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Brought and from
Brought back from Sippar to Susa as war prize in the 12th century BC
Brought back to Constantinople, Alexios V was condemned to death for treason against Alexios IV, and was thrown from the top of the Column of Theodosius.
* John Dinges John Dinges was a correspondent for the " Washington Post " in South America from 1975 to 1983, author of The Condor Years: How Pinochet and his Allies Brought Terrorism to Three Continents ( The New Press 2004 ) and with Saul Landau Assassination on Embassy Row ( Pantheon 1980 ), ( Asesinato en Washington, Lasser 1980, Planeta 1990 )
Brought over from Turkey decades ago, the seasoning is quite different from the seasoning used in making shawarma in Turkey.
Brought out by Gallimard, it had been written in under two months, and would be described by Foucault biographer David Macey as " a very personal book " that resulted from a " love affair " with Roussel's work.
It came from the graphic novel Brought to Light by Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz, in which the CIA measures its killings through state-sponsored terrorism by the equivalent number of 50-gallon swimming pools filled with human blood.
Brought up in a poor neighborhood, he shined shoes, attended various public, private, and parochial schools, and ultimately graduated from Benjamin Franklin High School in East Harlem.
Brought up in the Church of England, he drifted away from orthodox Christianity, and as early as 1862 he described himself as a theist, independent from established religion.
: Brought freedom from slavery oppression's rod,
* The official English title to the Vocaloid song Gift from the Princess who Brought Sleep, featuring Hatsune Miku, is called " Belphegor's Gift ".
* A. W. Kinglake-Eothen: Traces of Travel Brought Home from the East ( esp.
Brought from the Manila Hotel, this artwork is pair to the one in the State Dining Room.
Brought over from his dimension by Superman to aid in the universe-spanning battle at the heart of the Crisis, Superboy helps the Earth-Two Superman ( Kal-L ) defeat the Anti-Monitor, the villain who spawned the Crisis.
In 1548 he was commissioned for four pictures in the Scuola di S. Marco: the Finding of the body of St Mark, the St Mark's Body Brought to Venice, a St Mark Rescuing a Saracen from Shipwreck and the Miracle of the Slave.
Brought up in the family home of Saltwood Castle and educated at Harrow, he was denied a university career after his father suffered heavy financial losses from the Wall Street Crash of 1929.
The graphic novel Brought to Light by writers Alan Moore and Joyce Brabner used material from lawsuits filed by the Christic Institute.
Brought to the United States as early as 1619, African slaves were from a variety of tribes from West Africa, including the Ashanti, Yoruba, Bini, Congo and Dahomean tribes.
Brought from the Cantabrian Sea, fish such as red bream and hake are a major part of Palencia's cuisine.
** Various sects that have broken from the Church of Christ ( Temple Lot ) ( such as Church of Christ " With the Elijah Message " and Church of Christ ( Assured Way )) claim that the message brought by John the Baptist, One Mighty and Strong, to Otto Fetting and W. A. Draves in The Word of the Lord Brought to Mankind by an Angel establishes the existence of God.
Rare Birds: The Extraordinary Tale of the Bermuda Petrel and the Man Who Brought It Back from Extinction ( Boston: Beacon Press, 2012 ).
Brought out for execution, and withdrawn from the scaffold, he was later sent to Pelym, Siberia, where he remained for several years, until the accession of Peter III brought about his release in 1762.

Brought and River
Brought to London, she was moored on the River Thames near Tower Bridge in the Pool of London.

Brought and Free
Brought up in the Church of Scotland, Ferrier joined the Free Church after the Disruption of 1843.

Brought and South
Brought up in the tiny hamlet of Woodall, near Harthill, South Yorkshire,
Brought up in South London and Claygate, Surrey, Wiffen first sang with the Kingston upon Thames-based Black Cat Skiffle group.
Brought up in Tottenham, she moved to South Wales in 1971 and was at one point leader of Cardiff City Council.

Brought and by
Brought up at Douai as a Roman Catholic by Jesuit priests, he was converted to Protestantism in 1682 and came to abjure popery, and published Protestancy proved Safer than Popery ( 1686 ).
Brought to power by a palace conspiracy in 1623, he succeeded his uncle Mustafa I ( 1617 – 18, 1622 – 23 ).
Brought to you by the International Futures Program of the OECD
In this sequence, a little more than halfway through the film, each brother uses Chevalier's passport, and tries to sneak off the ocean liner where they were stowaways by claiming to be the singer — with unique renditions of " You Brought a New Kind of Love to Me " with its line " If the nightingales could sing like you ".
Brought up by her parents as a liberal, Joanna finds it difficult to comprehend the behavior of her parents on meeting John.
Brought into the country by book smugglers despite the threat of stiff prison sentences, they helped fuel a growing nationalist sentiment that finally led to the lifting of the ban in 1904.
Brought up by poor but musically talented parents on the island of Funen, he demonstrated his musical abilities at an early age.
*" June Brought the Roses " by The Troubadours, directed Nat Shilkret
Brought to Japan in the 6th century by Korean Buddhist monks, who used the mystical aromas in their purification rites, the delicate scents of Koh ( high-quality Japanese incense ) became a source of amusement and entertainment with nobles in the Imperial Court during the Heian Era 200 years later.
Brought to Hollywood by producer David O. Selznick on the strength of her stage performance, McGuire starred in her first film, a movie adaptation of her Broadway success, Claudia, and portrayed the character of a child bride who almost destroys her marriage through her selfishness.
Brought on by Impressionism, the piano suite was reintroduced by early 20th century French composers such as Ravel and Debussy.
Brought to the park by Universal Studios, Woody and friends remain there despite Universal no longer having a financial stake in the park.
Brought in two batches: the first, 21101-21115, came in 1965, followed by 21201-21210 three years later.
As it was sponsored by Buick, the opening credits originally ended with a sponsor identification by announcer Jack Lescoulie (" Brought to you by ...
Brought to the table by NWA Ent's Lisa Marcum and Hoopla Worldwide, the deal would allow his long awaited project " Prince Of Compton " to be released through Death Row, via Hoopla Worldwide imprint.
Brought to prominence by such DJs and producers as DJ Sliink, ƱZ, Flosstradamus, MoonDoctoR, Baauer, Lunice, and others.
In the US the original CBS syndication prints had a few variants to the original UK prints, after the brief title sequence the US prints would repeat this sequence but with " Brought to You By " and after the arrow strikes the tree the sponsors name " Wildroot Cream-Oil " superimposed, " Johnson and Johnson " sponsored episodes had a voice-over over the opening titles " Richard Greene in The Adventures of Robin Hood " and over the repeated sequence " presented by " followed by the names of two Johnson and Johnson products, images of which would appear over the shot of the arrow in the tree, a commercial featuring one of the products would then be shown, the Wildroot Cream-Oil sponsored episodes would then feature an animated commercial showing a Robin Hood type figure with lanck hair and a dinosaur.

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