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Bunge and remained
The Bunge, Born, Hirsch, Engels and De La Tour families remained the company's chief stock-holders, and by extension, leaders in the domestic textile, paint, chemical, fertilizer, and food processing industries.

Bunge and privately
A privately held company, Bunge & Born did not release periodical financial statements, though it reported US $ 2 billion in gross receipts in 1962 ; by then, it had become a leader in commodity futures trading, operating 110 offices worldwide.

Bunge and company
The company superseded the Bunge Company founded in Amsterdam by Johann Bunge, in 1818.
The company was converted into the Bermuda-registered Bunge International in 1994, retaining the Bunge y Born name only in Argentina.
In 1994, the Bermuda-registered Bunge International was created as the main company in which the families had shares.
In 2008, Bunge acquired Walter Rau margarine company from Germany.
Bunge is a leading agribusiness and food company with integrated operations that circle the globe, stretching from the farm field to the retail shelf.
In Saint Louis, Missouri the federal Environmental Protection Agency filed charges against Bunge company regarding pollution emissions.
* Bunge y Born, an agribusiness company, now known as Bunge Limited.
* Bunge Limited, an agribusiness company
Justicialist candidate Carlos Menem won the 1989 elections on a populist campaign platform, but entrusted the Ministry of Economy to the Bunge y Born company, a major agribusiness firm.

Bunge and 180
There were around 180 shareholdersthe main families were Hirsch, Bunge, Born, Engels, and De La Tour.

Bunge and shareholders
This replaced the older structure in which individual shareholders had stakes in all the different Bunge companies.

Bunge and including
Bunge won four doubles tournaments, including the tournaments of Pan Pacific in Tokyo with Steffi Graf in 1986 and The Belgian Open with Manuela Maleeva in 1987.
Throughout history, the university has produced many famous alumni including Nikolay Bunge, Mykhailo Drahomanov, Mykhailo Hrushevskyi, Nikolai Berdyaev, Mikhail Bulgakov, Viacheslav Chornovil, Leonid Kravchuk, Oksana Zabuzhko, and many others.
Many of his students ( dubbed the " space cadets ") went on to become noted professors themselves, including: Brian Berry, Ronald Boyce, Duane Marble, Richard Morrill, John Nystuen, William Bunge, Michael Dacey, Arthur Getis, and Waldo Tobler.

Bunge and family
In September, in order to finance their operations, they kidnapped the two brothers of the Bunge and Born family business.

Bunge and interests
Bunge y Born was a multinational corporation based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, whose diverse interests included food processing and international trade in grains and oilseeds.

Bunge and almost
Bunge Land or Zemlya Bunge is a huge empty and almost barren intermediate zone.

Bunge and its
Bunge & Born provided the Menem government with its first two economy ministers, and the combination of large rate increases on public services ( around 500 %), a simplified exchange rate and a massive, mandatory wage hike led to a sharp economic turnaround between July and November 1989.
Bunge Limited ( formerly Bunge International and prior to that Bunge y Born ) is a Bermudan food processing corporation with its headquarters in White Plains, New York.
The New York Stock Exchange on August 4, 2011, when Bunge celebrated the 10th anniversary of its listing on the exchange.
Bunge provided the government with its first two economy ministers.
In 2009, Bunge Expands its Central European Consumer Margarine Business by acquiring the margarine business from Raisio Group.
The house was built in 1908 by the German owner Mr. Bunge who spent a lot of money on its construction.
In 2009, Raisio sold its margarine business to Bunge Limited.
Since most of its surface rises only to a maximum height of 8 m above sea level, Bunge Land is flooded during storm surges, except for a very small area in the southeast that rises to an elevation of 11 to 21 m above sea level.
Bunge being the largest manufacturer of bottled oils in the world has now extended the Dalda brand name to its range of refined and filtered oils in India.

Bunge and international
Mario Bunge, a friend and colleague of Leloir, claims that his lasting legacy was proving that " scientific research on an international level, although precarious, was possible in an underdeveloped country in the middle of political strife " and credits Leloir's vigilance and will for his ultimate success.
Daan van Bunge also opted to take a break from international cricket, and the new coach opted not to retain the services of bowling coach Ian Pont.

Bunge and agribusiness
After a failed stabilization program sponsored by Bunge y Born ( a leading agribusiness firm ), and another one involving the conversion of time deposits into government bonds, newly appointed Finance Minister Domingo Cavallo introduced a series of reforms in 1991 and a fixed exchange rate of the Argentine peso to the US dollar.

Bunge and ;
Edouard's brother ; Ernest Bunge, took the Bunge name to Argentina in 1884, and in 1905 the business extended to Brazil and later on to the USA.
Attempts at renovation took place during the second half of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th, when the European tendencies penetrated into the country, reflected in numerous important buildings of Buenos Aires, such as the Santa Felicitam Church, by Ernesto Bunge ; the Central Post Office and Palace of Justice, by Norbert Maillart ; and the National Congress and the Colón Opera House, by Vittorio Meano.
Alexander Georg von Bunge ( Russian: Aleksandr Andreevich von Bunge, Алекса ́ ндр Андре ́ евич Бу ́ нге ; September 29, 1803 – June 7, 1890 ) was a Baltic German botanist.
The hole would have a small piece of cork ( Bunge ) in the hole while in use by the owner ; when it was not in use the owner would remove the bunge so if unwanted visitors decided to take the boat they would sink.
* Halogeton tibeticus Bunge ( Bunge 1862 ; Botschantzev 1977 ).

Bunge and by
Bunge & Born was founded in 1884 by Ernesto Bunge, a German Argentine whose uncle, Carl Bunge, had been Consul General in Argentina for both the Netherlands and Prussia, and his brother-in-law, Jorge Born, who had recently arrived from Antwerp.
Founded in 1818 by Johann Peter Gotlieb Bunge in Amsterdam, it was relocated to Antwerp by Edouard Bounge in 1859.
The lawsuit claimed Bunge violated the Clean Air Act by constructing major modifications that increased emissions.
Bunge must implement engineering approaches and pollution control projects, estimated to cost $ 12 million, to reduce emissions at the facilities by 2, 200 tons a year.
The settlement also calls for Bunge to pay a cash penalty of $ 625, 000 and to spend $ 1. 25 million to fund community-based environmental projects selected by and to be supervised by the impacted states.
The term " systemics " was coined in the 1970s by Mario Bunge and others, as an alternative paradigm for research related to general systems theory and systems science.
Baron Eduard Von Toll, accompanied by Alexander von Bunge, carried out an expedition to the Lena delta area and the islands of New Siberia on behalf of the Russian Imperial Academy of Sciences in 1885.
* Alexander von Bunge & Baron Eduard Von Toll, The Expedition to the New Siberian Islands and the Yana country, equipped by the Imperial Academy of Sciences.
The Peasant Land Bank was a Russian financial institution founded in Alexander III's reign of Russia, by his Minister of Finance, Nikolai Bunge.
Bunge also abolished the Poll Tax, which was only paid for by peasants, in 1886, which helped to reduce the financial burden the peasants faced.

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