan secured local control and in April 1843 his father Dost Mohammad, who had been released by the British, returned to the throne in Afghanistan.
Electric Light Orchestra ( ELO ) were a British rock group from Birmingham who released eleven studio albums between 1971 and 1986 and another album in 2001.
Later the same year, the first all-talking British feature, The Clue of the New Pin ( 1929 ) was released.
In 1930, the first all-colour all-talking British feature, Harmony Heaven ( 1930 ), was released.
The only writer to widely publish British grimoires in the early 19th century, Robert Cross Smith, released The Philosophical Merlin ( 1822 ) and The Astrologer of the Nineteenth Century ( 1825 ), but neither sold well.
* Undercover ( 1943 ), a British film produced by Ealing Studios, released in the US by Columbia pictures as Underground Guerrillas.
According to British war cabinet minutes released in 2006, Winston Churchill advocated Himmler's assassination.
In 1943 the USSR released the Revisionist Zionist leader, Menachem Begin from the Gulag and he went to Palestine, taking command of the Etzel organization with a policy of increased conflict against the British.
The National Lottery also released a flood of funds for major enhancements to existing attractions, for example the roofing of the Great Court at the British Museum.
Nehru and his colleagues had been released as the British Cabinet Mission arrived to propose plans for transfer of power.
After failed bids to form coalitions, Nehru reluctantly supported the partition of India, according to a plan released by the British on 3 June 1947.
* Janus, a British band based in Germany, that released an album called Gravedigger on Harvest Records in 1972
Realizing their error, the British released the convention leaders on 12 April 1948.
In 1935, British movie, The Silent Passenger, was released, in which Lord Peter ( played by Peter Haddon ) solved a mystery on the boat train crossing the English Channel.

British and on
It was a war of nerves, of stamina, of dogged endurance in which the stupid insistence of the British on their right to their own country became ultimately an unsurmountable obstacle to the Nazis, who were better organized and technically superior.
Now the riflemen and the Marylanders followed up their beginning and closed in on the British, giving them another telling round of fire.
The headquarters of Morgan was on a farm, said to have been particularly well located so as to prevent the farmers nearby from trading with the British, a practice all too common to those who preferred to sell their produce for British gold rather than the virtually worthless Continental currency.
Obviously the commander-in-chief had confidence that Morgan would furnish him good intelligence too, for on the 23rd of May, he told Morgan that the British were prepared to move, perhaps in the night, and asked Morgan to have two of his best horses ready to dispatch to General Smallwood with the intelligence obtained.
Colonel Benjamin Ford wrote to Morgan from Wilmington that he understood a Mrs. Sanderson from Maryland had obtained permission from Smallwood to visit Philadelphia, and would return on May 26th, escorted by several officers from Maryland `` belonging to the new levies in the British service ''.
He concluded that selective service would not only prevent the disorganization of essential war industries but would avoid the undesirable moral effects of the British reliance on enlistment only -- `` where the feeling of the people was whipped into a frenzy by girls pinning white feathers on reluctant young men, orators preaching hate of the Germans, and newspapers exaggerating enemy outrages to make men enlist out of motives of revenge and retaliation ''.
The Queen Mary has long been a symbol of speed, luxury, and impeccable British service on the high seas.
Activity by British traders and the presence of a colony on the Red prompted the United State War Department in 1819 to send Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Leavenworth from Detroit to put a post 300 miles northwest of Prairie Du Chien, until then the most advanced United States post.
The Conseil even treated the serious matter of British aggression as its business and, on its own authority, sent to disaffected savages merchandise `` suitable for the peltry trade ''.
They threatened constantly to give the British a hold on this region, from whence they could move easily down the rivers to the French settlements near the Gulf.
But just before luncheon today the fact was announced grimly by the British navy's chief adviser to the cabinet on underwater warfare, Capt. George Symonds.
`` Much of the navy's future depends upon her '', an American naval announcement said on the Skipjack's first arrival in British waters in August, 1959, for exhibition to selected high officers at Portland underwater research station.
The Indians and Pakistanis are chafing under similar restrictions on the British market for similar reasons.
Steel Company of Wales, a British steelmaker, wants to bring in Virginia coal, cut down on its takings of Welsh coal in order to be able to compete more effectively -- especially in foreign markets.
WBAI is on the right track: in the sound medium there has been excessive emphasis on music and news and there could and should be a place for theatre, as the Canadian and British Broadcasting Corporations continue to demonstrate.
The U. S. Navy illegally intercepted a British merchant ship the Trent on the high seas and seized two Confederate envoys ; Britain protested vehemently while the U. S. cheered.
As a subject of the Austro-Hungarian Empire resident on a British colonial possession, he was effectively confined to New Guinea for several years.
* Aberdeen Station ( TransLink ), SkyTrain station on the Canada Line in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Almost all of Agatha Christie's books are whodunits, focusing on the British middle and upper classes.
Austin Trevor debuted the role of Poirot on screen in the 1931 British film Alibi.
American TV was the setting for the first dramatic portrayal of Miss Marple with Gracie Fields, the legendary British actress, playing her in a 1956 episode of Goodyear TV Playhouse based on A Murder Is Announced, the 1950 Christie novel.
* 1639 – Madras ( now Chennai ), India, is founded by the British East India Company on a sliver of land bought from local Nayak rulers.

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