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Bryan's and words
At Bryan's words, he threw his hat into the air, slapped the empty seat in front of him with his coat, and shouted, " My God!

Bryan's and gave
Tillman's speech, scheduled to be the only one in support of silver except Bryan's, was so badly received that Senator Jones, who had not planned to speak, gave a brief address asserting that silver was a national issue.
Responding to Bryan's argument against admitting scientific testimony, Malone gave arguably the greatest speech of the trial in defense of academic freedom.

Bryan's and later
By the later stages of the trial, Clarence Darrow had largely abandoned the ACLU's original strategy and attacked the literal interpretation of the Bible as well as Bryan's limited knowledge of other religions and science.
A " gold bug " in 1896, Clarke's opposition to William Jennings Bryan's nomination as the Democratic Party's presidential candidate was so great that he bolted the party and participated in the subsequent " Gold Bug " convention in Indianapolis that nominated Senator John M. Palmer later that year.

Bryan's and economic
Many Populists rallied behind William Jennings Bryan's increasingly powerful branch of the Democratic Party, which built the rural economic issues advocated by Populists into their platform.

Bryan's and political
Bryan's address helped catapult him to the Democratic Party's presidential nomination ; it is considered one of the greatest political speeches in American history.
Jones points out that though Bryan's speaking engagements were not deemed political by the standards of 1896, by modern measurements he was far more active in campaigning for the nomination than most of the better-known candidates.
Bryan's speech is considered one of the most powerful political addresses in American history.
According to political scientist William Harpine in his study of the rhetoric of the 1896 campaign, " Bryan's speech cast a net for the true believers, but only for the true believers.
Author and political commentator William Safire, in his political dictionary, traced the term " trickle-down economics " ( common in the Reagan era ) to Bryan's statement that some believe that government should legislate for the wealthy, and allow prosperity to " leak through " on those below.
Clarke's political evolution during this period was facilitated considerably by his friendship with Cleveland mayor Tom L. Johnson, who helped restore Clarke's standing within the state party after Clarke's previous failure to support Bryan's presidential bid.

Bryan's and including
The anti-evolutionary legislation was not challenged again until 1965 and in the meantime William Jennings Bryan's cause was taken up by a number of organizations including the Bryan Bible League and the Defenders of the Christian Faith.
Along with several characters, including Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, or Porky Pig, all voiced by Mel Blanc, one of Warner's early big stars was Bryan's Elmer Fudd.
According to Edwin H. Bryan's American Polynesia and the Hawaiian Chain, Kanton possessed in 1941 a total of twelve native species of vegetation, including low herbs and bunch grass, a thick stand of Scaevola shrubs on the island's south side ( high ), some Suriana maritima shrubs near the lagoon entrance, heliotrope ( Heliotropium foertherianum ) and kou ( Cordia subcordata ) trees, and coconut palms.
Schae has also appeared in several the feature films including Twice in a Lifetime, with Gene Hackman and Ann-Margret as well as starring as Zachary Ty Bryan's mother in the Disney feature Magic Island.

Bryan's and 1930s
Bryan's emphasis on agrarian issues, both in his speech and in his candidacy, may have helped cement voting patterns which kept the Democrats largely out of power until the 1930s.
Headingley has two renowned fish and chip shops / fish restaurants who have been serving since the 1930s: Brett's, a 19th century stone building on North Lane, and Bryan's, a more modern building on Weetwood Lane.

Bryan's and with
" Time related Bryan's arrival in town with the disparaging comment, " The populace, Bryan's to a moron, yowled a welcome.
* 1902: Bryan's Carnegie Library was opened with a $ 10, 000 grant from Andrew Carnegie.
Weaver had believed that he had struck a deal with Bryan that Tom Watson, who had helped found the Populist Party with Weaver, would be Bryan's running mate.
They began playing cover tunes as The Wolf Brothers ; eventually they collaborated with Felber, a former high school bandmate of Bryan's, and Jim " Soni " Sonefeld as Hootie & the Blowfish.
Bryan and Rucker began playing cover tunes as The Wolf Brothers ; eventually Bryan and Rucker hooked up with Felber, a former high school band mate of Bryan's, and Jim " Soni " Sonefeld as Hootie & The Blowfish.
Later, during the time of William Jennings Bryan's 1900 presidential campaign, bandwagons had become standard in campaigns, and " jump on the bandwagon " was used as a derogatory term, implying that people were associating themselves with the success without considering what they associated themselves with.
But fat or slimmed, Bryan's Fudd was so popular that the character's shorts were used to create and develop the character of Bugs Bunny, with the first official Bugs Bunny appearance coming in the Fudd cartoon, A Wild Hare.
Bryan's name does not appear in Looney Tunes credits because of Mel Blanc's contract with Warner Brothers, which stipulated that only Blanc would receive on-screen credit for voice work.
In 1917 she traveled with Mary Baird Bryan, William Jennings Bryan's wife, and two other women to Tallahassee to speak in support of women's right to vote.
Just three years after entering private practice, Cummings supported William Jennings Bryan's 1896 presidential bid, with Connecticut Democrats then nominating him for secretary of state.
Bryan's obsession with southern Gothic issues influenced his song writing.
Punk renewed an old rivalry with Daniel Bryan at the May event Over the Limit, retaining the title after reversing Bryan's submission hold the " Yes!
Smith allied himself with Bryan's Vice Presidential candidate, Populist Tom Watson, one of Georgia's most influential politicians.
However as the plans made at home are never matching the real situation from the " market ", the British-style song " Change " took only the 17th place with no points from UK, David Bryan's home country.

Bryan's and its
Under Bryan's leadership, NICAP disbanded its local and state affiliate groups.
A Granada spokesman claimed that " Bryan's one of the Street greats, and his send-off has to be one of its most moving scenes.

Bryan's and phrase
Bryan's speeches evolved over time ; in December 1894, in a speech in Congress, he first used a phrase from which would come the conclusion to his most famous address: as originally stated, it was " I will not help to crucify mankind upon a cross of gold.

Bryan's and by
One tempest was stirred up last March when Udall announced that an eight-and-a-half-foot bronze statue of William Jennings Bryan, sculpted by the late Gutzon Borglum, would be sent `` on indefinite loan '' to Salem, Illinois, Bryan's birthplace.
During the campaign, Taft undercut Bryan's liberal support by accepting some of his reformist ideas, and Roosevelt's progressive policies blurred the distinctions between the parties.
Following the presidential election of 1896, William Jennings Bryan, accompanied by the governor and other important people of the time, ventured to Forsyth after Bryan's defeat by William McKinley.
The U. S. did not actually adopt the gold standard de jure until 1900, following a lengthy period of debate that was made famous by William Jennings Bryan's cross of gold speech at the 1896 Democratic convention.
The slow-talking, slower-witted, enunciation-challenged Mr. Fudd is a game hunter whose Brooklynesque speech ( courtesy of Bryan's own childhood upbringing in the borough ) was exaggerated for memorable effect by his habitual substitution of W for the letters L and R, an effect further immortalized by the tongue-in-cheek screen credits of the 1941 Bugs Bunny short Wabbit Twouble.
Bryan's work in animation did not go unnoticed by radio producers.
In 2002, plans for a reunion set at CBGB featuring Bakija and Bryan were shattered by Bryan's sudden, fatal heart attack.
After Bryan's loss, Butler continued to work for reform on the national stage which would benefit farmers, but this work would soon be cut short by the " white supremacy " campaigns of the Democratic Party in North Carolina.
Though an accomplished orator, Clarke's work as a railroad attorney, his opposition to Bryan's presidential candidacy seven years before, and his own personal limitations all contributed to his failure to upset his Republican rival, Mark Hanna, who won the balloting in the Ohio General Assembly by 115 votes to 25 for Clarke.
Price was away in England, Kelly and More told Bryan they considered themselves more convinced by evolution, and McCann was not interested because of Bryan's stance on prohibition.
In 1832, the family moved to Peach Point Plantation, in Jones Creek, Texas, where Bryan was instructed by a governess and his parents together took care of the plantation, cattle and other such property of Bryan's uncle Stephen F. Austin.
The results obtained by Lance-Corporal Bryan's action were very far-reaching.
It chronicles William Jennings Bryan's 1896 presidential campaign as seen through the eyes of an idealistic sixteen-year-old, who strongly supported the Democratic Party candidate and was crushed by Bryan's defeat at the hands of the Republican Party.
Bryan's 1896 candidacy was supported by Populists and " silver Republicans " as well as by Democrats.

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